SOBRO Smart Nightstand Table [In-Depth Review]

The world has moved on from those boring old nightstands. Now smart nightstand table is the exciting innovation. It keeps your devices organized, your beverages cooled, and your sleep schedule fixed.

Perhaps the most popular name in this invocation is the SOBRO smart side-table. I think this table is the best way to stay organized and to help people with physical impairments.

Read on to learn more about these nightstands features, and some general discussions about smart side-tables.

sobro Smart Side/Nightstand Table - with Cooling Drawer, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth Speakers, USB-C and 120V outlets, LED Light, White/White
  • SMART SIDE TABLE: The most connected side table. Bluetooth speakers with rich sound quality. WiFi enabled and remote management with the Sobro App. Firmware updates keep your table future proofed.
  • BUILT IN COOLER: Contains both a basic storage drawer and cooler drawer with built-in thermoelectric cooling that is whisper quiet. Always keep your cold drinks within reach.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: Charge up to two phones at a time. USB, USB-C, & 120V Power Outlets built in to power even more electronics.
  • LIGHTING: Control the mood with app-enabled RGB LEDs, and a front-facing LED nightlight bar with motion sensor. Nightstand with an intelligent sleep mode helps you build and maintain great sleep habits.
  • INCLUDES: One Sobro Smart Side Table

SOBRO Smart Nightstand Table

The SOBRO Smart Nightstand Table is an exceptional product made for people who like to stay organized. It keeps all your favorite electronics charging in one spot. The SOBRO also allows remote operation through its app and RIB lighting for the ultimate mood setting. Along with that, you also get a Bluetooth sound system.

sobro smart nightstand table

Key Features

  • Thermoelectric cooling system.
  • Multiple charging options.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled.
  • RGB mood lighting.
  • Intelligent Sleep Mode.
  • Bluetooth speakers.

Cooler Drawer

The SOBRO smart nightstand features a special drawer made for cooling beverages. It uses a thermoelectric cooling system that keeps all your drinks in their best state. It’s not a substitute for a refrigerator and shouldn’t be used as such. It simply keeps your drinks at a nominal temperature to prevent warming up.

Charging Options

With the SOBRO, you can wirelessly charge up to two devices, provided they are wireless charging enabled. Along with that, you can plug in a USB, USB-C, or 120 V power cable to charge your other devices. You also get the option to connect an AUX cord.

This feature keeps all your electronics in one place and makes charging organized. The front has a narrow alcove where your laptop can fit. And your phones, tablets, and smaller devices sit on the back end of the top surface.

Wireless Fidelity

The SOBRO can connect to a Wi-Fi network using the app. Now, why would a nightstand need an internet connection? Well, wireless fidelity is mainly there for two reasons.

Firstly, you’re able to keep updating the software used in the app. That ensures smoother operation, better remote control, and a general boost in UI.

Secondly, it allows you to control your nightstand from anywhere in your house remotely.

Mood Lighting

An LED panel with RGB lighting is also included in the SOBRO’s design. This lighting is only at the bottom of the nightstand. You can control it either through your app or via the rotary controller at the back.

You can use the app to program it in certain ways. For instance, the SOBRO can sense motion and turn on the light when you put your feet down.

Also, you can program it to glow a serene orange hue when you wake up, to simulate a sunrise.

sobro smart nightstand table3

Sleep Mode

As for the app, you can use it to monitor your sleeping pattern and set alarms. It lets you maintain a healthier sleeping schedule.

Your phone already has an alarm function, but having all the things you need to sleep in one place is always better.

You can also use it to control numerous other features, such as music, white noise, and cooling. Since this is a relatively new product, the app may require frequent software updates.

And a lot of people aren’t familiar with the interface, so setting up can be harder.

Bluetooth Stereo

Finally, the SOBRO features a stereo system that you can connect to your devices via Bluetooth. It lets you play your music or white noise while you’re asleep. White noise can also help you concentrate. And music can make your mornings more interesting.

Rating 4 of 5

Sobro Nightstand Table

Overall, SOBRO has everything you need. A cooler, charging ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, space for all your belongings, and even special RGB lighting. However, since it’s a new technology, bugs and glitches are bound to be frequent.


Keeps charging cables organized

Improve sleeping habits

Highly programmable

Whisper-quiet operation

Remote management enabled


It may be harder to setup

New technology to frequent bugs

Buying Guide

It is important to understand that smart nightstand tables are relatively newer technology. And bugs and glitches are as to be expected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look for the best features in them. So here’s a full buying guide on what to look for in nightstands. That can also use against the SOBRO to see if it meets the criteria.

The number of drawers and features

It is important that, in trying to make side tables innovative, brands don’t forget about the actual purpose of nightstands, that is, storage.

Since there are so many extra features, there normally isn’t space for many cabinets. At best, a nightstand may give you one “regular” cabinet or drawer.

Some may have a place to keep your laptop in. The rest of the nightstand will be taken up by the cooler and the charging ports.

Smartphone charging

Smart nightstand tables have two objectives here: to make charging more accessible and to clear the clutter of charging cords. Charging is made more accessible by allowing multiple types of charging ports. USB is the standard when charging electronics, so look for a stand with different sizes of USB ports.

sobro smart nightstand table2

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many nightstands can connect to the internet for a couple of reasons. To update their firmware, and to allow remote management of the nightstand. However, what’s so good about these nightstands is that Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t necessary.


Nightstands of this type usually don’t require any special assembly. They mostly come preassembled, with just the legs need to screw on. Setting up the software is easy too. Just download the app, and it will guide you through everything. The speakers connect via Bluetooth.

Music and extras

Lastly, look at all the other extra features the nightstand has to offer. The more the features, the better the experience. Many nightstands allow you to play music via a Bluetooth stereo speaker set. A stereo speaker is a great way to enjoy music from your bedside. You can also play music or white noise to help you sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are smart side-tables worth the money?

Smart nightstand tables are not a necessity. But they can help out with a lot of things, especially for a differently-abled person. They make sure that you have all your devices, beverages, and music in one place.

How cool is the Cooler Drawer?

The Cooler Drawer featured in the SOBRO is no substitute for a fridge. It keeps bottles, medicine, and food at 21 F below the room temperature. So there’s a limit to how much you can cool, and it depends on the external temperature too.

How much storage does a smart nightstand provide?

Mostly, you’ll have one regular drawer/cabinet, a place to keep your laptop, and the top of the stand. The rest will be taken up by other features.

Wrap Up

Whoever thought that nightstands could be smart needs a medal. A smart nightstand is a great way to revamp your smart home system.

The SOBRO smart nightstand table has all your features in one place. It keeps everything organized, and is recommended for physically impaired individuals. It has enough space to keep your valuables and is constantly being upgraded to meet your ever-growing demands.

However, since it’s a new technology, it might take some time to get familiar with it. Regardless, smart nightstands are a great way to get your sleep schedule back on track.

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