Smart Outdoor Water Faucet Review: Eve Aqua vs Orbit B-hyve

Are you looking to irrigate the flowers in your garden automatically with schedules when you’re away from home to keep the flowers lively and fresh? When finding a smart outdoor water faucet, you’ll come across the names, Orbit B-hyve and Eve Aqua. Did you ever think why these two faucets pop-up every time on top of the list?

The reality is that both of these devices are quite efficient.

However, which one should you choose exactly? Now, this is a dilemma. It is because, when you are getting tremendous features from both, it gets harder to choose one on the other.

I’m going to review Eve Aqua and Orbit B-hyve along with a comprehensive comparison of both faucets to distinguish traits.

So, are you ready?

Eve Aqua vs Orbit B-hyve Smart Outdoor Water Faucet – Comparison Table

  Eve Aqua Orbit B-hyve
Compatible with iOS only Android, iOS, and web
Protection IPX4 water resistance

Australian certified UV protection

IP34 waterproof rating,


Notification No Yes
Bluetooth connectivity Yes Yes
Power Source Two AA batteries (included) Two AA batteries (not included)
Wireless Connectivity Yes Yes
Monitors flow Yes Yes

Eve Aqua vs Orbit b-hyve: Which one is better?

Both of these smart outdoor water faucets provide accurate functioning to fulfil your watering needs. You can remotely control the water faucet using them. They also allow you to set the schedule for watering.

They both offer ease of wireless connectivity. You can trust both these competitors to monitor the flow of water.

However, things are a bit more versatile and mature when it comes to Orbit B-hyve. Of course, it should be the case. It’s been so long (decades) that Orbit is delivering such products in the market.

So, it’s not astonishing to see its extended features. On the other hand, Eve Aqua is a bit simplistic. Yet, it has its charm that I’ll discuss in the below sections.

All in all, according to us, we’ll consider Orbit B-hyve as a slightly better option. However, it doesn’t make Eve Aqua any less good.

After all, both these smart outdoor water faucets are effective in watering the required area. They are also smart as they don’t need your constant involvement to perform their jobs accurately.

Construction & Design

·         Eve Aqua

The main body of the Eve Aqua is made up of Aluminum. However, its end caps are made up of plastic. The body of this water faucet is like a box with male and female connectors on sides.

The overall body of this smart water faucet appears a bit bulkier. Yet, it is suitable to adjust to any outdoor faucet. However, there is a slight problem here.

The neck of Eve Aqua is a bit short. It works fine with many taps. However, there are chances of having hardly any distance between the device and the faucet’s knob.

eve smart outdoor water faucet

It can create some difficulty while operating them. At the bottom of this device, there is a plastic door. It slides and opens the front of the device to insert batteries.

Here, it seems slightly difficult to change batteries. You would need to open the entire front to just change the batteries.

The Eve Aqua has an additional gasket in the box. It could be great as many of us tend to lose them frequently.

·         Orbit B-hyve

Just like Eve Aqua, the design of B-hyve is also like a box. However, it is grey. It also has male and female connectors on its sides.

To change batteries, it has a small waterproof door that houses batteries. It is very convenient to replace its batteries using a small door as compared to Eve Aqua.

The Orbit hasn’t added any additional components like Aqua’s gasket.

orbit smart outdoor water faucet


Winner – Orbit B-hyve

The design of both of these smart faucets is just fine. However, I consider the B-hyve, a winner in this regard. It is because of the very small neck of Aqua and its difficulty of changing batteries.

Otherwise, both faucets have waterproof rating and durable bodies to withstand harsh atmospheric conditions.

Setup process

·         Eve Aqua

To set up a connection, Eve Aqua is simply amazing. You won’t need to perform long, tedious steps to configure it.

You would just need to connect the device with your iPad or an Apple TV. After that, you would just need to open its app and select the area along with naming the device.

·         Orbit B-hyve

The case of B-hyve is opposite to its opponent. There is a whole bunch of steps that you need to perform to make it work for the first time.

This device also comes with a hub that looks like a USB. First, you would need to plug in the hub to any outlet inside your home. After that, you’d need to make the hub’s connection to the Wi-Fi.

Then, it asks to make a connection between the smart faucet and a hub using Bluetooth. After performing this step using the app, you can now finally start using the app and make adjustments.

Also, after entering the app, there will be a lot of options that you’d need to select. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say; it is indeed a complicated process. It becomes even more obvious when you compare it to the simple Aqua setup.

Winner – Eve Aqua

In this section, the Eve Aqua is a clear winner. It won’t drain your energy by asking to perform numerous steps. It also doesn’t come with any additional hub that needs to connect with any outlet.

All these things make Eve Aqua a preferable option for those looking for a simplistic device.


·         Eve Aqua

Surprisingly, Eve Aqua works with iOS only. It doesn’t work with Android or web. In other words, I can say this product is meant for Apple users only.

It supports its operating system only. However, it thus provides that level of ease, that its users generally like. You can also control it using Siri.

·         Orbit B-Hyve

Orbit B-Hyve, on the other hand, supports Android, iOS, and web. It is greatly versatile in this regard. It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home devices.

Thus, it incorporates a wide number of users because of its versatile compatibility.

Winner- Orbit B-Hyve

B-hyve is a clear winner in this regard. It is suitable for a variety of users and operating systems. On the other hand, Aqua Eve is meant for just Apple users.

Undoubtedly, the procedure of B-hyve is complicated to perform first; but a large number of users can use it.


·         Eve Aqua operations

The working of Eve Aqua is very simple and basic. It allows you to set up a watering schedule, time for watering, and last watering time. That also supports the auto shut-off feature to prevent water loss.

It also gives you a facility to operate it when you are not at home remotely. However, these are almost all features that this smart outdoor water faucet provides.

eve smart outdoor water faucet1

·         Orbit B-hyve

As I have already mentioned, the B-hyve is mature and versatile. There are a lot of options that it gives, and you can control it. It not only allows you to set watering schedule and time but lets you make your schedule. It also allows configuring smart watering. This feature will give water based on certain parameters.

Another remarkable attribute of B-hyve is WeatherSense Technology. It will automatically detect the weather along with delaying or stopping the watering process.

In this way, it will water your plants in a precise way while preventing the water wastage. You can even set it to send you notifications for starting watering and delaying it.

It also monitors water flow. Overall, the Orbit B-hyve system is more advanced and covers almost the whole watering aspect.

orbit smart outdoor water faucet1

Winner – Orbit B-hyve

In this parameter, Orbit B-hyve is again a winner. It controls the watering process in a sophisticated way. On the other hand, Eve Aqua has a simple functioning that covers the basic watering aspect.

Pros and Cons

Eve Aqua


  • A simple setup process.
  • Easy to operate.
  • This model allows remote access to control the watering process.
  • An auto shut-off feature.


  • Not compatible with Android or web.

Orbit B-hyve


  • Offering Extensive features and functioning.
  • It works with iOS, Android, and web.
  • Comparatively affordable.
  • Its battery changing procedure is simple.
  • Weather-resistant construction.


  • You’d need to attach an additional hub.
  • It has a complicated setup process

Final Thoughts

Eve Aqua vs. Orbit B-hyve, which smart outdoor water faucet is better? I think B-hyve is a clear winner here.

It is not like the Eve Aqua is not up to the mark or has any fault. It is just the lack of versatile functions, and connectivity options make it stay behind the Orbit b-hyve.

However, if I see it concerning Apple users, they’d like its simple setup process and connectivity. Yeah, lack of advanced feature problem is still there.

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