Smart Table for a Smart Home

Let’s be honest? We’re immediately hooked the moment someone mentions the words: multi-functional! Efficient! Compact! Because these words imply a simpler, less complicated life.

Imagine a world where your phone could arrange your calendar? Or a world where you could carry around your internet connection in a small box? Or a way for you to shop online and get your desired items delivered on your doorstep?

It is good enough for a product to do something well. But what increases the value of such products for us is their versatility. For example, think about furniture that folds back into small niches?

What about furniture that can charge your phone without any wires or furniture that can play music as loud as you want and hold your cup of coffee!

You would call such furniture multi-functional, compact and efficient. We would call it the Smart Table. A table that makes your life easier while managing to look great in your living room.

Our Pick 


Full playback control

The built in battery gives you about 7 hours of playback time

Wireless charging

Bluetooth speakers

The charging speed will slow in time with continuous use



Ultimate compatibility for different devices

Minimalist and attractive design

Wireless charging

Lightning that indicates charging 

Does not offer so many features than other smart tables


Smart Table by i-StarOur Pick

The best feature on this Smart Table from I-Star is the playback control. If your friend asked you to bring music to the party, what do you do? You probably emptied your music file in your phone or a USB and were ready to go. After that, you can just plug in the USB into the speaker or car listen to the playlist unfold. Shouldn’t there be a way to control the music without having to reach for your phone? It gets harder if you used a USB drive. With this Smart Table, you have buttons presented on the sides that allow you full control.

i-star smart table


  • Aux cable port
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Wireless charging
  • 360 degrees surround sound projection of the speakers
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Attractive look
  • Playback control

Bluetooth Speakers:

The Bluetooth speakers on this Smart Table produce a loud and powerful 360 degrees surround sound. The built-in battery gives you about 7 hours of back to back playback time. You can move this table around your house or into the backyard. The party doesn’t have to stop when the power cuts out. With this Smart Table, the party can go on for as long as you can!

Aux Cable Port:

You can make a use of the powerful Bluetooth speakers with this aux cable port. Just connect your device to this Smart Table and you are set.

Attractive Look:

This Smart Table is made from shiny, dark walnut. It is finished with a rounded, polished top. By itself, it is a beautiful piece. And it is designed in such a way that it can accommodate your various needs without compromising on the look. Everything is seamlessly fitted into this table.

i-star smart table 2

Two USB charging ports:

Picture a scenario where your friends come over for a group project. You need outlets to plug in your various devices. Okay, that’s fine because you can always manage to find at least two or three outlets in a room. Sure, you’re sitting a little further away from your friends but at least you’re online. But what about the latecomers and what about that one friend that can never remember to charge their phone! Part of the only reason they’re even here is that they need to charge their phone. And you can’t plug out your laptop, no way!

Getting more outlets for your house just for a group project does not seem feasible. What you can do is get this amazing table from I-Star. With its two USB ports to add to your outlets, this table has your charging needs covered.

Wireless Charging:

Most of us have probably pulled overtime on a project. The only way you’ll make it the next day to even hand in your project is if you wake up on time. But if you’re dead on your feet can you even be expected to remember where the charger is? On the other hand, if your phone isn’t charged how will your alarm wake you up?

What to do? Ignore your phone and head to bed? Or do you waste valuable sleeping time looking for the charger? You do neither. You place your phone on your wireless charging Smart Table and go to bed. That’s just how easy life can be if you make the right decisions.

Playback Control:

This table features buttons on the side that allow you to complete playback control like no other Bluetooth speaker! You can power the table on or shut it off; you can play/pause your music, control the volume and even answer calls.


  • Full playback control
  • 7 hours’ worth of playback time
  • A convenient source of charging for all of your devices
  • A compact design suited to your needs
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Wireless charging


  • The built-in battery is difficult to maintain over longtime use
  • The charging speed will slow in time with continuous use

Wireless Charging Table by FurniQi

The most impressive feature on this table is the minimalist design. This is especially attractive for those of you that don’t like to clutter your home with technology. Admittedly, everyone has their own taste. And if you don’t want a table that obviously shows its technological roots, then we understand. You will never be able to tell from afar that this table is anything more than it appears to be. A simple, polished wood table, but when needed it becomes a power source for your various devices.

furniQi smart table


  • Ultimate compatibility for all devices
  • Wireless charging
  • Minimalist, attractive design
  • Lighting that indicates if the charging has started

Ultimate Compatibility:

We’ve seen this with quality products over the years. Designers focus on helping a device accomplish one thing well, instead of trying to merge multiple features in a single device. The latter usually results in none of the features receiving adequate attention. Whereas you will find that the wireless charging on this Smart Table has the Ultimate Compatibility.

You can charge iPhone, Samsung, LG and other Qi-enabled devices on this table. With this table, you don’t have to worry about asking if it will accept your device. Because the compatibility on this table ensures that it will accept a wide range of devices.

Lighting that indicates charging:

Think back to the times you needed to rush out of the house, and you needed a charged phone. It is very much like a responsible adult to plug your phone in before rushing off to dress. Now, remember the sudden build-up of anger when you realized your phone was never plugged in? It didn’t even charge!

This table comes with special lighting that indicates when the charging has started. You can drop your phone on this table for charging, and the light will let you know you are good to go.

Minimalist Design:

The spare design on this wireless table only enhances the appeal. On the surface, it is a simple table that fits right in with your bedroom décor. There is nothing about the design that is distracting. On the other hand, you get a wireless charging device that is compatible with all types of devices.


  • Wireless charging
  • Minimalist design
  • Ultimate compatibility


  • There are other Smart Tables that offer more features
  • You need to be careful not to damage the top charging surface

Smart Table by Sierra

There are many reasons why this Smart Table from Sierra is our number one pick! The first being: wireless Qi charging. This form of charging allows you to charge your device through induction technology. The old days of struggling with wires or trying to locate your charger are behind you!

sierra smart table


  • Exquisite design
  • Qi Wireless charging
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Two USB ports
  • An aux port
  • Extended warranty

Exquisite Design:

This table stands about twenty-five inches tall. The framework is a luxurious, dark walnut that compliments all types of décor. The top of the table is smoothed down and polished wood. The table is padded all the way around on the sides with soft, grey heather. Altogether this is a gorgeous minimalist piece that will fit right in with the rest of your furniture. This table pulls your room together and adds a warm finish.

Bluetooth Speakers:

However useful; speakers can be an eyesore in the middle of your living room. Remember having to drag them from room to room? Just for a party? And remember having to put them back after the party? This Smart Table eliminates all that fuss and anguish. Fitted beneath the soft grey heather are four powerful Bluetooth speakers that give your perfect 360 degrees sound.

Qi Wireless charging:

We mentioned this before and yet we can’t stop talking about it. This is the next step in charging innovation! Forget power banks or hunting up chargers before your run off to the office. Just remember to place your phone on the Qi symbol on your table while heading into the shower. Through induction charging technology allow your phone to be charged without the hassle of wires. By the time you’re done getting dressed your phone is charged and ready to go! The Qi charger on this Smart Table is good for all smart devices, not just phones.

Two USB ports:

As for devices that do require charging via power ports this Smart Table also includes two USB ports. This table provides a convenient charging hub for your wireless and wired devices.

Extended Warranty:

This Smart Table comes with the quality assurance as other products by Sierra Modern Homes. They are offering a one year guarantee on this product on top of the 30-day return warranty by Amazon.


  • Charge your smart devices easily with Qi wireless charging
  • Four powerful Bluetooth speakers that offer surround sound
  • Two USB ports for charging other devices
  • Attractive and minimalist design
  • A 1-year warranty from Sierra Modern Homes


  • The rechargeable battery on this Smart Table might cause trouble after a few months
  • You need to be careful not to damage the top while cleaning. Because this will affect the value of the Qi wireless charging.


With our fast pace lifestyle efficiency is the keyword. If you can find furniture that takes up the minimal amount of space in your house then it is a keeper. And if you can find a Smart Table that can meet multiple needs then even better! The i-Star Smart Table is our top pick because it will meet all of your expectations. This table will take up the least amount of space while providing you with a power source and powerful Bluetooth speakers, an impressive range of features in a single product.

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