Best Smart Thermos in 2020 (Review)

Never thought a thermos could get any better? Then you thought wrong. While you may not have known this, smart thermos flasks come with smartphone connectivity and LED screens. These features all come together for one thing: customizability and user-satisfaction.

But of course, these thermos flasks must cost a fortune, right?

Well, not really. Most can be bought under 50. And they never go beyond 100 bucks. So you see, even the best value thermos flasks can be extremely cheap and valuable.

So to start you off, I’m reviewing the best thermos flasks. These include features like thermostat temperature control, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more.

So let’s dive in!

Products reviewed in this article (in the appearance of our rating):

DAWAY Vacuum Thermos Our Pick

If there’s something that always looks good on an electric thermos, it’s eco-friendliness. And the DAWAY Vacuum Thermos has just that to offer. This elegantly designed flask is not only user-friendly but user-safe, and has all the functionality of a digital thermos. It features a smart thermometer, a timer and alarm function, and even a stylish carry pouch.

daway smart thermos

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design in various colors
  • Non-toxic stainless steel construction
  • Smart thermometer
  • Timer and alarm feature
  • Trendy carrying pouch available
Specifications In the box
Capacity: 17 oz/500 ml
Bottle size: 9.29*2.72 inch/ 236*69mm
DAWAY G3 Water Bottle
Original Package Box
Portable Holder Bag
Quick Guide
Magnetic charging Cable

Eco-friendly Construction

The DAWAY G3 Thermos is made from fine quality 18/8 stainless steel. This steel is FDA approved and has been known for its eco-friendly uses.

Firstly, it doesn’t rust or corrode, nor does it release any toxic gasses. Being heavily insulated, the exterior will never be too hot to touch, keeping you safe from scalding your hands.

daway smart thermos1

Smart Thermometer

What if you could actually see how hot or cold your beverage is? With the DAWAY G3, you can. The top LED panel displays the current temperature of the contents. So you don’t accidentally drink boiling hot coffee.

Laggy Touch Response

The LED touch screen of the thermos, unfortunately, has some known issues. The touch repose may not work or may require more than one tap. This can be frustrating if you want to turn off an alarm or check the temperature.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Daway Vacuum Thermos

In short, the DAWAY thermos, aside from the regulars, also features a food-grade construction along with a smart thermometer. You can even set alarms and reminders.


Alarm and reminder features

Smartphone connectivity

Protects from scalding and burning

Smart temperature monitoring

Stylish pouch for carrying

Very good battery life


Touch response is laggy at times

Mirabile Vacuum ThermosRunner-up

Saving that coffee for later? With the Mirabile Dictu Water Bottle, you get to share your coffee for 24 hours. This thermos has an inner capacity of 17 ounces and can hold cold beverages for 12 hours and hot ones for a day.

mirabile dictu smart thermos

Key Features

  • High tech thermometer
  • Test internal temperature easily
  • 100% safe to use
  • It maintains temperature for a whole day
  • Easy to wash and store
Specifications In the box
Capacity: 17 oz/500 ml
Bottle size: 9.25*2.76 inch/ 235*70mm
Mirabile Dictu Water Bottle
1 Lithium Metal battery
Quick Guide

Test Temperature of Contents

Here you can test the temperature of the contents immediately. Simply turn the bottle over to let the contents flow onto the back of the lid. The LED screen will automatically display the current temperature.

Safe to Use

This thermos is made from BPA-free 304-stainless steel. So you get the best experience while your body stays free from toxins. The exterior is insulated so you don’t burn your hand while handling hot beverages.

No Fahrenheit Measurements

Unfortunately, you cannot convert the Celsius reading on the screen to a Fahrenheit one. This would be helpful, as many people are only familiar with the Fahrenheit scale.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Mirabile Dictu Vacuum Thermos

All in all, Mirabile Dictu is a great smart thermos for traveling and work. It keeps your beverages hotter for longer. The LED panel is pretty responsive and helpful and gives you a precise reading on the temperature of the contents.


Intelligent temperature display

Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Keeps contents hotter for longer

Perfect gift idea for your friends and family

Accurate readings and measurements



The thermometer cannot be converted into Fahrenheit

The lid might be loose or come off easily

Cauldryn Smart Thermos

Want to get the best of your smart thermos flask? Then try the Cauldryn, which, aside from the regulars, also features a convenient app. Not only that, but the app lets you change the temperature inside the mug. So you get a fully customized coffee mug.

cauldryn smart thermos

Key Features

  • Ergonomic black design
  • Convenient smartphone app
  • Thermostat function
  • 100% rechargeable
  • Power Saving mode
Specifications In the box
Capacity: 16 oz/473 ml
Bottle size: 12*3.75 inch/ 305*95mm
16-ounce travel mug
Battery-saving desk base charger
Quick Guide
Charging power cord

Smartphone App

This isn’t the first thermos to feature an app. But the app is unique in what it can do for you. You can set reminders for drinking water, and even control the temperature. This is a 16 fl oz bottle that gives you full control.

Thermostat Function

With the Cauldryn Smart Thermos, you can not only see the temperature of the contents but willingly change it. Use the smart app to set the internal temperature to your desired setting. This works great if you have to keep your coffee hot or your beverage cold.

Low Battery Life

With great features comes low battery life. This smart thermos’s battery will lose faster than it gains it, especially when you use the thermostat to boil the contents. Even if you connect it to the charger, it will surely take up more juice.

Rating 3.5 of 5

Cauldryn Smart Thermos

To summarize, the Cauldryn Smart Thermos gives you more features than any other thermos. It includes a handy smart app, a thermostat function, and even a power-saving mode. However, it needs to improve on battery life.


Great thermos capacity

Temperature can be controlled

It can be recharged and reused

Includes automatic power-saving

Daily drinking reminders and alarms


Drains battery faster, even when charging

Contents stay hot for a max 12 hours

Ember Smart Thermos

As far as elegance goes, the NEW Ember Smart Thermos is pretty considerate of that. This smart thermos has a great looking ergonomic design, along with a thermostat feature and a smart app. The best part is that you don’t even need the app for controlling the temperature. Simply press the buttons on the bottle itself to fiddle with the temperature.

ember smart thermos

Key Features

  • Black elegant design with largemouth
  • Thermostat feature
  • Safe to wash and handle
  • Safe for airplanes
  • Bluetooth connectivity
Specifications In the box
Capacity: 12 oz/355 ml
Bottle size: 7.9*3.14 inch/ 200*80mm
12-ounce travel mug
Quick Guide
Charging coaster

Thermostat Feature

This Ember Smart Thermos features a thermostat that lets you control the temperature. You can not only do this from the app but from the bottle itself. Simply press the ‘+’ button to increase the temperature and the ‘-‘button to decrease it.

Safe to Wash

The mug is not only safe to drink but safe to wash as well. This thermos is IPX7 certified and life is made leak-proof. So you can wash the entire mug without worrying about damaging the internal components. This makes it best for washing out coffee and burnt sugar.

Short Battery Life

As is common with most thermostat mugs, the Ember thermos has a very short battery life of about 3 hours. However, it is recommended to use it while it’s charging on the coaster. You won’t always be able to find an outlet, so it’s not all that helpful.

Rating 3 of 5

Ember Smart Thermos

To sum it all up, the Ember Smart Thermos has a lot of great features. This includes the ability to control temperature and keep your coffee hot. However, the product can certainly improve on battery life.


Elegant minimal design

Easy temperature control

Charging dock included

Safe for travels


The battery life of only 3 hours

Smaller capacity (12 ounces)

Smart Vacuum Flask

Here’s another smart thermos vacuum flask, this one by BWilkon. It doesn’t include any of the fancy features like temperature control. But as we’ve seen before, extra features tend to drain a lot of battery life. This vacuum flask never runs out of juice, nor does it have a small capacity. This is the perfect water bottle within a limited budget.

bwilkon smart thermos

Key Features

  • LED panel that displays the temperature
  • A detachable tea strainer
  • Food grade material
  • Leak-proof lid
  • 15-ounce large capacity
Specifications In the box
Capacity: 15 oz/450 ml
Bottle size: 9.06*2.56 inch/ 230*65mm
15-ounce smart thermos

Detachable Tea Strainer

This isn’t a feature unique to the BWilkon, as many flasks have it. But I thought to include it here. This thermos comes with a detachable tea strainer. So you can make tea directly in the flask and keep it hot all day long. This feature is extremely helpful, especially in sieving out impurities.

Food Grade Steel

The BWilkon uses an 18/8 stainless steel construction that is approved by many authorities. It’s 100% food-friendly and doesn’t spoil or poison the liquid inside. This makes it perfect for use in thermoses and flasks.

Thermometer Issues

Some thermometer issues are pretty consistent with this smart thermos. Sometimes, the thermometer can take up to 20 minutes to get fully calibrated. So your beverage’s temperature may be lower than what is shown.

Rating 3 of 5

BWilkon Smart Vacuum Flask

Overall, the features on this thermos are excellent. It provides a premium-grade outlet for keeping your coffee warm. However, the thermometer can definitely be improved on. It can be made more accurate by the manufacturers.


An all-in-one station for making tea

Uses food-safe steel

The leak-proof lid prevents beverage loss

Large capacity inside the thermos

Largemouth for drinking


The accuracy of the thermometer is quite questionable

Takes too long for calibrate

Buying Guide

What exactly makes a smart thermos better than older flasks? There are a lot of features that you should look for to make sure you have the best thermos flask. For this, here’s my recommended list of features, and how to choose your very own thermos.


The size of the thermos will affect its functionality a lot. While most thermoses have an inner capacity of about 17 fluid ounces, some can go as low as 12 ounces. It is important to note that the size of the exterior of the thermos doesn’t matter.

In most cases, these flasks have tons of layers. So while the exterior may be enormous, the actual capacity may differ.

Given that, the size of your smart thermos shouldn’t be too big to carry either. Many come with carrying pouches, and a lot of them can fit inside a suitcase or a hand carry.

smart thermos1


Most thermos flasks are made from stainless steel. They can have as many as 6 layers, but mostly the inner and outermost layers are made from stainless steel. The stainless steel should be food-grade, and should not release any toxins into the beverages.

A lot of the thermos flasks nowadays have a vacuum insulation layer that keeps your contents insulated. This layer is sandwiched between the stainless steel layers. Also, the exterior is mostly spray painted, so make sure the paint used is lead and BPA free.


More importantly, you should check the efficiency of the thermos. Thermos flasks, even with all those extra features, at the very basic are meant to keep your drinks warm.

If they can’t do that, then they are completely useless to you. Essentially, you should go for a smart thermos that is able to calibrate the temperature faster.

Some thermometers can take up to 20 minutes to fully calibrate. So always be careful of the accuracy of the thermometer.


It isn’t much you can look for in the lid. Most lids have an LED panel with a thermometer integrated into them. The LED panel provides an insight into how hot or cold the contents of the bottle are. This panel should be easy to read with bright white or blue digits. And the panel should be shatter-proof, as the lid is very prone to falling.

Other than that, the lid should be leak-proof. Many thermos flasks don’t have this feature, and as a result, your beverage could leak out.

smart thermos2


With stainless steel construction, you would pretty much expect godly levels of durability. However, some smart thermos flasks are a complete scam. They’ll claim to be made of high-grade steel but actually be made of some cheap iron.

Furthermore, some thermos flasks do a horrible job of keeping your drinks warm. The max amount of time they can work is 24 hours. And many, especially the battery-powered ones, may not last even 3 hours. So always be wary of that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a thermos work?

Smart thermos flasks work on a very simple principle. They make use of the reflective nature of mirrors and shiny surfaces. The interior of the thermos flask is lined with shiny metal, usually stainless steel. The highly reflective surface of this metal reflects any heat instead of absorbing it. In this way, the heat inside the thermos is completely trapped, with no outlet.

These flasks work the same way with cold beverages. Cold objects lack heat, and the heavy amount of insulation in the flask prevents any heat from entering the system. However, cold beverages are lesser effectively-preserved as compared to hot beverages.

Can I put a thermos in a microwave?

I would not recommend it. Many smart thermos flasks use aluminum, which is hazardous in the microwave. Your microwave could blow up, or the content could spill and ruin everything. At best, I recommend removing the contents and placing them in a microwave-safe bowl.

If you want to preheat your thermos, then run it under some hot water. Let the water fill the thermos then dump it a couple of times. This should preheat the thermos pretty well.

Are thermoses dishwasher-safe?

Many are, but not all. Putting them in the dishwasher can reduce the shine and risk damage to the paint job. Other than that, your thermos should be leak and thus water-proof. So no need to worry about water getting in it!

It is recommended to hand wash your smart thermos to keep the shine intact. But this differs from product to product and from brand to brand. Read the washing instructions from the manufacturers that should come with an authentic thermos. Follow them carefully, as the warranty will depend on how you handle it too.


Smart thermos flasks have definitely changed the way we drink. You now no longer have to worry about your coffees getting cold, or your colas getting warm. Thermos flasks not only keep the heat in but also the excitement and joy. Taking one on your next trip might just be the best decision you’ll make this year.

Of the seven thermos flasks that I reviewed, I found that the DAWAY was the best one. It has an amazing battery life and keeps the contents heated for longer than any other thermos.

So remember to take your favorite thermos on your next trip. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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