Smart Wireless Air Conditioner Controller Reviews

Air conditioning is a large part of the household requirements these days as people love being in control of everything in their house. The air conditioners have evolved over time to meet the growing needs of consumers.

Wireless technology is perhaps the greatest innovation of this century which is made accessible to the public. The wireless air conditioner controllers are a marvel invention which allows people to control their air conditioners remotely. Now you must be thinking that there’s nothing special in this and modern air conditioners come with a remote control already.

But, here’s the best part: the wireless air conditioner controllers allow you to turn on your AC before you even arrive at your house or control the air conditioning system from a remote location very far away from the house. This increases mobility and reliability. It also increases comfort as it allows you to pre-heat or pre-cool your house or room before you even get there.

Our Pick 


Compatible with all standalone ACs

Voice assistant enabled

Automatically detects sound

Filter maintenance reminder

Difficult to set up



Saves up to 30% electricity cost

Compatible with most brands

Voice activated

Auto adjusts settings according to temperature

System needs constant feedback

Let’s find out which wireless air conditioner controller suits you.

Sensibo ControllerOur Pick

Sensibo is one of the most innovative manufacturers of home automation products on the market. It is exactly the reason; I decided to include the device on top of the list. It offers a lot of innovative and smart features such as the Climate React which allows you to set the climate control without human intervention.

sensibo wireless air conditioner


  • Compatible with all standalone ACs
  • Voice assistant enabled
  • Automatically detects sound
  • Compatible with iOS/Android
  • Filter maintenance reminder
  • Smart Timer

Saves you money:

The Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller saves you money due to its sensors which turn the air conditioning on or off. These smart features sense whether someone is home or stepping out or getting inside. This helps save you money on air conditioning bills as the device will never leave the air conditioning running on an empty house.

Reliable for home use:

How often do you get up in the middle of the night because the temperature has become too cold or too hot and you have to now manually set it? Well, with the Sensibo Controller’s awesome Climate React feature, you don’t have to worry about manually.

This feature automatically adjusts itself to the surrounding temperature and lowers or raises the temperature of the house accordingly.

Voice control:

The Sensibo controller allows you to integrate it with your home automation systems such as Alexa or Google Home etc. So you can control the climate control with just your voice and adjust the temperature and humidity accordingly.


  • The Climate React feature automatically resets the temperature according to your needs so you don’t have to manually do it yourself.
  • This device is compatible with almost every phone, whether Android or iOS.
  • It can turn itself on as soon as someone enters the house and it can turn itself off once the last person leaves.
  • It saves a lot of money by sensing the people inside the house and turning itself off or on.
  • This WiFi Air Conditioner Controller is also voice command compatible as it can be integrated with Alexa, Google Home, and other automation hubs.


  • It can be extremely difficult to set up and integrate it with your AC or home automation hub.
  • The interface is highly complicated making it difficult to work with.

Ambi Controller

Ambi Climate is a frontrunner when it comes to home automation devices and wireless control features. This Smart Air Conditioner Controller is truly a smart and intelligent wireless controller because it uses AI engines, smart modes, and unlimited timers. This allows for a more customized or personal feel to the experience offered by the device.

ambi climate wireless air conditioner


  • Monitor your home’s climate
  • Efficient AC control
  • Saves up to 30% electricity cost
  • Compatible with most brands
  • Voice activated
  • Comes with warranty

Efficient AC Control:

The Ambi Climate 2 Smart Wireless Air Conditioner Controller offers a lot of control over the features in the device. These features let you efficiently control the climate control inside the house while still preserving energy. The AC Control features are guaranteed to always work without fail. These features reduce the cost of your electricity bill as well.


This device is shipped with an Ambi Application for your Android, iOS or any other phone. The wireless air conditioner controller is compatible with almost every other device from every brand. This makes it easier to use without having to worry about whether the device will work for your brand of phone, home automation hub etc.

Voice Activated Control:

The Ambi Climate 2 Controller also offers an efficient voice-activated control for your climate control system. The device can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or any other automation hub. This allows for more control with your voice and makes it more accessible for people who aren’t familiar with technology.


  • The AI engines and smart modes learn your level of comfort using smart algorithms and adjust to your needs.
  • You can set timers, create rules and fully customize your use of the device.
  • It minimizes energy costs by switching it on only when you are inside the house.
  • You can gain a feel of personalized comfort from this device. After only 3 interactions, the device starts to create a unique profile on you which makes notes on what your likings are.
  • It auto adjusts the climate control settings according to the temperature outside.


  • You have to consistently feed the system with your feedback in order for some of the smart features to actually work for you.

Air Patrol WiFi Controller

Air Patrol is a relatively new brand on the market; however, it is still one of the best brands to buy. I have included this product on the list due to the ease and comfort it offers during installation. The company has worked extra hard to ensure that people do not have significant difficulties with the installation of this device.

airpatrol wireless air conditioner


  • Installation is easy
  • Smart home integration
  • Pre-programmed
  • AirPatrol WiFi system
  • Sets up smart modes


The AirPatrol WiFi Smart Wireless Air Conditioner Controller is engineered to be compatible with most of the common brands and devices. The device can connect itself to home automation devices and hubs such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and others. The compatibility of the app also adds to the ease of use. The application can be used on Android as well as iOS devices.


This is a feature which sets it apart from other devices on this list. While I do not highly endorse the idea of a pre-programmed set of options and rules, it does seem to have benefits. The major advantage which you gain from this is that you do not have to endlessly feed data or feedback into the device in order to get the comfort level you need.

Notification systems:

The app also features a smart push notification system which alerts you of the happenings inside your house even when you are not home. It lets you know when your settings are getting out of your set and pre-defined comfort zone so you can easily switch with the tap of a button.


  • Allows you to set automatic time cues for heating or cooling or even temperature change which may be gradual or instant.
  • This device notifies you when AC or ducts need to be serviced so you don’t end up with problems later.
  • Super easy to set up as it is simply a plug and play device.
  • It can save up to 35% of your electricity bill without fail.


  • The casual cloud server problems may prevent you from accessing the system at times.

Tado Smart Controller

TADO is one of the more renowned wireless air conditioner brands on this list. The fame of the brand is certainly well deserved as they have constantly churned out high tier or high-quality products without fail. The TADO Smart Air Conditioner allows you to control your AC from remote locations in a smart and intelligent way.

tado wireless air conditioner


  • Home automation system integration
  • App-enabled
  • Versatile Smart Controller
  • App tracking
  • Easy installation

TADO Smart App:

TADO ships an intelligent application with this device which helps you to control your household climate control settings without fail. This app helps you change the temperature and humidity settings as well as set rules and smart modes for your personalized comfort and needs. The app keeps track of all your savings and settings which you normally like or use.

Smart home integration:

The TADO Smart Air Conditioner Controller is engineered to be compatible with several home automation devices and hubs such as Google Home, Alexa and so on. This device allows for easy and instant integration with your automation devices and hubs so that you have no problem with the voice activation and commands. The voice commands make it easier to use for people who aren’t tech savvy.

Multi-room control:

If you have multiple air conditioners in multiple rooms in your house, then the device can also aid with that. It uses a smart system due to which it can easily control and apply rules to all the ACs in the house. All you have to do is just connect all the ACs with the device.


  • The data encryption and security algorithms present on the device works 24/7 on the data streams that are highly secure and unbreakable.
  • You can either mount the device on a wall or just keep it on a table.
  • You can set a customized or personalized schedule for having different temperatures at different times of the day.
  • It helps you save up on energy costs and billing.
  • With the new AI technology built into the system, the experience with this device will make you feel highly customized or personalized.


  • The user interface on the TADO application is full of glitches and it hangs after every operation on low budget phones.

Cielo Controller

Cielo Breez is one of the most trustworthy names in the industry when it comes to producing smart technology. Their Smart Wireless Air Conditioner Controller is an interactive device with a powerful UI and support for smart modes. This Smart Air Conditioner Controller allows for a great personalized and customized experience.

cielo breez wireless air conditioner


  • Set up weekly schedules
  • Configure location
  • Voice commands and speech recognition
  • Compatible with most famous brands
  • Smartphone integration

Configure your device:

The Cielo Breez Smart Air Conditioner Controller allows you to configure your device and set some weekly schedules. The rules can be set on your smartphone app which is provided by the company itself. These weekly schedules and location-based controls can allow you to properly customize your use of the device without having to worry about the device having to learn through AI.

Voice-activated control:

The Controller can be integrated into your smart home automation system which allows for the system to be regulated by voice control. The air conditioning in your house can be used via voice commands through devices such as Alexa or Google Home. These devices use voice-activated control and regulation to improve accessibility and usability.


This product is highly compatible with several brands and home automation devices and hubs. This compatibility provides for easier installation and quick set up time. It is also compatible with several Air Conditioners allowing for even a diverse set of ACs to connect simultaneously.


  • The device can save you up to 25% on your electricity bill due to its smart modes and features.
  • Breez is compatible with almost all brands whether it is an AC or a phone.
  • The Cielo Breez allows for customized weekly schedules according to your needs and comfort.
  • This product can be used with Google Home or Alexa for activated voice commands.
  • It comes with an interactive and aesthetically pleasing LED display and apps to assist with the regulated control.


  • It is difficult to connect the device to the WiFi connection and get it working without delays.

Wrap up:

The smart wireless air conditioner controllers are a huge improvement for your house as they allow you to control your house’s air conditioning system remotely. They allow for voice-activated commands and help you to set up weekly schedules and rules for the system. They help you save up on your electricity bill by limiting the use of the AC.

Out of all the products I have reviewed, I feel like picking the best is a bit of a problem. But, the Sensibo wireless air conditioner controller is my personal favorite. Not only does it provide much more premium features, but it also eliminates lengthy and difficult installation processes.

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