[In-depth review] Wohome TV Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer

Imagine watching your favorite movie on a big thin screen with crystal clear image quality. A super action scene comes, and oh, your TV’s audio isn’t complimenting that intense scene.

It happens when you rely only on your TV’s audio. Today’s wafer-thin TV can only house a wafer-thin speaker system. You cannot just expect them to deliver surround sound performance.

So, a solution to this problem is purchasing a good soundbar with a built-in subwoofer.

I’m going to review a Wohome Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer in detail. You’ll get to know how to buy a good soundbar and what to look for in a soundbar?

So, keep scrolling!

Wohome Soundbar S89 28-Inch 80W with HDMI-ARC, Bluetooth 5.0, LED Display, Optical USB AUX Connection, 4 Speakers, 4 EQs, 110dB Surround Sound Bar Home Theater Audio Soundbar System for TV
  • Ultra-slim 28-Inch Sound Bar: with fashionable and classic design, 2.9 inches high could fit easily under your TV and desktop monitor, great 28inchs, suit for 40 inch-75 inch traditional TV or smart TVs, remote and mount kit supplied
  • 110 dB of Room-Filling Sound: built-in 4x 20W powerful full-range speakers and 2x bass reflex tubes, produce crystal clear sound and deep bass for all your movie, music, news, gaming, great for living room and bedroom
  • Multi Connection: enjoy wireless streaming music through Bluetooth 5.0; support HDMI-ARC, AUX, Coaxial, USB, and Optical inputs, could work with almost all your devices. (HDMI-ARC connection could let you use your TV remote or universal remote to control volume and on/off.)
  • 3D Surround Sound: designed with DSP technology for amazing clarity and precision sound, support music, dialogue, movie, and 3D equalizer modes, brings you an upgrading fantastic home theater experience
  • Our promise: 100% satisfaction service and lifetime technical support, any questions, please feel free to contact us via Amazon message or contact info on the service card.

Wohome Soundbar Review

This Wohome product is a 2.1 channel TV Soundbar. This 32 inches long soundbar comes with a built-in subwoofer and is capable of providing a sound output of around 97dB. This SO5 model contains 3 drivers. It offers wide connectivity options with four sound modes and flexible mounting options.


  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • 4 sound modes
  • Optical and AUX connectivity
  • Buttons and remote control
  • 2 full-range, 1 sub-range speakers

wohome soundbar with built in subwoofer


Specifications In the box
Size: 32 inch
Channel:2.1 channel with Dual built-in subwoofers
Drivers: 1*3” subwoofers, 2*3”full range drivers
Max Volume: 97 dB
Wired Input: Optical, RCA, AUX, USB
Wireless Soundbar
Digital Optical Cable
Stereo RCA to 3,5 mm audio cable
Power Adapter
Remote control

2.1 channel sound system

This soundbar with a built-in subwoofer gives notable audio results. In order to achieve quality, it has 2 x 20w full-range speakers and 1 x 20w sub-range speakers.

It also gives surround sound to let you enjoy the powerful audio experience. It gives the 97dB of crystal clear and room-filling sound that has very minimum harmonic distortion. You can expect it to be even less than 1%.

Appropriate Size

Besides its other amazing features, its size is suitable for compact places. With its influential bass and clear output, this system can be a great option for small environments. This soundbar with a built-in subwoofer goes well with a TV of 32-inches or above.

I personally love its compatibility, it is compatible with various TV brands including Samsung, TCL, LG, Sharp, Sony, Philips, Vizio, and others.

Versatile control

In order to ensure the users’ convenience, this soundbar with a built-in subwoofer offers versatile control. Thus, you can control it either with buttons or remote control.

However, there is one noteworthy aspect too. This system is not compatible with a TV remote or a universal remote. Moreover, it might also pick frequencies from some remote controls.

Besides, its remote control provides the coverage of 4-6m in an open area. This control can be really helpful especially when you are watching TV while comfortably fit in your cozy couch.

wohome soundbar with built in subwoofer1

Wide connectivity

This soundbar comes with almost all important features to make audio management an easier thing. Thus, this Wohome soundbar with a built-in subwoofer offers wide connectivity options.

The top of them is Bluetooth connectivity. It covers the range of 30 feet in an open area. Thus, you can manage the sound options easily by using your smart device.

Besides, it supports Optical and AUX connection. It also comes equipped with Optical cable, RCA to 3.5mm, 3.5 to 3.5mm cable. However, you would need to make certain settings for using these connection options.

Four different sound modes

The distinguishing thing about this product is that it is a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer and DSP technology. Thus, it supports four different sound modes. It includes movie mode to provide surround for the movie. The second mode is music that gives a powerful bass.

The third mode is for News that makes you hear each and every word clearly. The last mode is the default sound mode that is bass and treble adjustable. Isn’t it amazing to have a specific appropriate mode for each of your program types?


It becomes very difficult to place equipment in tight corners of the TV rack. It becomes particularly true with speakers. You don’t want to ruin the aesthetics, yet, can’t compromise on sound quality.

This Wohome S05 provides a reasonable solution to this problem. It comes with a mounting kit. Thus, you can either put it anywhere on a TV stand under the screen or mount it on the wall.

This attribute could be great for those who are very conscious of their home decor.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Wohome Soundbar

Wohome TV soundbar with a built-in subwoofer is going to change the way you enjoy watching TV. Now you can listen to your favorite songs, watch a movie or a current affair program at a suitable sound mode. Although you cannot use any remote control with this soundbar, I think it’s not a deal-breaker. You can use Bluetooth to connect and control the device.


Provides great ease with wireless connectivity

Comes with wide connectivity options (wired)

Flexible placement options

Gives cinematic experience with deeper bass

Comes with remote control


Remote control lacks batteries

Not compatible with TV and universal remotes

Buying Guide

It could be seriously confusing for laymen to purchase a good soundbar system. Many people are even unaware of the benefits that a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer can give.

This section will highlight a few things that you need to consider before purchasing a TV soundbar.

Mode of connection

Various types of equipment give different connection methods. It involves both wired and wireless. However, the selection should depend on the devices you are going to connect with a soundbar. If those devices are giving different connection options, the selected soundbar should have them too.

For example, if TV gives AUX and RCA connectivity mode, you should choose a soundbar with similar options. But having Bluetooth connectivity options is a great way to get rid of icky wires in the room.

A Bluetooth connection allows you to stream music with the help of a smart device. This wireless connection will add a lot to your ease.

wohome soundbar with built in subwoofer4

Controlling options

Another critical aspect that you must consider in a soundbar is its control methods. Wouldn’t it be difficult to control audio with buttons located on the device? In this case, you will be controlling video with remote and for audio; you will be walking towards a soundbar.

In order to prevent this inconvenience, consider a model with a remote control option. Nothing can beat the ease of controlling your gadgets using a wireless mode. It will allow you to handle everything while sitting on your couch.

Well, that’s not all. Few remote controls also give an opportunity to get all possible controls as compared to onboard controls.

Onboard controls

Though remote control has its own charm, onboard controls are equally important. They come handy in a case when the batteries in your remote betray during an important program.

Also, we all have experienced that frustrating moment when remote get lost anywhere. In these scenarios, onboard controls help a lot to save our day. So can look for onboard controls while purchasing a soundbar.


The number of channels is a crucial factor to decide the sound output. Therefore, you need to choose it carefully. But, what number is suitable for you?

You will see most of the soundbar will have either 2.0 or 2.1 channel options. A 2.0 option is good for those who just want a louder system. It is great for those who are tired of their TV’s audio and want something louder.

On the other hand, if you want some cinematic effects, go for a 2.1 channel option. It will deliver deeper bass. Why? Because 1 in 2.1 refers to the presence of subwoofer in a system. It helps in enhancing bass without putting additional subwoofer with your TV.

wohome soundbar with built in subwoofer2

Size and design

The size is also a key factor because the size should complement your TV model and the size of the room.

The larger rooms and TV would need a larger soundbar as compared to the smaller one. Also, as soundbar is going to sit anywhere around your TV inside your home, it should have an acceptable appearance.

It should blend well with the interior and design of the TV at least.

Beside all these things, it is good to go for an active soundbar. Why? It comes with built-in amplifiers that passive one doesn’t. It is especially good for those who want to save space or need a 2-in-1 audio solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do soundbars worth your purchase instead of home theaters?

The answer is yes for those who have a space issue. It is because they are thin and low-profile systems. They take a very small space and sits nicely under the TV.

Moreover, they give great sound output as well. Especially if you purchase a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer, it gives enhanced bass. On the contrary, a typical home theatre sound system consumes a lot of space that is difficult to manage for everyone.

What are the channels of the soundbar and how many would I need?

You can consider a soundbar channel as a sound source or a speaker. There are various numbers of channels available these days. The one you select depends entirely on your preferences.

However, a 2-channel gadget contains two speakers present at left and right. The 3-channel contains three speakers present at left, right, and center.

A 5-channel soundbar contains five speakers located at the left, right, and center position along with two at the rear. These systems have remained as a home theatre standard for the last 20 years or so.

The 7-channel soundbar contains seven speakers. They are located in the same as the sound sources in the 5-channel equipment. However, those present at the rear are split to make them 4.

Besides, there are Dolby Atmos soundbars too. They have upward-firing speakers that give three-dimensional soundstage.

So, how many should you buy? The rule goes here is the more the better.

What is the best place to put my soundbar?

These soundbars can adjust well anywhere around your TV screen. However, they should be positioned in a way to not come in the way of the remote control to disrupt the signals. Moreover, their chosen position should give you convenience too.

The most common places for these gadgets are TV stand, under the TV screen, in front of the screen, or a mounted position.


There are various gadgets available in the market to compensate for TV’s inappropriate audios. Among all these options, a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer is highly convenient and suitable. I personally like its low-profile and slim design that takes minimum space in your home.

So play your favorite song on Wohome TV Soundbar and enjoy the music. Trust me, you won’t love it!

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