The Best 360 Degree Home Camera

Looking for a home video camera that can record in all directions and still be able to give precise results? We did too. Almost every camera that we encounter had something in it that made us search another. Maybe the lens was too thick. Perhaps the quality was not good. Some had pretty indecent lighting. 360 degree home cameras are just such fragile inventions that they cannot easily be used without any complaint.

We have shortlisted just the top 5. These were the five most exquisite, durable, high qualities, cheap, and the best 360 degree home camera available. They provided both premium quality picture and a ton of customization options.

Our Pick 


Wide angle panoramic

High defination motion

Super night vision

Intercom system has a few glitches



Great Wi-Fi connectivity

Can detect motion even in low light

Great photo quality

It does not work with multiple devices


Let’s have a look at our top picks one by one:

Lensoul 3 Mega Pixel CameraOur Pick

If you think that 3 megapixel isn’t enough, then consider the fact that most CCTV cameras and even some of the smarter video cameras only use up to 2 Megapixel. Lensoul’s model is an excellent choice for users who want extra HD recordings. This 360 degrees home camera can connect to your Wi-Fi or a 4G mobile network, and can support SD cards of a capacity up to 128 GB.

lensoul 360 degree home camera


  • HD quality of 3 megapixels.
  • It connects to a Wi-Fi or 4G mobile internet.
  • 360-degree wide-angle
  • It can support 128 GB SD cards.
  • Intercommunication system present.
  • Quick and easy setup and recordings.

Connects To Wi-Fi Easily:

Lensoul’s innovation readily connects with our home Wi-Fi, provided that the connection is strong enough. From Lensoul’s side, the link is actively maintained, so if there are any connectivity issues, it’s likely the Wi-Fi. It can also connect with a mobile 4G network, but data plans usually cost a fortune. Sadly, the Lensoul 360 degree home camera does not work with 5G networks.

Wide Angle Vision:

This camera from Lensoul has a 360-degree panoramic view which gives it the traditional wide-angle look common with 360 degree home cameras. The wide angle is sure to keep you informed of every corner of your household and will alert you through notifications of any possible intrusions.

High Memory Camera:

Memory is a big issue with security cameras. Most 360 degree home cameras may be great at recording stuff, but they fail to record as much as needed. The Lensoul home security camera can support up to 128 GB of external memory, which means that it can record for a very long period before running out of memory.


  • Elegant and bold white design.
  • Wide angle panoramic
  • High definition motion
  • It supports a ton of memory.
  • The connection does not break easily.


  • Intercom system has a few glitches.

ONMet IP CameraRunner-up

ONMet’s IP camera is undoubtedly unlike any other 360 degrees home camera we have checked out. It uses a 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connection and even has night mode along with a two-way intercommunication system. This camera is also compatible with cloud storage and backing up, so you can make sure that your evidence is safe even if the camera is tampered with.

onmet 360 degree home camera


  • Powerful and long-range Wi-Fi connection.
  • Cloud storage compatible.
  • Two-way intercom supported.
  • The camera can render high definition photos.
  • Very sensitive and secure motion detection.
  • It supports SD cards of up to 64 GB.

Backup Your Content:

So imagine if the intruder decides to smash your home security camera to bits, and you’re left with no evidence against the culprit. The ONMet 360 degree home camera ensures that all of your recordings and photos are backed up to your chosen Cloud storage, allowing you to keep your entire evidence safe even in case of damage.

Intercom System Included:

The ONMet has an intercom system that lets you communicate with people in different rooms. Ask your child if they’re doing their homework, let someone know that you’re going to be busy. These systems work best when there’s a differently abled or ill person in your house who needs to communicate.

HD Motion Pictures:

We’ve stated this lot because all the proper 360 degree home cameras that are worth the price have excellent photo quality. The wide-angle of the ONMet lets you see right into every corner of the room and will be perfect for any occasion. The color of the picture is pretty vibrant and clear, and even the night vision has incredible photo rendering.


  • Great Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It has a vast and expansive memory (up to 64 GB).
  • Can detect motion even in low light.
  • Great photo quality.
  • It has a fantastic frame rate with extraordinary


  • It does not work with multiple devices.

GraneyWell Wireless IP Camera

Graneywell had many different models, but we particularly liked this one best. This 360 degrees home camera can connect to a 2.4G Wi-Fi connection or through Mobile AP, and can record up to 100 m. It even has an IR night mode which can capture high-quality videos in low light. The best part about the GraneyWell camera is that it automatically connects with your Wi-Fi 33 to send notifications about any detected motion in your house.

graneywell 360 degree home camera


  • It connects with 2.4G Wi-Fi or Mobile App.
  • IR Night mode gives a high definition for up to 32 feet.
  • It sends notifications to your phone or tablet.
  • The device supports a two-way intercom system.
  • Can support up to 128 GB memory cards.
  • Easy and fast setup; compatible with Android and iOS.
  • 1-year
  • Angle can be adjusted remotely.

Optimal Night Mode Camera:

The Graneywell offers its services even in low light. It uses an IR camera which detected infrared light and allows you to see even in the dark. What we generally love is that the night vision is in high definition, as opposed to most other cameras, whose night vision has worse quality than the day vision. Graneywell is an excellent choice for a night 360-degree camera.

Notification Alerts:

This 360-degree camera uses motion detecting software to notice any movement in the room it is set up. Even the tiniest of change in light or movement will send a notification over the internet to your phone or tablet. It makes the GraneyWell a thousand times safer than a regular CCTV camera.

Two-Way Intercom:

With the GraneyWell, you can even talk to your friends and family from inside the house, or with strangers or the mailman who come knocking the door outside. It is a unique feature that we have yet to find in any other home video camera.


  • Night mode has excellent quality and lighting.
  • It does not break or bend easily.
  • It comes with a motion sensor and trigger alerts for your phone.
  • The camera connects easily to the Wi-Fi.
  • It has a vast panoramic range.


  • Maybe too large for some households.

Uniojo 360 Degree Home Camera

The reason why Uniojo takes its place in your list will become a bit more apparent once you read the features. Uniojo’s home camera can connect to the Wi-Fi and a 4G mobile network, and can be viewed in 4 different modes, keeping you and your family safe. But what intrigued us is that the Uniojo 360 degree home camera can hook up to 5 devices at a time.

uniojo 360 degree home camera


  • It offers sensitive recording in high detail.
  • The camera connects with up to 5 different devices, including phones, tablets, and even Alexa.
  • Four different viewing modes.
  • It sends quick notification alerts to your phone in case of intrusion.
  • Can be operated by voice command to take photos as evidence.
  • 1080p HD videos.

Multimodal Connectivity:

The Uniojo 360 degree home security camera can connect with up to 5 different devices at a time. It means that it can hook up to multiple phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, computers, and even Alexa Echo and Echo Dot. It allows for easier access to alerts, in case you’re not on your phone.

Different Viewing Modes for Better Experience:

A good 360 degrees home camera uses multiple viewing modes and photo enhancement technologies to make sure that you can see exactly, what you want to. The Uniojo camera uses four different modes and can be viewed with the most optimal lighting and white balance.

Quick Notifications:

If an intruder enters your home, or your camera captures some movement, the Uniojo home security cam will send your phone or chosen devices a notification alert as quickly as possible. It helps to keep you, your family, pets, infants, children, and property safe from potential danger.


  • The camera connects with multiple devices.
  • Four viewing modes.
  • It keeps your house safe from intruders and any other danger.
  • Extreme high quality (1080p HD).
  • Easy setup.


  • May arrive used or refurbished.

Aweasky Fisheye

We didn’t know that Aweasky was even a thing until we came across this product. But just because it was new didn’t mean that it was anything ordinary. Aweasky’s version of the 360 degrees home camera features a wide-angle motion picture, vibrant color photos and videos, and even a night vision mode, which can see clearly up to 32 feet.

awesky 360 degree home camera


  • Wide 360-degree angle takes note of every corner of your house.
  • The camera creates high definition and vibrant photos and videos.
  • Night vision mode enabled.
  • It connects with Wi-Fi with little to no interference.
  • The camera sends alerts along with pictures of any motion in the room.

HD Pictures with Great Quality:

There is perhaps no 360 degrees home camera which has such vibrant and dramatic motion picture settings. We’ve indeed never seen anything like this. The wide-angle camera allows the user to view photos with utmost clarity and fabulous colors, which makes this the best camera within the given price range.

Can Detect Motion Even In Low Light:

Night vision cameras aren’t anything new, but usually, these security cameras fail to deliver quality and reassurance. Most cannot even detect motion. However, the Aweasky security camera provides clarity in both day and night mode, with a range of 32 feet.

Undisturbed Connection:

The Aweasky 360 degree home camera has a securnge connection with your Wi-Fi network. This system uses a 2.4 G WI-Fi connection and is compatible with many Wi-Fi strengths. The link is hard to lose and will stay throughout the day.


  • HD pictures and videos.
  • Great motion
  • It provides a secure connection with the Wi-Fi and the phone.
  • Does not present any difficulty while setting up.
  • It works with Android and iOS.


  • May lose picture quality over time.


Keeping your family secure is a significant part of loving them. So if you think that a 360 degree home camera is a waste, then you’re profoundly mistaken. We all like to be on the safe side, and what better way to be safe than to be informed of every movement in the house?

Our top 5 list of the best 360 degree home cameras for security was admittedly a blast to write. We never even knew that security cameras could be so much more diverse than just good photo quality and motion detection. Every product has taught us that our security is the top priority, and the types of things would never be compromised.

For this sole purpose, we highly encourage you to try out our top five choices and tell us if you liked or disliked them. From our side, all five are our favorites. But if you find any one of these better than the others, then do let us know!

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