The Best Baby Breathing Monitor

People say it is tough to look after a baby. No matter how much you prepare yourself before time, it is going to be a bumpy ride. You will feel frightened, concerned, and nervous for such a trivial thing you have never imagined before.

One of the significant nightmares of new parents is SIDS. Parents spend countless nights staying up to check their babies breathing correctly. It might sound weird, but it is a fact, every parent has gone through this. But now with technology advancement, you don’t need to stay up for no apparent reason. The baby breathing monitor will do this job for you.

These monitors keep checking your baby’s vitals. They also inform you in case of sensing an anomaly. We understand their importance for parents. Thus, we have reviewed a top 3 best baby breathing monitors in this post. Reading the reviews will assist you in purchasing the best breathing monitor for your baby.

Our Pick 


Real-time breathing data

Sends alert notifications

HD video, night vision feature and two-way audio 

Works with Wi-Fi

Setting up might not be the easiest thing



Real-time info about oxygen level and heartbeat rate

Works with Wi-Fi

Prompts notification for deviations

Easy set-up

Might not work correctly for super active babies


Cocoon Cam & Baby Breathing MonitorOur Pick

We have selected Cocoon Cam & Monitor on our list mainly because of its no-connection and reputable brand name. What else makes it one of the best baby breathing monitor? It is a combination of all essential features that can make you feel completely relaxed about your baby’s well being. You can see and hear your baby along with getting data about his/her breathing pattern. Another fact that can make parents assure about this monitor is its validation by pediatricians.

cocoon baby breathing monitor


  • Real time breathing data
  • Sends alert notifications
  • Maintain sleeping pattern data
  • Makes HD video
  • Wire-free connection
  • Two-way audio connection

Real time breathing data

Parents of small kids want to know every minute detail of their kids round-the-clock. Even when babies are doing well, they can’t relax unless they check them on their own. This effort unfortunately sometimes wakes them at weird hours too.

Cocoon Cam baby breathing monitor aims to track each minute details of your baby even when you are not with them. It records real-time breathing data and displays it to you for your satisfaction. It is also able to send you an alert notification if it notices any change in the breathing pattern. This feature can genuinely bestow you with a peace of mind you have never experienced after your childbirth.

Wearable free connection

Once your babies start rolling over on their own, they somehow become uncontrollable. They start kicking, pulling, pushing, and eating everything they approach. At this time, it is tough to keep your baby sleep peacefully while having a playful thing around.

It is, therefore, essential to keep the baby breathing monitor out of their access. Cocoon Cam provides the relief in this regard. It monitors baby breathing by taking a data feed from its camera. It frees your kid from any excessive wearable, garments, or any other stuff. All you need is to attach the unit on their crib at the right place, and you can monitor them without disturbing them.

Bird’s eye view

You might have seen many monitors that you can place anywhere near the crib. There is some problem in doing so. The cribs bars may obstruct the unobstructed view. It might end up giving a partial view of your baby. How can you satisfy by the partial view only? There is a possibility your baby might have her hand in an uncomfortable position, and you can’t see it.

Cocoon cam plus understands parents’ worry. It thus provides an option to mount it right above the crib. You can have a full view of your baby throughout the night. This baby breathing monitor doesn’t rely on providing a glimpse of your baby. Its camera comes with an ability to offer HD video along with night vision. In this way, you won’t hesitate to make your baby sleep at dark. You get breathing details and see your baby at the same time.

What would you do if they start squirming or crying to feel you around? The Cocoon cam’s manufacturers have kept in mind all aspects of babies’ sleep while creating this item. Consequently, they have put a two-way audio option as well. You can sing a song or calm your baby to sleep again. You can also assure them of your presence till the time you reach their room. All these features can put parents at great ease.


  • The cam provides HD video, night vision, and two-way audio.
  • You don’t need to attach it to your baby.
  • It provides alert notification as soon as it senses any movement/change.
  • You can get a record of your baby’s sleep pattern.


  • Setting this monitor up might feel infuriating.
  • It only attaches 3 feet above the crib. Not enough for big kids.
  • You would need to turn on a baby breathing monitor every time.

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor

This Owlet Smart Baby Monitor aims to provide peace of mind to parents by monitoring their babies’ vitals. It keeps track of the heart and oxygen level. Both of these parameters are enough to indicate the safety of your baby. This baby breathing monitor also assists in minimizing the chance of SIDS.

owlet baby breathing monitor


  • Gives real-time oxygen and heartbeat rate
  • Prompts notification for deviations
  • Works on Wi-Fi
  • Lightening signals for status
  • Allows far off access
  • Contains three washable socks
  • Equipped with the competitive app

Heart rate & Oxygen Tracking

Anyone who has an infant or a toddler knows they have to be on their toes round the clock. In this situation, enjoying a coffee or a dinner seems like a dream. You always stay on your toes to keep a check on even your sleeping baby.

How they keep you busy after waking up? That’s the whole another story. With the baby breathing monitors like Owlet, you can steal some peaceful time for yourself too. It monitors the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate. Not only this, but it also sends alert notifications if it notices any abnormality.

It contains clinically proven pulse oximetry. Therefore, you will get guaranteed right data values. The monitor can give peace of mind to parents. It can also allow them to rest appropriately despite staying up and checking their babies frequently. Your baby will even sleep better with this monitor. It is because now you won’t disturb them merely to check them breathing.

Ease of use

Besides accuracy and efficiency, Owlet baby breathing monitor is convenient too. You don’t have to spend hours just to set this monitor up. You also don’t need to worry about monitor falling out from baby’s movement and stop monitoring.

This product comes with three socks and a base unit. You need to wrap this sock around your baby’s foot. Its size is adjustable for all. The sock connects to the base station using Bluetooth. You can position it up to a distance of 100 feet.

This station indicates you about status using different lights. The system configuration for Wi-Fi also takes minutes only. For ensuring hygiene, it is advisable to hand wash socks regularly. You should also use them on alternative feet every night.

Remote access

How do you feel when you must leave your baby back at home? It is heartbreaking for parents especially mothers. Owlet Smart Baby Breathing Monitor somehow makes it an easier task for you. It reduces your anxiety by feeding you a real-time heart rate and oxygen levels data.

Owlet’s cloud connection app makes it possible for you. With the help of this feature, you can also get these details on multiple phones. It means you can ask your partner, friends, or any other close relative to look after your child.


  • With the versatile sock size, you can use this baby breathing monitor for several kids.
  • It gives proper oxygen levels and heart rate readings.
  • The monitor comes with 45 days trial period.
  • It is quite easy to set this baby breathing monitor
  • It allows you to track your baby’s wellbeing from far off location as well.


  • The monitor only tracks oxygen levels and heart rate.
  • It might not work correctly for super active babies.

Allb Smart Baby Breathing Monitor

How does it feel to get all the critical data of your sleeping baby while you are away? It would lighten tons of burdens from your mind. This is the reason we have put Allb Smart Baby breathing monitor on our list. It monitors respiration, skin temperature, sleep pattern, and position of your baby. It also maintains a record for analysis so you can keep a better track of your child health. Allb understands your struggles and difficulties of upbringing a kid. That’s why they have introduced such monitors that can ensure your child safety and well being.

allb baby breathing monitor


  • Monitors crucial parameters
  • Provides real-time information
  • Captures 22 different symptoms
  • Contains cloud storage
  • Ability to get community support
  • Non-toxic elements
  • Resistant to water

Monitoring Baby’s Vital

You can see plenty of devices on the market that works by monitoring baby pulse rate only. Allb has taken your baby safety to the next level. It keeps track of diverse baby’s vitals. It notices baby breathing, breathing pattern, position and skin temperature.

Other than these essential details, it also monitors a cough, runny nose, fever and other secondary level details. All these parameters can make you aware of your baby’s health. It can also assist you in improving their sleeping routine. Imagine your baby waking up repeatedly due to cold or too hot temperature? Other baby breathing monitors would alert you of your baby crying. This Allb device will guide you about skin temperature prior time.

In this way, you can adjust the problem without disturbing your baby sleep. This monitor will also send alert notifications on your mobile. It will make an audible sound if this device finds your baby breathing inappropriately. Allb has integrated intelligent monitoring and tracking systems to make it more efficient. It won’t let any baby going out of breath without letting the parent know about it.

Analyze sleep pattern

Have you ever thought of a device informing about the actual cause of your baby’s slow growth? As a parent, you get tons of comments about your baby’s health every day. They can either be from your close relatives or from pushy strangers too. Besides irritating, they make you feel down also when you can’t figure out the actual reason behind.

This Allb baby breathing monitor highlights different aspects of your baby’s health after comparison. It tells you if your baby has taken recommended hours of sleep. It doesn’t make criticizing comments, yet give valuable suggestions to make your baby comfortable. The significant growth process occurs during our sleep. It is thus very crucial for young kids to have proper sleep. Allb monitor gives you a customized sleep pattern to identify your baby’s growth.

Data sharing and community help

For working and busy mothers, Allb has brought another solution that can ease up their work. A single person cannot keep full track of baby’s vitals while doing other engaging tasks. This baby breathing monitor allows you to share baby details with other people as well.

You can involve grandparents or any other guardian to assist you in baby monitoring. Moreover, Allb also stores your baby data using cloud storage for future concerns. It also guides you about health provider in case you are a new parent and have no proper guidance.


  • You can monitor multiple kids using a single
  • Despite giving raw data, it processes it and delivers useful information.
  • It allows your family members as well to monitor a baby and communicate with you in this regard.
  • Though it is wearable, its medical grade components are entirely safe for your baby.
  • It alerts you if the baby is sleeping in an improper position that can cause SIDS.


  • You can’t communicate with your baby using this baby breathing monitor.
  • It doesn’t work with Wi-Fi.


A remarkable achievement you can make in your life is bringing up a healthy child but it involves substantial hard work. You need to continually check if your baby’s weight, health, and sleep patterns are healthy or not? The list doesn’t end here. Another vital checklist is to monitor if your baby is breathing while sleeping or not. Many people might not bother, but it is important to keep checking your baby from time to time. There are many cases when a baby dies just because of suffocating by a stuffed toy. There are many other horrible cases too.

In this write-up, we have reviewed an essential device for parents i.e. breathing monitors. We have chosen the best items to review while composing our list of baby breathing monitors. Different products come with specific benefits and shortcomings. Every product is suitable for particular users while not satisfying for others. In this way, we can’t say any product as the best for everyone. However, we have found the Cocoon Cam & Baby Breathing Monitor particularly helpful for parents. It is because it allows you to get data as well as have a full sight of your baby.

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