The Best Portable Projector with Speakers

Projectors are very supportive devices when it comes to displaying images/videos. They not only help in conducting your conferences successfully but also add more fun to your joyous events. With the passage of time, their uses are increasing tremendously, and so are their models.

We can see various types of portable projectors available in the market. They majorly differ in their sizes, technology, and other characteristics. The basic purpose is to provide convenience and easy movability. The portable projector is a very helpful tool among all other categories of projectors. In today’s world, we don’t need to explain the importance of movability for any tool. We all are fully aware of its significances.

Thus, you can expect a great amount of ease if you become successful in purchasing the best portable projector. However, it is not that simple task. You need to have sound knowledge of its basic attributes. In this post, we will review our top pick portable projectors along with their briefing guide. All these portable projectors aim to provide ease of use to its customers.

Our Pick 

UO Smart Beam Laser

It is compatible with multiple modern devices 

Comes with human-eye safe laser

Wireless connectivity

It does not come with tripod stand



Comes with 360 degrees rotating stand

It comes with USB-C

Possesses built-in battery

You need to point remote right in front of the projector in order to perform any operation


UO Smart Beam LaserOur Pick

This portable projector is highly functional as well as innovative. Unlike other projectors, it contains laser technology that is completely safe for humans. FDA registration is proof of this feature. It further frees users from adjusting focus with it an auto-focus feature. What else you should expect? It is a collection of all attributes that can make your projector using experience the easiest one.

UO best portable projector


  • 1280 x 720HD resolution
  • Contains class 1 laser
  • Comes with human-eye safe laser
  • FDA registered
  • Contains wireless connectivity
  • Comes equipped with a battery
  • Offers extensive connectivity
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio

Laser technology

The feature worth mentioning about this best portable projector is its laser technology. It is the first portable projector that comes equipped with laser technology. What’s more? It is safe for human eyes as well. It is also FDA registered and CES awarded. With laser technology, it brings one amazing benefit. It frees you up from adjusting focus repeatedly. Rather, the projector will do it on its own. All you would need to do is power on your device while streaming required video and play it by a simple operation.


This portable projector comes with certain features that make it highly flexible. One such feature is its connectivity with a number of devices. As it comes with Wifi connection, you can easily fetch data without connecting any wired physically. Moreover, whatsoever type of device you have, connect it with this projector. It plainly welcomes all. Furthermore, its built-in battery and speakers make your task further simple. Play it anywhere without messing around. Its battery would serve you for good two hours. After that, you can enjoy your shows by attaching another power source.

Modernized design

This portable projector is not just functional it is appealing by its looks too. You might have not seen any projector this small and this stylish. It can even give an aesthetic appeal to your office room or any other area.


  • It weighs only 0.43 lbs.
  • It is compatible with almost all modern devices.
  • Its laser is completely safe for human eyes.
  • Its wireless connectivity provides great expediency.
  • You won’t need to adjust focus with this portable projector.


  • It might show the connectivity problem with some gadgets.
  • It doesn’t come with tripod stand.

ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector

We have added this ViewSonic M1 projector is out list majorly because of its flexibility. It comes with certain features like short throw lens, small size, and advanced connectivity. All these traits together make it one of the best portable projector. Moreover, its high-quality speakers spare you from carrying an additional sound system and its cables. Simple assembly, long battery life, and fine image quality are other fortunate things to expect from this device.

viewsonic best portable projector


  • Operational in any room
  • Contains Harman Kardon speakers
  • Comes with 360 degrees rotating stand
  • Contains USB-C connectivity
  • Possesses built-in battery
  • Provides 16 GB internal memory
  • Compact body
  • Provides well-balanced picture


This projector by ViewSonic can provide you entertainment anywhere. It is just not limited to the walls of your classroom or some meeting venue. Rather, it allows you to play your slideshow or videos anywhere. It provides you with portability and flexibility. Imagine you are out camping with friends. How would you feel watching your favorite movie on the big screen there? It would definitely be a memorable experience. But, how about carrying big projectors in your tightly packed luggage? It is a big no of course. However, it is not the case with this palm-sized projector. Its compact size would let you carry it anywhere you want. Besides small size, it also offers a few other features to bestow you with movability. These are its built-in memory. You can now carry your favorite audios/videos inside the projector rather than carrying it in separate storage devices.

Freedom of available area

We all have seen projectors working on spacious halls majorly. It is because these devices require the proper area to display a large picture on some screen. Fortunately, it is not the case now. This best portable projector M1 comes with a short throw lens feature. You can see the screen as big as 100 inches at the distance of just 8 or 9 feet. It means now the size of your classroom doesn’t matter at all. You are going to enjoy the projector facility there as well.


Another major reason for adding this device in our top pick of the portable projectors is its convenience. We have noticed many attributes that are present just to save your time and give easiness. These characteristics are plain setup, versatile connectivity, revolving stand, and few others.


  • You can play it anywhere because of its built-in battery and small size.
  • Its 16GB memory allows you to carry your favorite audios/videos with you.
  • As its stand is rotatable at 360 degrees, you can project an image at any wall of the room.
  • It comes with USB-C. It means it is compatible with a wide variety of ports.


  • You would need to point remote right in front of the projector in order to perform any operation.
  • You might feel problem in leveling image due to its integrated stand.

Nebula Mars Lite Portable Cinema

We have picked this Nebula Mars device as the best portable projector. The trait that forced us to do this is obviously its portability. Besides, it offers a nice battery with adequate viewing time. What else we can expect from this device? It is the flexible connectivity, incredible picture, loud sound, and easy setup.

Nebula best portable projector


  • High-resolution image
  • Improved contrast
  • Exceptional battery
  • Connectivity with different resources
  • Provides quick focus
  • Comes with powerful speakers
  • Comes with 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Contains 1.2 throw ratio

Crisp image and powerful sound

This device is a product of Nebula Mars that is a sub-category of Anker. What is worth mentioning about this brand? It is its remarkable quality and pioneering features. This is what you can see in this best portable projector as well. The manufacturers have made its body considerably small in size to ensure its portability. However, despite the size, its performance is still quite noteworthy. It provides an outstanding image with amazing contrast. It delivers a contrast ratio of 1000:1 to guarantee cinema like output. So now, you can now establish your own theatre at home with this small gadget. But, what about it’s audio? You won’t need to compromise on it as well. This Nebula Mars projector delivers brilliant sound results. Basically, this portable projector is not going to leave any stone unturned to provide you full entertainment.

Quick autofocus

You must have seen many projectors taking a good amount of time providing adequate results. It can seriously be annoying to wait for perfect focus. The situation can be worse when you are going to give some important presentation. The uncooperative behavior of projector can make you even more nervous. Well, this won’t happen with this one best portable projector. It will focus image as soon as you adjust it. It may take maximum one second for its Autofocus feature to provide the final output.

Wide-ranging connectivity

In this world of countless devices, the portable projector is one that you can connect with numerous devices. Fortunately, this device is one of them. With its other benefits, it also provides connectivity with USB, HDMI, and others.


  • You can use it to play any type of video without worrying about its quality.
  • With its remarkable speakers, you wouldn’t have to attach a separate sound system.
  • Its battery provides three hours of play time.
  • With its high resolution, you can get amazing cinema like results.


  • It doesn’t come with a wireless connection feature.
  • The projector can give a good image result in dim light conditions only.
  • It doesn’t come with the option to adjust images.

Kodak Wireless Wifi Portable Projector

This projector in our list is Kodak product. Who is not familiar with this American brand? This adorable looking projector offers huge versatility. The most significant feature of this device is its Wi-Fi connectivity. But, it is not going to stop here. It comes with compatibility with a great number of devices. Easy setup and incredible output are some more benefits.

kodak best portable projector


  • Provides wireless connectivity
  • Fits perfectly in your palm
  • Remarkable output in the low light atmosphere
  • Contains 1.5W speakers
  • Compatible with a variety of gadgets
  • Easy set-up
  • displays colors enriched images

Amazing façade

We found the appearance of this best portable projector worth mentioning. It is not only significantly small in size. It is delightful too. Though the beautiful appearance of projector won’t matter to all, what’s bad in getting nice looking gadget? Anyhow, with its perfect palm-sized body, you can take it anywhere you want. With this feature, space issues are not going to destroy your movie plans with friends or family. Moreover, it comes with a tripod stand too. It means you can now literally place it anywhere. The stand is there to manage its height and stability issues.

Present-day devices compatibility

Imagine you are planning to watch a movie at the campsite during some exploration trip. At the last moment, you realize your projector isn’t compatible with available devices. How would it feel? The manufacturers of this best portable projector understand your feelings. That’s why they have made this projector compatible with all the latest devices including iOS and Android. It accepts input from HDMI, USB, and MicroUSB as well.

Plain mechanism

Unlike previous projectors, its procedure is quite simple. It contains Wifi connectivity. It means you can play anything without fighting with long cables. Moreover, operating this projector is also easy. It contains a simple menu with buttons. Just press them and you are set to go.


  • With its tripod stand, you can adjust its altitude and steadiness.
  • Its wireless connectivity will spare you from tangling cables.
  • It displays sharp and clearer images.
  • The projector provides an incredible gaming experience.
  • It is very light in weight.


  • It doesn’t come with a carrying
  • You won’t get remarkable image results in a bright

Magnasonic Wi-Fi Mini Video Projector

This projector by Magnasonic comes with Wifi connectivity. With this attribute, it offers convenience that is a need of today’s world. Moreover, wide connectivity, easy setup, incredible output, and built-in speakers are other benefits. These are all reasons for picking this item up as a top projector.

magnasonic best portable projector


  • Comes with easy set-up
  • Displays till 80 inches images
  • provides 854 x 480 resolution
  • Comes with a contrast ratio of 400:1
  • Gives connectivity with Android devices
  • Contains built-in speakers
  • Comes with included battery

Extensive connectivity

The biggest problem anyone might feel with the projector is connectivity. Previously, people used to attach long cables to play their required show. These all efforts may end up into tangled wires that can be super annoying. In order to handle this problem, this best portable projector offers wide-spread connectivity. The top of them is its Wifi feature. You can simply take data from your Android devices using a wireless connection. However, you would need to get some adaptor for fetching data from Apple devices.

Fixed audio system

Another worth mentioning feature of this best portable projector is its built-in speakers. It comes with two speakers and 3.5 mm headphones jack. This attribute spares you from attaching external speakers for personal use. However, you would need to do so in order to listen to audio on a large scale.

Plug & Play mechanism

With the help of this best portable projector, you can take your enjoyment to the next level. The old concept of projectors has just gone. Modern projectors are very simple to use. Carry them easily to your required destination with their small size. Power them on with their built-in battery. Stream required videos from a smartphone through a wireless connection. Play them by pressing a few simple buttons and here you go.


  • With its built-in battery, you can play it everywhere.
  • Its small size provides the convenience of carrying it with you.
  • Its wireless connectivity feature eliminates the trouble of linking wires.
  • It is fairly light in weight.


  • Its built-in battery gives only 1.5 running hours.
  • You won’t be able to see font less than 12 using this projector.
  • You would need to attach external speakers if you want to play audio for a large number of audience.

Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to discuss some important aspects that you should consider before purchasing projectors. Reading them will assist you in getting the best portable projector.

Here one thing you should remember is we are going to discuss buying guide for portable projectors. They are usually smaller in size. Therefore, you would have to compromise on its few features as compared to their bigger counterparts.

Amount of portability

It is the most important thing you should look for in your best portable projector. It is because there are a number of such devices available in the market. However, you would have to decide how much portability you need.

Few portable projectors are small enough that you can put them in your hand carry easily. However, it may be difficult for you to hold them in your hand all the time. There is another portable projector category that can actually stay in your hand. They are more or less like your cellphones. You can easily roam around while holding them.

You should remember that portability would bring with it a few restrictions too. Therefore, it is you who will choose about its movability.

best portable projector3


It is another factor that should take place in your checklist before purchasing a best portable projector. For small devices, the rule goes like the brighter projector gives better results. Generally, it should be enough bright to give a fine wide image on a diagonal size of 24 inches.

Contrast ratio

This factor shows the contrast between the white and black areas. It shows what ratio your projector will provide for brightest and darkest areas. It depicts how exact or clearer graphics the projector will present.

Screen resolution

It refers to the number of pixels that your projector would display. The higher the resolution the clearer image would appear. For normal projectors, the resolution ranges are quite high. Yet, you should keep this fact in mind that portable projector won’t offer as high resolutions as bigger devices provide. You have to trade off their small size with their higher resolutions. In case, higher resolution is still your topmost priority, you can check our selected portable projectors. Few of them offer a good amount of resolution despite their smaller size.

best portable projector2

Mode of connection

How would you connect your projector with other devices in order to fetch your data? It is kind of the most important question in today’s world. The reason is the versatility of devices. You should need to check if your projector offers easy and wide connectivity or not. In our list of portable projectors, you can see a number of projectors with extensive or universal connectivity feature.


Many portable projectors also come with built-in speakers. Few of them are nominal while others are able to shake your whole room. You should also see for this feature, especially in portable projectors. It is because having built-in speakers can add a lot to your convenience.

Besides these features, you can check for other parameters as well. These are battery running time, Wifi, tripod stand, and other additional features.

best portable projector4


Portable projectors are amazing devices when it comes to mobile display. You can set up your kind of transportable screen anywhere you want. It can be particularly helpful for those businessmen who travel a lot. Moreover, adventure lovers can also enjoy it by establishing their screens anywhere under the open sky.

Despite all the benefits, it is not simple to get the maximum benefit from these devices. It is because many people fail in acquiring the best portable projector for themselves. They don’t know the traits they should consider while purchasing them.

This post aims to solve this problem to some extent. We have reviewed a few top picked portable projectors here. We hope it would help you in identifying the best option. If we are to choose the best among them, it will be UO Smart Beam Laser Portable Projector. The major reason behind is its innovation. Its auto-focusing, compact body, compatibility, resolution, and user-friendly design are other worthy features.

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