The Best Wifi Dimmer Switch

Wifi dimmer switch is the revamped version of old-style dimmers. Normally, a common man wouldn’t think that something as insignificant as dimmers would need Wifi connectivity. But those of us familiar with the way some Wifi-enabled things can work together would surely understand. There’s a new field of science known as the Internet of Things, and if every device in your house is connected to the other, then working around can be made easy.

I came across 4 of the best Wifi dimmer switches, and I reviewed them all. I took into account criteria such as wattage limit, durability, customer service, customer satisfaction rate, and overall quality of the brand.

Our Pick 

Philips Hue

Can take control of up to 50 different outlets

Installation is made very easy and trivial

Works with Alexa, you can control lights with your voice

Without the hub, the product will connect to up to 10 different outlets




Works with Alexa for voice control

Easily set schedules and timers

Does not need the hub to work

Does not have a very good Wi-Fi range 


Take a look for yourself at the dimmer switch list!

Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch by Philips Hue Our Pick

Philips is perhaps one of the world’s most renowned brands when it comes to electrical equipment. This smart Wifi dimmer switch is all you need to be able to control your lights and fans from the comfort of your living room. It featured remote access, a strong Wifi signal, flexibility, easy installation, and a whole lot of diversity in one dimmer.

philips wifi dimmer switch


  • Battery powered switch.
  • Allows you to take complete control.
  • Can control up to 50 lights with just one switch.
  • Easy to install and remove.

Allows You To Take Control:

The Philips Hue Smart Wifi Dimmer Switch makes you feel like you’re the boss. After all, only you get to tell your lights how to function. The switch is a complete upgrade from the lower end products in the market. With this, you can control the Wifi signals as much as you want. And this will help in reducing the lights and dimming them.

philips wifi dimmer switch2

Flexible Control:

The Philips switch allows you to control up to 50 different lights and fans, making sure that you have limitless connections to the switch. This is a great feature for anyone looking to connect multiple outlets to the Philips Dimmer. However, this requires a hub. Without the hub, the dimmer only works on 10 products. I found this to be slightly an inconvenience, but it is definitely not too bad.

Easy Installation:

The one thing I love so much about this product is the easy installation. The switch can be mounted on the switchboard with ease, and the installation and setup are extremely easy and trivial. You can also install this Wifi dimmer switch via the included screws or by adhesive tape. I feel that the amount of diversity and flexibility in the installation provides for a wide range of options for the user.


  • The battery-powered switch doesn’t need a power connection.
  • Saves up tons of electricity bills and insurance.
  • Does not overheat or lose capacity.
  • Keeps everything under control.
  • Can take control of up to 50 different outlets.
  • Can be bolted via screws, or can be taped to the wall.
  • Installation is made very easy and trivial. Does not even require a user’s manual to set up the Wifi dimmer switch.


  • Requires a hub. Without the hub, the product will only connect to up to 10 different outlets.

Dimmer Light Switch by Wemo Runner-up

I recommend the Wemo Wifi Dimmer Switch for those who use Amazon Alexa. This product works best with unjust about any house assistant, but the Alexa is more optimized for the Wemo. Personally, I didn’t think that the Wemo was any different from the other products on our list. It provided equally tremendous customer service and qualitative items right to your doorstep. If you live in a small apartment or a house, I would suggest the Wemo to you.

wemo wifi dimmer switch


  • Schedule your dimmer and put a timer on it.
  • Can be controlled from anywhere. Does not require a hub.
  • Can be set to a low light night mode for overnight use.
  • Zero flickering in the lights. Best dimming capacity.

Does Not Need A Hub:

The Wemo Wifi Dimmer Switch does not require a hub to work. Mostly, these dimmers require hubs so that the dimmer can work properly on across platforms. However, this also creates an inconvenience, since these hubs are bought separately and can go faulty in an instant. The Wemo requires none of that. So you feel zero inconveniences when using the dimmer.

Night Mode:

The dimmer manufactured by Wemo can be used in “night mode”. This is a low light mode which dims all the lights connected to the dimmer, so you can get a fast and easy sleep while also have enough light to see across the room. It makes a great night light, especially for couples.

Zero Flickering:

Normally, when dimming the bulbs, they may start flickering or malfunctioning. This is a common defect found in most modern-day dimmers. However, the Wemo Wifi Dimmer Switch provides a smooth transition from bright to low, so that there is zero flickering and your lights never interrupt your sleep or rest. This is a great upgrade from other useless products which don’t even put any effort into stopping the flickering.


  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other house assistants.
  • Does not need a hub to work. Portable and longer lasting.
  • Directly connects to over 50 different bulbs and appliances.
  • Does not flicker or malfunction the lights.
  • Does not cause power outages or short circuits
  • Works in Night Mode to reduce the light’s intensity all-round the house at night.


  • Does not have a very good Wifi range.
  • May take more time and effort to connect to the devices.

Moes Wifi Dimmer Switch

If you’ve already tried a few dimmer brands, you’ll know Moes. This is one of the top ranking companies out there with the best dimmers in the world. You can connect the Moes Wifi Dimmer Switch to the Wifi easily and can schedule to turn on and off when you’re away from home. It’s that easy. I recommend it best for its features and customer service.

moes wifi dimmer switch


  • Can be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through the Wifi.
  • Wide wattage range. 400W incandescent, 150W CFL, and 150W LED.
  • Can be scheduled so you can turn your dimmer on and off while you’re away from home.
  • Lifetime warranty with a money-back

Wide Wattage Range:

The Moes Smart Wifi Dimmer Switch has a special wattage range which works with most types of bulbs and tube lights. For incandescent bulbs the limit is 400W. For CFL and modern style LED lights, the limit extends up to 150W. This is a great range since most modern bulbs and lights fit the maxima. If you really feel up to it, you can use it on tube lights as well, although I don’t know well it might work on those.

Scheduled Dimming:

Suppose you’re out and you want to schedule the lights to dim at a certain time. With the Moes Smart Wifi Dimmer, all of that is made so impel and easy. This product allows you to schedule the dimmer so that it can dim and brighten the lights in the house at any given time automatically. It can even line up with the sunset or sunrise.

Lifetime Warranty and Refund:

The Moes Smart Wifi Dimmer Switch features a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that even if the dimmer stops working, you can be sure to get your money back and/or get a full replacement.


  • Can be used on incandescent bulbs as high as 400W, and LED and CFL bulbs as high as 150 W.
  • Can be scheduled to dim at a specific time.
  • Lifetime warranty plus 100% refund.
  • Very easy installation and setup.
  • Can connect to Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • The switch is larger than what you might expect.

Leviton DW6HD-1BZ

Leviton is the forerunner when it comes to making innovative devices that certainly have prolonged life and great experience. Keeping this vision in mind, the Leviton Decora can be safely termed as one of the best Wifi dimmer switches that money can buy. It is a durable product to provide a stable experience that people can have with WiFi Dimmers. It enables users to control several residences, devices and electrical outlets with just the click of a button.

leviton wifi dimmer switch


  • Users can control a great part of their home.
  • The Leviton Smart Wi-Fi does not require any hub
  • Installation is very simple.
  • The Leviton app makes it easy to use.

Use Your Voice To Control Your Home:

You can integrate your Decora Smart WiFi dimmer switch with Amazon Alexa for smart use. Controlling your home just gets a lot more convenient. You can just use your voice to simply control electric devices and lights. It can be of great convenience to users who feel it is quite cumbersome to physically do the job of controlling these devices.

A Hub-less WiFi Dimmer Switch:

One of the best and most convenient features that Leviton Decora has is that it is hub-less. The Wi-Fi Dimmer does not require any hubs, gateways or external controllers. It can conveniently perform basic tasks such as switching devices on or off. So, the Leviton Decora stays safe and functioning even if a hub in the house fails.

The App Comes In Handy:

The Leviton Wifi Dimmer Switch provides users with a set of apps which are readily available for use with the device. The app makes it convenient to simply take control of your home via your phone. The app features a great and easy interface that makes it easy to use and operate.


  • The device can be integrated with other smart devices, making them highly versatile.
  • It can connect up to 20 residences and even connect up to 100
  • The installation of the device is very easy and takes minimal effort.
  • Leviton ships the Decora Smart Wi-Fi with a 5-year warranty
  • It does not depend on an external gateway or hub to operate.


  • There are connection issues and bugs that exist within the firmware but are minute and negligible.


The world has seen so much innovation in recent times. Even light dimmer switches have gotten the full upgrade. You know what they say; it’s the era of digitization. And if you don’t catch up, then you’ll be left behind.

For us, our top 4 picks helped us find out the true potential behind Wifi dimmer switches. However, one product, in particular, stood out. I loved the Philips Hue Smart Dimmer for its ease-of-use and quality. There were just so many features that I couldn’t choose our favorite part.

But I recommend that you try all of the Wifi dimmer switches on our list. Don’t forget to try out your own brands, especially the ones you’ve had good experiences with. Nevertheless, our top 4 picks will certainly not disappoint you. And if they do, then you can always get your money back!

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