The Best Window Washing Robot – 5 robots reviewed

You don’t need to dread the messy process of window cleaning anymore. Automatic Robot Window cleaners have made our lives quite easier. There is no point in using a ladder and sponge to do the cleaning. Window washing robot takes less time and energy to clean the windows. You are able to clean hard to reach areas and dangerous locations. The best window washing robot comes with AI technology to detect obstacles and edges.

Our Pick 


Powerful vacuum motor

Suitable for any surface

Auto detection of edges and obstacles

Automatically stops after cleaning

Leaves stripes on the window



Very quiet

Covers a large area

Three cleaning modes

Has multiple safety features to prevent it from falling

Takes a little time to get used to



Let’s take a look at how the window washing robot can get you a sparkling clean window to enjoy the view.

HOBOT-268 Window Cleaner RobotOur Pick

HOBOT-268 Window cleaner gives you optimal performance. This device makes it quite easier for you to clean the windows of your house. This window washing robot becomes your best companion when it comes to having sparkling clean windows.

hobot window washing robot


  • Artificial Intelligent Technology
  • Safety Rope
  • Anti-fall capabilities
  • Auto-detection of edges and obstacles.
  • Remote Control
  • Long Power Cord
  • Automatically stops after cleaning
  • 3-window cleaning patterns
  • Embedded UPS

Artificial Intelligence Technology

HOBOT-268 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot makes window cleaning a lot easier due to its Artificial Intelligence Technology. This feature allows it to clean the window on its own. All you need to do it to choose the setting with the remote control. Just in 2.5 minutes, the window cleaner prevents the stains and spots.

This unique feature lets the window cleaner to detect the edges and obstacles. The laser sensor of the cleaners helps it to sense the edges of the windows. You don’t have to control it manually. It comes with intelligent sensors that automatically allow it to deal with difficult situations.

Powerful Vacuum Motor

This Window washing robot comes with a powerful vacuum motor. This motor lets the cleaner stay firm and secures on any surface. The powerful suction of the motor promotes powerful cleaning and gets rid of all the dirt and grimes from different types of surface.

Long Power Cord

The long power cord of the window cleaner is 4 meters long. It allows you to clean windows that are high and hard-to-reach. You don’t need to use a ladder to clean such windows. Moreover, the embedded UPS system keeps the window cleaner in position for 20 minutes.

3-window Cleaning Patterns:

The 3- window cleaning patterns knock off the dirt from the windows. With just a click of a button, you are able to get crystal clean windows. You don’t need to scrub the windows hard and tire your arms. You can conveniently choose from the 3 different cleaning patterns.

That’s not all. . . It allows you to change the cleaning patterns with remote control. You can also control the automatic window cleaner with an app.


  • This automatic window cleaner is suitable for any surface.
  • Al technology lets the window cleaner to detect the edges of the windows.
  • The long power cord gives you the flexibility of cleaning hard-to-reach places.
  • It allows you to clean the dirtiest spots of the window with the powerful vacuum motor.
  • The built-in UPS is an uninterrupted power supply.


  • It leaves stripes and streaks on the window.
  • You’ll have to babysit the device.

Elfbot Robot Window CleanerRunner-up

The Elfbot Robot Window Cleaner is one of my top picks for the best Window washing robots because of it has a no collision frame design. This helps to increase the surface that this robot can cover without leaving any areas uncovered. This window cleaner works equally well with framed or frame-less windows. You can even use it to clean your shower stall glass, sliding glass doors or anything else that you may find it suitable for.

elfbot window washing robot


  • Covers a large area
  • Very quiet
  • Intelligent operation
  • Elastic safety rope and suction cup
  • Power indication
  • Three cleaning modes

Quiet operation

The Elfbot Robot Window Cleaner is very quiet and has a working sound of less than 65dB. This means that you no longer have to worry about having to set up your window cleaner at a time when it disturbs the least amount of people because it produces absolutely no noise.

The noise is essentially lower than that of most vacuum cleaners. It can work very fast and can clean 1 square meter in 2.8 minutes. This can help you cover large areas of windows in the least amount of time and that too without any significant noise pollution.

Intelligent Operation

This window cleaning robot can be operated by a variety of ways. It has a single button on the window cleaner itself, and can even be controlled using the remote control that comes with the device. This helps you have better control over the window cleaner and makes sure that you get to clean them more efficiently. It even has a brushless motor that makes the Elfbot a much better window cleaner.

Safety Features

Safety features of the Elfbot Robot include its advanced vacuum technology with a 2800Pa vacuum motor that makes sure that the robot is safely attached to the glass. It even has a backup power system that makes sure that your Robot doesn’t fall off the window if it runs out of power. The backup battery keeps the robot attached to the window safely for about 30 minutes.

What’s more? Well, it even has n elastic safety rope and a suction cup that can be attached to the wall and helps to prevent a fall of the robot. It even features smart indicators that alert you if the Elfbot Robot is in perfect working condition, running low on battery or if the device is in battery failure. This helps you to be more prepared to take your Elfbot back inside and charge it before you set it to clean any more windows.


  • Has multiple safety features that prevent it from falling
  • It has smart inductor lights that alert you when the robot is running low on battery
  • Works quietly
  • Doesn’t fall-off in case of power failure.
  • Works to cover a large surface area in a very limited amount of time.


  • Takes a little time to get used to.

Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner

Gladwell Gecko window washing robot makes window cleaning a bliss. You don’t have to dread cleaning the dirty windows of your house. It allows you to clean hard to reach areas with ease. Not only you are able to get sparkle clean windows, but you can also get the edge to edge cleaning.

gladwell window washing robot


  • App powered window washing robot
  • Manual modes for ease of use
  • Safety Rope
  • Anti-fall technology
  • LED-indicator
  • 3-automatic cleaning path options
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Magnetic automated window cleaner
  • Washable microfiber pads
  • Suction technology for deep cleaning

Anti-Fall Technology

Gladwell window washing robot comes with an innovative design. It possesses an anti-fall technology that makes it stick to the window effectively. You don’t have to worry about the window cleaner dropping down. It comes with a safety rope that makes it possible for you to prevent it from falling. You don’t need to worry about any damage because the anti-fall technology prevents it from crashing on the floor.

3-Automatic Cleaning path Options

The advanced intelligence feature of this window washing robot ensures that your window is sparkling clean. It offers you 3-automatic cleaning patterns. You are able to clean the windows without putting any streaks and marks. The cleaning patterns help you get rid of dirt and dust.

The best thing is you don’t have to climb up the ladder to clean your windows. It lets you clean the windows from edge-to-edge. Moreover, you don’t have to hire window cleaning experts to clean your windows and save you the cost.

Washable Microfiber Pads

Gladwell Gecko window washing robot comes with microfiber pads. These pads make it convenient to give you spotless window cleaning. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about damaging your windows. They ensure that there is no stain of water left on the window.

In addition, the microfiber pads are easy to maintain. You can easily wash them off after using them. Before using them to clean your windows, ensure that they are properly cleaned. You don’t want to leave streaks on the windows.


  • It comes with a 3-automatic cleaning process that enables ease of cleaning.
  • You get a 100% cleaning satisfaction with the intuitive technology.
  • This window washing robot comes with washable microfiber pads. They are easy to maintain.
  • 1-year hassle-free warranty
  • It helps you clean hard-to-reach areas and gives you edge-to-edge cleaning.
  • This automatic window cleaner comes with manual modes and app power controlled modes.


  • Not suitable to clean windows of high rise buildings.
  • It needs to be plugged in an electrical power outlet.

AlfaWise WIN660 Robot

Window cleaning does not have to be a hazardous task anymore. Nowadays, window washing robot cleaners have made window cleaning a lot more convenient. AlfaWise WIN660 window washing robot comes with extraordinary features that help you clean your windows without any hazard. This window cleaner allows you to clean hard to reach areas of the windows. Without straining you, it gives you fast and easy cleaning.

alfawise window washing robot


  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Continuous cleaning power
  • A/C Power Adaptor
  • Power Cord
  • Large Cleaning Pad
  • Anti-drop algorithm
  • Versatile Window Cleaner
  • Backup battery feature
  • Powerful Motor suction
  • App control

Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI works amazingly in this window washing robot. Alfawise window washing robot has the ability to avoid obstacles and bumpy areas. They come with a sensor that tells them to prevent awkward positions. Moreover, the sensors of the cleaner allow it to choose the most appropriate cleaning pattern. It is also able to detect the size of the window and clean windows with a large surface area.

Versatile Window Cleaner

There are some window cleaners that are only meant for glass window cleaning. You cannot use them to clean wipe off the dirt from wood or marble but it is not the case with AlfaWise WIN660. This window cleaning robot is a versatile window cleaner. You can even use it to clean the tiles of your bathroom. It has the ability to clean glass, marble and wooden surface areas. What more do you want?

Large Cleaning Pad

This is another significant feature of this window washing robot. The large cleaning pad allows you to efficiently knock off the dirt and grimes. It allows the machine to clean 2.5 minutes/ meters. This makes the window cleaner quite convenient to clean large windows. It is also suitable to clean the windows of commercial building and shopping malls.

3- Automatic cleaning modes.

This window cleaner comes with 3-different automatic cleaning modes. These modes are N-mode, Z-mode, and N-Z mode. You can conveniently clean all the dirt and grimes from your window. With just a click of a button, you are able to choose the mode and wipe off the dirt.


  • It comes with a strong power suction motor that gives you exceptional cleaning speed.
  • You are able to control the cleaning operation of the window cleaner with remote control.
  • This is a small and light-weight window cleaner that is easy for you to control.
  • 3-automatic cleaning modes give you quick and efficient cleaning.
  • The advanced artificial intelligence makes it easier for you to clean hard-to-reach areas.


  • It leaves small stains and streaks on the window.


Last but not least. . . The ECOVAS Winbot W950 is my last pick for this list of the best Window washing robots. Why is that? This is because it works equally well on any glass surface that you can think of including but not limited to framed or frame-less windows, sliding glass doors, shower stall glass, and other glass surfaces. It cleans them efficiently with minimal noise and buzzing.

The cleaner barely produces sound louder than that of a vacuum cleaner. It has a sound of only 62dB. This means that you can enjoy a conversation with your family or friends while your Winbot W950 cleans your windows for you.

ecovacs window washing robot


  • Works on framed and frame-less windows
  • Knows not to go over the edge
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Reaches new heights
  • Highly efficient

Over the edge

The ECOVAS has previously manufactured a robot that helped to make sure that it detects edges and it doesn’t go over the stairs. This technology has been added to the Winbot W950. This helps this robot detect the edge and prevents it from falling over. Moreover, this helps to protect and keep it safe from falling from heights. Now, all you have to do to have your windows gleaming spotless is to turn on the Winbot W950 with the touch of a button.

Takes you to new heights

The ECOVAS Winbot W950 can be used with a 16-foot extension Rod to reach all the hard to reach places that are the dirtiest and are bound to keep you up at night. This helps you get to places that you could otherwise reach only with a ladder. It makes sure that your windows are clear and clean at all times. It helps to clean all the high rise windows and the ones that are hard to reach.

High Efficiency

The W950 is highly efficient and finds the most efficient cleaning path to take when cleaning your windows. It also includes safety measures that make sure that the robot doesn’t fall off the windows. This is ensured by way of powerful suction that keeps the robot attached to the window, a battery backup that keeps the suction running for a while after the main battery runs out and a safety tether that keeps the robot anchored in case both batteries run out.

It even has a four-stage cleaning system that features a 4-side microfiber cloth. This cloth works like a squeegee and ensures the greatest coverage possible.


  • Can work on a variety of glass surfaces
  • Highly efficient
  • 4-stage cleaning system makes sure that you have the cleanest windows.
  • Works very quietly and makes sure that you can enjoy yourself while the Winbot works for you.


  • The pads tend to get cruddy very fast
  • Drifts, it is unable to move parallel to the ground


An efficient window cleaner reduces your daily household chores. You don’t have to do vigorous rubbing to get rid of stain and spots. You can choose the window cleaner that serves your purpose. If you need to clean small windows, a light-weight window cleaner would be the best choice for you. For large window cleaning, you’ll require a powerful window washing robot.

Now it’s time to declare a winner. For me, HOBOT-268 Window Cleaner is the best choice. The robot cleaner lets you clean domestic and commercial area windows. It is easy for you to set up, use, and maintain. Moreover, it is safe to use and cost-effective. The embedded UPS system gives it a built-in power supply to stays on the window for 20 minutes and gives you an alert.

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