The Best Wireless Door Lock

It is no secret that many important parts of our lives depend on technology nowadays. Home security is no exception to this. Furthermore, with more sophisticated ways of home invasions on the rise, homeowners need to be prepared at all times. That is where wireless door lock comes in.

These locks work on the same principle as a conventional door lock. However, they are optimized to work with day-to-day technology. A good wireless door lock not only works as a typical lock but also a smart home security assistant. But with the overwhelming number of products on the market, it is easy for new buyers to feel confused. Sometimes the companies also make it sound like wireless door locks are too fancy for regular homeowners.

However, we are here to dispel any such thoughts that you may have. Through extensive research, we have come up with a list of our favorite wireless door locks. No need to worry about struggling through tons of information now. With this guide, you will know exactly what you need to know, to find the best wireless door lock for your home.

Our Pick 


Works with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

Simple intallation

24/7 door surveillance with the memory log 

Some problems with connecting



5-in-1 advanced locking and unlocking system

Long battery life

Remotely operate and manage through the mobile app

Does not have ANSI certification yet


August Smart Lock ProOur Pick

It is impossible to talk about home security without talking about August. They have released a series of products including doorbell cameras along with the smart locks. This elegantly designed device is simple and never seems out of place. It can be used with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. You simply have to speak to lock your door.

august wireless door lock


  • Compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Simple DIY installation
  • 24/7 door surveillance with a memory log
  • Can be installed over deadbolts
  • Compatible with smart home assistants
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • Auto locking and unlocking

Easy Installation

The best thing about this smart lock is the simple DIY installation. It comes with easy to understand instructions and should not take you more than 10 minutes to install yourself and all you will need is a screwdriver. Once the Smart Lock Pro is installed into place make sure you go through with the Doorsense Calibration which is crucial for the system to work correctly.

You can install this over most existing deadbolts, which means that in case of a power failure you will still are able to use your door as you would normally. It is important to note however that it will not work with a mortise, rim cylinder or interconnected locks.

Vigilant Even in Your Absence

The added benefit of Smart Lock Pro is the fact that you will never have to worry about whether you locked the doors or not. And not only will it lock the door behind you when you leave but it will also unlock if as you approach. This is great because no one likes fumbling for keys when they are carrying piles of stuff.

With 24/7 activity feed, you can always know who is coming and going and at what time. It is a great wireless door lock if you want to keep track of your kids’ curfew timings. In case you are out of town you can decide who gets access to your door and for how long and because you can do it remotely means you never have to worry about losing the keys and work getting delayed because of that.


  • Exceptionally easy installation can save you labor costs
  • Lets you view 24-hour logs so you know what went on even when you are asleep or away
  • Detects occupants’ presence inside and outside the house
  • Voice activated and automatic unlocking and locking makes it self-sufficient and reliable
  • Mobile connectivity gives you control even when you are away
  • The sleek design fits into any home


  • Requires additional purchases if you want to avail some of the features

Ultraloq UL3 BTRunner-up

The Ultraloq UL3 BT passed most of our tests with flying colors. It uses advanced technology to provide a comprehensive home security solution. So it is not surprising that it is packed with interesting features. But at the same time, it remains true to the real purpose of the wireless door lock.

ultraloq wireless door lock


  • Remotely operate and manage through a mobile app
  • 5-in-1 advanced locking and unlocking system
  • Anti-peep touchpad for maintaining privacy
  • OLED display
  • Reversible door lever
  • Smart interactions with a mobile app to improve usability
  • 1-year battery life with low battery alerts on display and mobile app
  • Waterproof and durable for outdoor usage
  • Hidden slot for a backup key can be used as a last resort

Advanced Locking and Unlocking Features

This wireless door lock makes Wi-Fi compatibility sounds like old news. In addition to being operable through a mobile app, it can also be controlled via Bluetooth. So even if the Wi-Fi is not working properly, you can be sure that your connection with the door lock will not suffer.

As if that is not enough, it comes with its own built-in fingerprint scanner. Now you don’t even have to remember lock codes or open the mobile application. Simply place your finger on the scanner and the Ultraloq will automatically identify you.

Thoughtful Security Features

For the Ultraloq, it is not enough that locking and unlocking are made easy. It also makes sure that you always feel safe. To achieve that, it uses an “anti-peep” touchpad. This means that no stranger can guess you passcode by identifying worn out keys, even after prolonged use.

If you feel unsafe, you can simply add a longer set of random digits. As long as you real passcode is embedded somewhere in this random set, the Ultraloq is smart enough to identify it. On top of all that, smart interactions with the mobile allow you to avoid touching the keypad altogether. These include knocking on the screen or shaking your phone.


  • Provides you with a wide range of options to work with
  • Intuitive mobile phone app and display
  • Auto lock feature makes it safer for home usage
  • Helps prevent possible intrusions through backup security features
  • Reversible door lever makes the installation process more flexible


  • Does not have ANSI certification yet

AKASO Smart Lock

The Akaso Smart Lock makes it to our list simply because of how easy it is to use. The manufacturers realize how much our lives rely on smartphones. The result is a lock that is optimized to work remotely through a simple smartphone app or otherwise. Not only that, but it also caters even to specific user needs, without compromising on security.

akaso wireless door lock


  • Operable through a smartphone app
  • Offer various methods and choice for operation
  • Real-time monitoring of lock usage throughout the day
  • Emergency lock feature for added security
  • Backup battery slot in case primary batteries run out
  • Touchscreen keypad
  • Built-in with security alerts and low battery tunes

So Many Options

One of the most attractive features of this wireless door lock is how convenient it is to use. You can use four different methods to lock or unlock your doors. You can use the touchscreen if you are close or the mobile app if you are far away. Additionally, you can also lock the door from the inside. If all else fails, you can even use a backup physical key that comes with the lock.

All these provisions ensure that the Akaso ensures security, without compromising on your convenience. Mobile phone ran out of battery? No problem. Simply lock or unlock using the touchscreen. Don’t like screens? Just use the key. This lock has an answer for everything.

Enjoy total control

With all its convenient features, the Akaso still makes sure that security is never compromised. It is not enough that the lock works as a traditional lock. In fact, it also allows the owner to control and modify the lock’s performance according to the situation.

This wireless door lock allows you to track whoever goes in and out, in real time. In fact, it also allows the admin to control who can or cannot enter or exit. As the admin, you can assign temporary security codes to different users, instead of having to open the door for everyone yourself. As if that is not enough, you can even set times of the day during which a certain day will work.


  • Multiple ways of operation make it convenient to use
  • Real-time monitoring allows you to control and manage the movement
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic locking provides added security


  • Setting codes may not be easy for everyone

Yale Assure Lock

The Yale Assure Lock is a food balance of features and simplicity. It is simple. But at the same time, it does not compromise on innovative feature to achieve that. It also serves as a good balance between a key-less system automatic system and an entirely manual system.

yale wireless door lock


  • Has the memory to remember 250 different codes
  • Uses keys as the main backup for the touchpad
  • Backlit touchpad
  • Can be integrated with smart home assistants like Alexa
  • Easy to install on doors of all standard sizes
  • Remotely operable through a mobile app

Don’t Want to Ditch the Keys Yet?

The Yale Assure lock is a great wireless door lock for people who are not ready to shift to key-less locks yet. While most other locks provide keyholes as a last resort, that is not the case with the Assure Lock. It uses the key system as one of its primary methods of use.

Instead of being concealed, the keyhole is right there in the front. So right from the start, you know that keys are just as important as the touchscreen code. If you are skeptical of technology or just don’t want to remember passcodes, this feature will offer peace of mind.

Backlit Touchpad

The backlit touchpad is another nifty feature of the Yale Assure Lock. Most wireless on the market come with a touchpad. However, not many pay attention to the fact that it needs to be usable in all conditions. If you are like most of the people, it is probably dark by the time you reach home.

Your wireless door lock would not be useful if you could not operate in such a scenario. That is where the Assure Lock’s backlit touchpad comes in. It allows the touchpad to be visible at all times. This makes it easy to use even in the dark. Not only that but it also makes the design more appealing.


  • The backup keys provide peace of mind to users who prefer manual systems
  • The 250-code storage allows means you can assign special codes to as many people as you like
  • Compatibility with smart home assistants makes it more versatile and flexible
  • Backlit touchpad makes it attractive and easy to use


  • Not very economical
  • Installed separately from the door handles

Kwikset Kevo Wireless Door Lock

The technology used by Kwikset Kevo turns your smartphone into your home key. Simply touch your phone to the keyhole to unlock.

kwikset wireless door lock


  • Smart Touch Bluetooth Lock
  • Detects Your Location
  • Advanced SmartKey
  • Easy to Install

Efficiently Detects Presence

Kevo can recognize when you are near your door and when touched will unlock, because of this reason you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket or purse.

This intelligent device knows whether the phone is inside or outside of your home before unlocking. If the phone is inside, it will maintain the security of your home and will not unlock even if it is touched. This means your family will be safe in case strangers try to enter your home without consent.

If you are just starting to experiment with smart home security, Kwikset Kevo is the wireless door lock for you. It essentially functions the way a key would with a regular lock except you do not have to worry as much about misplacing your phone. And if you have children who are not old enough for their own phones you can always purchase a fob for them.

An Intelligent Security System

Kevo can intelligently assess whether you are inside or outside the house with your phone before it unlocks. When your device is inside the home, it maintains the security of your home. It won’t unlock if you accidentally touch it and keeps your family safe and sound.

In this day and age, we need to be ready for rather sophisticated ways of forced entry. The Kwikset Kevo recognizes this need. Not only is it Fire Rated by UL, but it also has a BHMA certification as well. To add to that it is listed an ANSI Grade 2 wireless door lock. With these accolades, you can rest assured that your home is completely safe.


  • It has a touch system for Bluetooth locking that works very well
  • With it, kids can use a fob and they don’t need a smartphone to open doors


  • It requires Kevo Plus for anything above plain old Bluetooth connections
  • Its installation could have been a lot simpler

Brilong Bluetooth Smart Lock

The Brilong Smart Lock is another one of those devices that made it to our list due to their technological prowess. In addition to the common features of wireless door locks, it has the capability to unlock automatically when you approach. It can be operated remotely and allows you to share e-keys with loved ones as well.

brilong wireless door lock


  • Status displayed on built-in LED
  • Automatically locks and unlocks as you approach
  • Remote connectivity through mobile app and cloud
  • Allows for e-keys to be shared with other people
  • Saves logs of all movement in and out of the house
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Buzzer to notify locking, unlocking and low battery

Auto Unlocking

After a hard day at work, all you want is to get home as soon as possible. Going through a tedious unlocking procedure is the last thing anybody needs. Wouldn’t it be great if your door could just recognize you and unlock automatically as you approach?

Well, the Brilong does exactly that! Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the Brilong will automatically pair with your phone within a specific range. As soon as it detects your presence, it unlocks automatically. In this way, it eliminates any hassle you might face while trying to enter the passcode or manually unlocking it. Now you can simply walk in, and enjoy the comfort of your own home.


The Brilong also take mobile connectivity to another level. Like other wireless door locks, it allows you to turn your mobile phone into a smart key. But on top of that, it also allows you to connect to your wireless door lock from long distances. This is possible thanks to the cloud-based connectivity that Brilong offers.

Moreover, it allows you to have a complete record of all movement in and out of your home. At the same time, it allows you to assign specific e-keys to specific people. These e-keys can even work at specific times. This allows you to monitor activity even more closely.


  • Automatic unlocking makes things a lot easier
  • Cloud-based connectivity makes it easier to operate regardless of distance
  • Share e-keys with other occupants so that you don’t have to keep an eye out all the time
  • Intuitive LED display and buzzer indicate status at all times
  • Get access to previous logs to track movement easily


  • Battery life may not be as long as the manufacturer claims


And that’s our list!

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that wireless door lock is unnecessary. Some people might even go as far as to reject the idea of automated security. But it is important to bear in mind that these wireless door locks are just a smarter version of something we use all our lives.

Thanks to their technological advancement, they are capable of offering better security around the clock. And the best wireless door locks take it a step further by ensuring maximum convenience for you.

In our list, we have covered top 6 wireless door locks. These are versatile when it comes to safety features. Furthermore, they are flexible enough to fit into most homes. By using this list, you will definitely find the wireless door lock that will work best in making your home safer.

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