Top 3 Best Fitness Smart Watch

A Fitness Smart Watch can keep an eye on your heartbeats and distance walked every day. Not only that, but these watches can also keep a track of the footsteps you take and calories lost that day. A Smart Watch is not only for health-related issues, but you can perform simple tasks such as checking time through it too.

You must decide what you’re buying the Fitness Smart Watch for; whether it’s to keep a track of your health. Or just to keep an eye on your movement so accuracy is not important. We will look at the necessary features that make them “Fitness Smart Watches”

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Here’s is a list of 3 different Smart Watches that are used to keep health in check.

AmazFit Bip Fitness Watch

This Fitness watch has a battery that can last 45 days. It is manufactured by AmazFit. This watch weighs only 32gm which makes it for. It has a 1.28” display that has a resolution of 127 x 127. This fitness watch supports up to 4 different sports modes.

AMazfit Bip smartwatch


  • Battery-saving GPS chip.
  • The battery lasts 1.5 months.
  • Multi-Sport Tracking.
  • Always-on Display.

Zepp App

It is connected to smartphones through the Zepp app (formerly AmazFit) that is available freely on Google or Apple app store. Connects through Bluetooth connectivity. Once synchronized to a smartphone, it shows all the notifications and data recorded inside the app.

Long-Lasting Battery

AmazFit uses a 28nm ultra-low battery consumption chip. It consumes only one-third power compared to other GPS chips. The Sony chip, when combined with a 190 mAh battery, lasts up to 45 days. With this Smart Watch, you won’t have to worry about charging for a long time.

Sports modes

This Smart Watch supports four different sports modes. It provides detailed tracking for indoor and outdoor running, cycling, and walking. In it, you can see detailed data for these exercise modes. Exercise duration, pace, maximum speed, distance, real-time heart rate, all are covered by this fitness watch.

High-Quality Display

The display used for this watch is a reflective color. This means even in the strong light; you’ll get a clearer screen without too much batter consumption. This screen guarantees the battery will last for long in one charge. Its screen is protected by a 2.5D corning glass that is anti-fingerprint glass. If you use the screen, it won’t leave your fingerprints visible on the screen.


This SmartWatch has an inaccurate GPS and Heart-rate tracker, which is a huge drawback. AmazFit can overcome this issue by improving the better GPS chip and improving the heart-beat tracker’s technology.

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AmazFit Bip Fitness Watch


Longer battery life than similar fitness watches.

Easy to use.

Comfortable Watchband.

Easy-to-see display to use during the day.


Connectivity may bug after some time.

Inaccurate GPS tracking.

YAMAY 020 Fitness Watch

Yamay 020 is a SmartWatch that is water-resistant and lasts for up to 7 days with one charge. It has an accurate tracker that adds tons of features in this watch. It is also capable of synchronizing with most of the iPhones and Android phones.


  • IP68 waterproof body.
  • Accurate activity tracker.
  • Long battery life.
  • Stopwatch & Countdown timer.
  • Sleep tracker with alarm.


This smartwatch has an IP68 water-proof body that makes it water-resistant. It allows the smart fitness watch to be used in rain or even in swimming. This IP68 makes it water-resistant in a maximum depth of 1.5 m for up to 30 minutes. This ensures you won’t have to remove your watch during your swimming sessions.

Smartphone connectivity

You can also connect your Yamay 020 with your smartphone with the VeryFitPro App that is available on iPhone or Android mobile devices. Once it is synced, you can modify its settings accordingly. In this app, you can review data of your walks and manage settings to pick the notifications you want to see in your SmartWatch.

Sleep Tracker

The Yamay 020 comes with a sleep tracker that automatically detects your sleep and track it all day. This sleep tracker tracks the sleep and wake up time. In this smartwatch, you can put up to 10 alarms that can remind you of your tasks.

Touch screen LCD

This device has a 1.3″ TFT LCD touch screen that has enough for day to day use. This screen is powered by a strong battery that takes up to 2 hours to charge. Once it is charged, it will last from 7 to 10 days.
Yamay 020‘s texts’ synchronizing feature needs a few improvements. Because if you open a message on your watch, it won’t show it read on the SmartWatch. This can be improved by upgrading the software.

File:4 stars.svg - Wikipedia

YAMAY 020 Fitness Watch


Easy to set up.

It synchronizes quickly with the smartphone’s app.

Long-lasting battery.

Comfortable to wear.


The footstep tracker may not work properly.

It is not preferable for night shift workers.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch

Fitbit’s versa 2 is a fitness smartwatch that has a built-in Amazon Alexa. With it, you can get quick news and information, set alarms, and control your smart home devices. This can be done with just one voice command to Alexa. It can be synchronized with almost any fitness app available on app stores of iPhone and Android.


  • Voice Commands.
  • Sleep tracker.
  • Compatible to most music apps.
  • 24/7 heart rate tracker
  • Up to 6+ hours of battery life.
  • Up to 6.1 meters syncing range.

Fitbit App

To get full access to this Fitness Smart Watch’s features, harmonize it to Fitbit App on iPhone or Android app stores. Sync it through Bluetooth and after setting it up, you can control the notifications available on this smartwatch. The app will get a clear picture of your health and help you reach your goals by analyzing your daily life.


Its lithium-polymer battery can be charged to 100 in just two hours. Once charged, this battery can last for 6+ hours according to the usage of the smartwatch. It works perfectly with Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer to play 300+ songs through this watch. Once synchronized; it receives calls, texts, calendars, and smartphone notifications in seconds. It also supports voice replies for android only.

Sleep Tracker and heart rate monitor

Its sleep tracker can, based on your heart rate, automatically decide sleep time, restlessness, and sleep score. This way, it gives a better understanding of your sleep quality each night. It also has a heart tracker, that can track heart rate once per second during exercise.

Rating 4.5 of 5

Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch


Beautiful and colorful display.

Comfortable bands.

Quickly connects to Bluetooth.

Accurate fitness Tracker.


The watch may not be water-resistant.

Slow customer support.

Buying Guide

A fitness tracker can range from 50$ to 500$. This price gap is the main difference between the features they offer. A cheap one may use regular meters that may be inaccurate but an expensive one covers all the features. This buying guide is here to help you with choosing the most reliable in a list of thousand products.

Tracking Footsteps

Almost all fitness devices use GPS to calculate the distance and then convert them into footsteps. Most cheap fitness devices are not accurate in this because they use cheap GPS devices to keep prices in check. Tracking footsteps is also important if you want to keep your body in check even if you are not walking/running.

Heart rate monitor

Most fitness smartwatches come with a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse. This feature can be used during exercise or while resting. While measuring heartbeats, they calculate the calories burnt during the day by calculating circulated blood. Good ones can also detect the temperature of your skin.

Monitoring Sleep

Fitness Smart Watches also keep track of your sleeping time. They are equipped with gyroscopes. This gyroscope can spin in any direction. It collects data by detecting motion while you’re lying down to figure out if you’re in sound sleep. This is an expensive feature so you will get to see it working accurately in high-end Smart Watches.

Notifications Alert

These fitness devices not only keep an eye on your health. They also give you access to your notifications without even checking your phone. They are synchronized with your phone through fitness apps and you can set the notifications accordingly.
These apps help in further providing a detailed status of your health. You can set alarms in your Fitness Smart Watch to inform you if you are sitting too much or have over-exercised.


What Does IP68 Waterproof Means?

The “8” in IP68 means the device can be kept under 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. It won’t be waterproof proof at any depth if crossed 30 minutes. A device that is IP68 waterproof can be used during rain or while taking shower.

Why is my Phone not Supporting the Smart Watch?

A Fitness Smart Watch requires at least Android OS 4.0 or iOS 8.0 to work properly. If your phone is not supporting the app, it does not have the above-mentioned feature. The solution will be to upgrade the OS or get the latest smartphone.

Does This Watch Support Music Apps?

A Fitness Smart Watch usually supports music apps. But for the music app to work, it must be coordinated with the Smartphone. For this, connect your Smartwatch to the music app via Bluetooth. After this, open music control and select the required music app and save settings. Now back on Smart Watch, open the music app, and enjoy the music.


In the above list of 3 Fitness Smart Watches, some are budget-friendly Smart Watches and some are expensive, yet more accurate Smart Watches. The best Fitness SmartWatch in this list is Fitbit’s Versa 2. Alexa voice control gives you control of every appliance in your house.
This Watch calculates heart rates and the foot-steps accurately compared to the others on the list. You can use Spotify on this watch too. Its battery takes 2 hours to charge and lasts up to 6+ days.