Top 5 Smart Garage Opener Controllers

Suppose you want to open the garage door for some visitors. But you don’t want to get up from the comfort of your living room to go there. Smart garage opener makes this easier. These are wireless devices that can open and close the garage door while you chill out on the couch. Not only that, but they can also send notifications to your phone when the garage door opens.

Using garage door openers might just save your life. Many intruders are known to sneak in through an open garage door. A garage door opener will alert you when you accidentally leave the door open or when it is forcefully opened while you’re not at home.

Our Pick 


Extremely fast notification system

Includes a video monitoring feature

Can be controlled remotely

Is not waterproof



Sends notifications to your phone in real time

Very user-friendly

Protects against hacking

Requires a fee for connection to home assistants and other mobile apps



Check out my list of the top 5 best smart garage openers to find a perfect match for your security needs.

Gogogate 2 Garage OpenerOur Pick

Gogogate 2 is a relatively new but internationally acclaimed smart garage opener. It makes excellent use of Wifi-enabled home security and alert systems. It sends emergency alerts to your phone whenever the garage door is opened or closed. The best part is that this device includes everything you’ll need from cables to controllers and even power adaptors.

gogogate smart garage opener


  • The great ergonomic design makes use easy and friendly.
  • Extremely fast notification system.
  • Includes a video monitoring feature.
  • Can be controlled remotely with included controller.

Rapid Fast Alerts:

This smart garage opener is one of the best when it comes to sending alert systems. You’ll receive a message on your phone as soon as anyone opens or closes the door. This means that as soon as there’s an intruder, the notification will already be on your phone. This, paired with the video monitoring feature, makes for the best smart garage opener.

Video Monitoring and Security:

This smart garage opener doubles as a surveillance camera. Now you’ll not only get notified of the garage door opening, but you’ll also see who’s going in or out. This seems like a very neat feature, especially for mansions and larger households.

You don’t want any intruders to rob you of your riches. The video monitoring system isn’t the best, but it sure is a great addition.

Remote Controlled:

The Gogogate 2 is remotely controlled. You can open the garage doors right from the comfort of your room. So if you want to be let in a guest without actually going there, the Gogogate has your back. I especially like this feature, considering its use and handiness. It’s great for deciding whether you want someone to enter the house or not, especially with their car.


  • The remote-controlled device can open or close the garage door from your living room.
  • Best for large mansions and bungalows that want extra protection from intruders.
  • Best smart garage opener for letting people in and monitoring guest dynamics.
  • Features a video-monitoring camera that will send live footage of your garage door to your phone or home assistant.


  • Not waterproof.

MyQ Smart Garage OpenerRunner-up

The MyQ Smart Garage Opener is a handy tool that stays by your side whenever you need it. It connects directly to your smartphone and sends frequent notifications. This is useful whenever the door is opened or closed. In this way, you are informed of potential intruders. It also does a great job of informing you of any garage doors accidentally left open.

myq smart garage opener


  • Sends notifications to your phone in real time.
  • It comes with the free MyQ application.
  • Easy to use and very user-friendly.
  • Protects against hacking and interference.

User-Oriented and Friendly:

MyQ believes in being a good example for all the cheap brands out there. This garage opener has the most luxurious design and the best functionality. The signals don’t die down after frequent uses. And the entire model works perfectly well with other home assistants.

Now you can use the MyQ smart garage opener with Google Assistant or Wink. The app also has enhanced features and an easy-to-use interface. So you won’t have any issue with navigating through the app and the menus.

MyQ App Free:

The MyQ app can easily be downloaded from the Play Store of your phone. This app is a type of hub that receives all of the alerts and displays them as notifications. The app works wonderfully well with almost all types of smartphones. It even functions with any Operating System.

The best part is that this smart garage opener app does not require any payment. However, connection to Google Assistant, Wink, and Nest might need monthly payments.

Protects Against Hacking:

The world has modernized. Now robbers can use advanced equipment to hack into the house security system. This MyQ product uses an expertly designed algorithm to beat radio-frequency hacking. So with the MyQ, you will always feel safe and secure. You’ll be saved tons on insurance with just a simple smart garage opener. In my opinion, MyQ’s gadgets are a work of perfection.


  • Connects with Google Assistant, Nest Cam, Wink, IFTTT, and a multitude of other apps.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • It does not have any tedious or hard-to-navigate menus and drop-downs.
  • Best garage opener for large and busy families.
  • Sends direct notifications to your phone.
  • Includes safety from radio wave hacking.
  • Keeps the signals free from criminal interception.


  • Requires a fee for connection to home assistants and other mobile apps.

Nexx Garage NXG-100b

If you’re looking for smart garage openers, then there can be nothing better than the Nexx Garage Door Opener. This device works with the existing wireless network in your home. It keeps you notified when your garage door is opened. It also lets you remotely open and close the door and control the people leaving the house. Truly, I feel as if Nexx’s technology has taken me beyond bounds.

nexx smart garage opener


  • Free Nexx mobile app for controlling the smart device.
  • It can be controlled by multiple users at one time.
  • Requires 2.4 GHz Wifi connection for message alerts.
  • Includes activity logging.

Multiple User Access:

This smart garage opener can be controlled by multiple users at once. So the device won’t just connect to one smartphone or tablet. It can connect to all of them. Want to let your spouse or kids control the garage door too? Effortlessly connect their devices to the Nexx smart garage opener and you’re good to go.

Lightning Fast Message Service:

The Nexx requires a 2.4 GHz Wifi connection to work properly. The extra speed lets it send messages straight to your phone or tablet. This reduces any possible lag that might occur. So you can control the functioning of your garage door in real-time. This also removes any chance of connection loss or signal weakness.

Although after a few months, the signals begin to fade. Still, I feel as if the Nexx smart garage opener is an amazing innovation.

Activity Log:

Unlike any other garage door opener, the Nexx actually keeps a record of all the times the garage door has been opened. This is very important, especially if you’re dealing with an intruder. You’ll want to have any type of evidence you can use against the perpetrator. The activity logging feature is best, especially when you’re dealing with the authorities.


  • Smart garage opener that keeps a record of the garaged door activity log.
  • Lightning-fast Wifi connection makes connecting easier.
  • Multi-user option is
  • Best for remote access to your garage door.


  • Signals may fade over time. Be sure to ask for a refund or avail the warranty offer.

Garadget Door Opener

It’s not just the name that sounds creative. Garadget is your best smart home companion that will make every dream come true. The company specializes in home security, wireless devices, and the Internet of Things.

A smart garage opener also functions as a home security system that will keep you well-informed. Don’t want to let those intruders in the house? Think there’s something sketchy going on? Let the Garadget do its thing.

garadget smart garage opener


  • It can connect to over 100 different types of devices and assistants.
  • Advanced encryption systems.
  • Very simple installation.
  • Connects to home assistants like Alexa and Pebble.

Advanced Encryption:

Garadget’s opener features advanced encryption technology to keep you safe. The encryption saves from any hacker-related damage and interception. So if you fear that your security system will get hacked, think again.

Garadget smart garage opener tends to leave a sense of security and insurance. The product can be remotely controlled and managed, so you don’t need to worry about intruders.

Simple Installation:

Are you tired of the tedious and back-breaking installation of garage door openers? Then you might want to try out the Garadget smart garage opener. The gadget is very easy to install, setup, and start running.

All you need to do is mount the main unit and connect it properly. Then download the Garadget app and register yourself. And you’ll b instantly connected to your garage opener.

Compatible with Home Assistants:

There’s no use in having a garage door opener without a home assistant. Garadget is a friendly device that can connect to your assistants as well. Alexa, Home Seer, Vera, OpenHab, and SmartThings- the Garadget has you covered.

It also works across multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. It works with almost all operating systems, like Android and iOS. You can even use it from your web browser.


  • Very convenient and easy-to-use design. It does not lag or lose connection.
  • It can be used alongside Alexa, Home Seer. SmartThings, Pebble, and many more.
  • Compatible with web browsers, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Very simple installation. Easy-to-install smart garage opener.
  • Keeps everything safe. Uses the same encryption technology that banks and ATMs use.


  • May malfunction and give constant alerts even when the door isn’t open.

GarageMate Garage Door Opener

It works with 4.0 Bluetooth to make connecting and operating a whole lot easier. The entire GarageMate unit can install within a couple of minutes. So you won’t have to spend hours trying to get the device to work.

It works exceptionally well with Craftsman, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain. Nevertheless, some versions of these may not be compatible. Nevertheless, GarageMate is one of the best garage openers and deserves a place on my list.

garagemate smart garage opener


  • Compatible with Chamberlain, Craftsman, and Liftmaster.
  • Very quick and easy installation within 2 minutes.
  • The app can be a voice launched by Siri or Google Assistant.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.
  • Makes connections faster.

Trivial Installation:

The GarageMate is installed in just 2 minutes. Are you tired of having to wait hours before getting a decent connection? So were I. That’s when I found the GarageMate smart garage opener. It works smoothly and only takes a few minutes to set up. I liked how the company is so much user-oriented and takes a step further in ensuring user comfort.

Voice Launched App:

If you’re not close to your phone or can’t find it, assistants like Siri and Google work wonders. The GarageMate app not only has a friendly interface, but it also works with Siri and Google.

Activate the app by using Siri or Google Assistant. It works with both. This is a very neat and handy feature, as it will help when you’re in a hurry. The GarageMate Smart Garage Opener is compatible with Android and iPhones/iPads.

Bluetooth 4.0:

The GarageMate uses Bluetooth 4.0 to ensure easy setup and navigation. The Bluetooth feature is especially good for increasing the signal strength and range. When the GarageMate is connected to the Bluetooth, it won’t be connected to the Wifi or any other network. So you might have limited functionality in this state. But every smart garage opener has one.


  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate the application.
  • Very easy to set up. It hardly takes two to three minutes to get everything properly set up.
  • It can be voice-controlled by Siri or Google Assistant.
  • This smart garage opener can connect to up to 8 phones at a time.
  • Works well with tablets and laptops too.
  • It does not require batteries.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • The limited operation when using the Bluetooth mode.


A garage door opener is better than none at all. If you’re on a low-budget, I won’t recommend you to buy this. But if you can, it’s worth the shot. I would recommend these more for garage owners, especially if you have a very expensive or rare vehicle or if there’s an entrance into your house from the garage.

Garage doors are more of a security gadget. Of the products that I reviewed, the Gogogate Smart Garage Opener is my personal favorite. This is because it featured video monitoring, a feature that only a few devices have. So if you’re at all confused, then try the Gogogate first.

With that being said, explore the list for yourself and pick out your own personal favorite.

Stay safe!

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