Top 5 Touch Sensitive Lamp Reviews

Touch Sensitive lamps! Some individuals might explode reading about these lamps while others may already know about these lamps. Touch sensitive lamp works without a button. Users touch the body of the lamp to acquire different modes and to turn the lamp on and off. Usually, touch-sensitive lamps are perfect for the elderly or disabled that might find it hard to flip on or off the lamps.

Touch sensitive lamps are widely used by parents too. Parents find touch sensitive lamps safer for their children to use and have in their rooms.

Our Pick 

Aukey table lamp

Several different modes

Different color lights

The controls are controlled and easy

The lamp is not very power friendly


Aukey bedside lamp

Brightness options

The light is safe for your eyes

Long lifetime

Comes only in one color



Check out our article to find the top 5 touch sensitive lamps in the market. See if you can pick one that you like.

Aukey Table Touch Sensitive lampOur Pick

This version of the Aukey touch sensitive lamp is a great way to set the mood for your living room. Adapt to a dim resting environment, moderate light to keep you active and bright light to help you read. With the options, you can keep this lamp almost anywhere from home to offices and more.

aukey touch sensitive lamp


  • 360 degrees of touch control
  • Several modes for versatility
  • Different color lights
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Works with an adapter

Different light settings

With several different light settings, you would naturally think that the controls of this touch sensitive lamp may not exactly be touching or sensitive. Here is where this lamp stands out. This touch sensitive lamp allows you to just touch and switch to any mode that you like. Best of all, the touch control is 360 degrees on the base so that it has a wide area yet is narrow too.

Color changing mode

Tired of all the same old modes of brightness? Well, this touch-sensitive lamp has something new for you. Enjoy the color changing mode of this lamp. The spectrum of red, blue, and green come to make a soothing color changing the display to your lamp.

Money back guarantee

Since touch sensitive lamps are super fragile, it is important that you have strong customer satisfaction before you purchase them. This lamp has a 45-day money back guarantee. If that’s not enough then there is also a 24 months warranty with this lamp.


  • There are several different modes to this lamp
  • There is a colorful option for beauty intensified
  • You get a customer buying satisfaction
  • The controls are controlled and easy


  • The lamp is not power friendly

Aukey Bedside touch sensitive lampRunner-up

The Aukey bedside touch sensitive lamp is the perfect partner for almost any bedroom. One of the best things about this lamp is that it is so versatile that you cannot help but use it almost anywhere around the house. The first attraction makes you want to get it instantly.

aukey bedside touch sensitive lamp


  • Light is safe for eyes
  • A warm light for all settings
  • Brightness options
  • Long life
  • Versatile

Brightness options

A great feature that you will find in this lamp is that it has brightness options. While many touch sensitive laps may not have it, this lamp does. The operation is super easy. All you have to do is touch the top a couple of times until you reach your desired brightness level.

Light is safe for eyes

While this lamp is crazy versatile, you may still find many touches sensitive lamps to have adverse reactions to eyes. Now I would never want a lamp that harms my child’s eyes in the house. But with this lamp, there is no worry. This lamp has a warm light which is safe for the eyes. However, do not confuse the fact that this light is dim. You can safely read or even sew in this light.

Touch sensitivity

A touch sensitive lamp is bound to lose its life sooner than ever right? Well, not with this touch-sensitive lamp. This lamp has the power to produce up to 300 lumens with only a 6 watt LED bulb. Talk about energy saving right? Moreover, this lamp has all the high quality and long lasting parts which makes it super durable.


  • The light is warm but easy to see through and read in it
  • The light is safe for the eyes of your family
  • Runs with an adapter and power cord
  • Several brightness settings


  • This light comes in only one color

Seaside village touch sensitive lamp

The Seaside village touch sensitive lamp is a modern design perfect to give your house a cozy feel. The best part which makes this lamp suitable for almost anywhere is that it has a minimalist and simple design. The design allows it to stand anywhere you like.

seaside village touch sensitive lamp


  • Simple design
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile light
  • Energy efficient
  • 6 watts needed only

Versatile light

One of the reasons why this lamp really caught my eyes is that it has one mode of light which is greatly versatile. I feel that the light knows my mood. I can read in it, it is bright enough. But I can sleep in it too, it is dim enough. So guess this lamp is magic which has a neutral sort of a light that sets all moods in any room.

Different brightness settings

Even though this one light is enough for almost all modes, there are different brightness settings to this lamp too in case you need more or less. With three different brightness settings, you get anything that you ask for from this touch-sensitive lamp. The best part is that this touch-sensitive lamp changes settings with just a mere touch too.

Energy efficiency

One of the most important things for many is energy efficiency. I mean the lamp is gorgeous and will bring about any room but is it worth running for long hours. The answer is yes. This touch sensitive lap is energy efficient and is perfect to run for longer hours if you desire.


  • Energy efficiency saves the environment and your money
  • There are 3 different brightness settings
  • The lamp is versatile on the light type
  • The lamp has a simple design fit for all rooms


  • The lamp does not have buying satisfaction

Unifun Night touch sensitive lamp

The Unifun night touch sensitive lamps is a fun lamp that is perfect to use for children’s rooms in houses. The easy to use lamp can prove to be the perfect night partner for those children that are scared of the dark. However, it is used around the house and even offices without a problem.

unifun touch sensitive lamp


  • User-friendly lamp
  • Has several different colors
  • Four different brightness
  • Eye-friendly light
  • Versatile

Varying brightness levels

One of the best things about this lamp is that unlike others that have only about 3 settings, this touch-sensitive lamp has 4 different brightness settings. These settings allow the user to choose their desirable light for almost anything that they would like.

RGB colors

Are you not the boring person that would like white light all the time? If that is the case then this light is for you! It has the option to switch between RGB colors or just pick one of them. Your room can light in ways you did not imagine.


Have children, pets, or just people in the house that you care for? This touch sensitive lamp is the perfect way to ensure that eyes are not damaged. The lamp has an eye-friendly light and is safe


  • This lamp has a safelight for eyes
  • There are several different color options in this lamp
  • There are over 4 different brightness options
  • The lamp is highly user-friendly


  • The lamp is not energy efficient
  • The lamp is battery operated which is a hassle

Shine Hai Touch-Sensitive Lamp

The Shine Hai touch sensitive lamp is a great touch-sensitive lamp with the most advanced technology. There are up to four different brightness settings. These settings make this touch-sensitive lamp more versatile and suitable for almost every room in the house.

shine hai touch sensitive lamp


  • There are several modes to this lamp
  • It is user-friendly
  • Rechargeable and adapter running
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Charging Ports

Impressive connectivity options

Let us talk about the most unique feature that you will find in this lamp. There are two USB charging ports and two adapter ports. These allow you to charge anything from a smartphone to a laptop. And guess what? It works even when the lamp is turned off! So, guess this lamp is great if you have one socket in the house.

Various power options

One of the best things about this lamp is that you may use it near an adapter to use the lamp or you may use it by charging it. This feature is perfect for places where there are storms and breakdowns all the time.

Nice glow

6 watts that give off over 800 lumens! Now, this is beyond belief. No need to say that this lamp is highly efficient in energy! It also makes it last longer and it becomes light on the pocket too.


  • The lamp is beyond efficient to energy with over 800 lumens per 6 watts of a bulb
  • The lamp has 2 USB and 2 adapter chargers that work even when the lamp does not
  • This lamp works with an adapter and with a battery too
  • There are over 4 different brightness modes


  • There is not a colorful option in this lamp


Touch sensitive lamps are the newest trend. Though the touch-sensitive lamps are present for a long time, the enhancement in their design and feature brought them back. As mentioned earlier, the touch sensitive lamps are perfect for everyone especially people who are disabled in one way or the other. They are also suitable for children that should not play with sockets.

In conclusion to this article, you might have found the important aspects and features to consider. Did you or did you not find your favorite touch-sensitive lamp?

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