What Is A White Noise Device? The Best 6 Reviewed

With the onset of modern industrialization and e-commerce, it makes sense that people would tend to get stressed out from all the hard work. A power nap may be your only retreat, but just how long does it take to fall asleep? Experts say around 10 to 20 minutes. However, with the proper white noise device, you will definitely lull off to sleep in no time.

White noise devices don’t really create actual noise, but they produce something called “pink noise”, a term used for slightly diluted static which is both soothing and hypnotic. These devices imitate rushing waterfalls or wind blowing through the trees. They mostly help with relaxation and let you doze off to sleep within minutes. We have tackled on 6 of the top brands and their devices and given each of them an in-depth review.

Our Pick 


Features multiple sound settings

Three timer settings

Good for babies and infants too

Has a decent warranty and return policy


Marpac Hushh

Extremely portable and easy to move around

Features a child lock

Three sound options for better sleep

Maybe a bit loud or too intense


Take a look!

Pictek White Noise DeviceOur Pick

There’s something about the Pictek which makes it number three on our top 6 list. We felt that the Pictek white noise device is a good wholesome product, mainly due to its guarantee and customer satisfaction rate.

pictek white noise device


  • Good quality sound with 100% clarity and ease.
  • Over 50 different sound settings to choose from.
  • Features timer with three-time settings to make your nights even more peaceful.
  • Backed by 18-month warranty and 45 day return period.
  • Good for babies and infants too.

Fifty Different Sound Settings:

Up till now, we’ve talked about products with 3 and 6 sound settings. Now get ready for over 50 settings! This white noise device from Pictek understands that there is no right noise for the perfect sleep. This is why it offers a wide variety of sounds, ranging from natural to urban to even the sounds you hear in your very home!

Three Timer Settings:

The Pictek white noise device can function on up to three different time settings, including 15, 30, and 60 minutes. This is great since most people doze off while their static producer is still on. This will help save battery life and essentially product quality in the long run. The timer is manually set, but after that, you don’t need to worry about turning your device off!

Warranty and Return Policy:

The Pictek static producer is backed by an 18 month warranty period. This is slightly more than a year and will last you long enough. And to top all of that, they even have a 45 day return period for a 100% money back guarantee. We love this new feature, as most other devices don’t have a decent warranty plan.


  • White noise device which works perfectly for any and all ages.
  • Features multiple sound settings for expanded options.
  • The timer can function for up to an hour.
  • Has a decent warranty and return plan, unlike most of the other devices.
  • Produces sound which is clear yet soothing and relaxing.


  • Customer service may be uncooperative in some cases.

Big Red Rooster White Noise Device

The first product on our list is the Big Red Rooster white noise device. If you’re not a fan of these devices, then you’ll probably think that this brand is low-budget. But the company is one of the most sought-after and loved all throughout the nation. This device features 6 different noise modes, an optimal timer, and even AC adapter compatibility.

big red rooster white noise device


  • Great for work and home.
  • Choose between 6 noise modes.
  • Can work with an AC adapter or AA batteries.
  • Features a timer to help you maintain a regular sleep schedule.
  • Good for leaving on overnight.

Six Modes:

Unlike most white noise devices, which only create the same static sound, the Big Red Rooster device can be changed and optimized for your needs. Choose between brook, rain, thunder, ocean, white noise, and summer night. These modes minutely change your sleeping experience but will prove to be better in the long run.

Power Consumption:

White noise devices usually don’t consume a lot of power, so efficiency isn’t really required. But the Big Red Rooster device likes to go beyond. This device is compatible with any and all types of AC adapters and can work with AA batteries as well. This increases the number of power options, and if you choose to use batteries then the entire experience becomes pocketable.

Timer for Sleep Schedule:

If you don’t want your device to be on all night, then you can easily just set a timer. This can be altered between 15, 30, or 60 minutes. This is a great feature because most people worry that they might leave the device on for too long. The Big Red Rooster white noise device doesn’t leave any room for more stress and worry.


  • Great for both home and the office, or even for travel.
  • Portable, can be carried around easily.
  • Features a timer so you don’t have to worry about leaving the device on.
  • Can be altered between six modes for added diversity.
  • Blocks out most of the other sounds.


  • Stops working after a few months.

White Noise Device by Marpac Hushh

This Marpac Hushh product is specifically targeted towards toddlers and infants. It is a proven fact that it’s not just the adults who face aggression in their lives. Babies go through a lot too. And they need their own special soothing white noise device to sing them off to sleep. We recommend Marpac since it’s quite yet effective for both the baby and the babysitter.

marpac white noise device


  • A great choice for your toddler and infant.
  • Three sound options for better sleep.
  • Extremely portable and easy to move around.
  • Features a child lock for added safety and protection.
  • One year limited warranty to keep your purchase secure.

Three Sound Options:

Just like the first product on our list, this white noise device also features three sound options. Choose between bright white noise, deep white noise, and simple gentle surf. Now the power is in your hands. Pick out your favorite and leave it by your baby’s side so they can enjoy the serenity of the outdoors right from their little cots.


There is no point in having a baby white noise device if you can’t make it compact and small. The Marpac device is so small that it can fit right in your hands. Just place it by your infant or toddler’s cot or bed and leave them to sleep peacefully. The device can easily be stored in cabinets, suitcases, purses, and even your pockets.

Child Lock for Safety:

The device also features a special child lock. This will allow you to alter the settings and, once you’re done, lock the setting so no child can accidentally change them or turn off the device.


  • The perfect choice for parents who are tired of their child constantly crying at night.
  • Very portable and user-friendly.
  • Features 3 different sound modes so you know what’s best for your baby.
  • Child lock ensures ass safety and security.
  • Enjoy a whole year of warranty and premium customer support.


  • Maybe a bit loud or too intense. Not good for quiet nights.

LectroFan White Noise Machine

LectroFan tends to go beyond their limits in all of their products. This white noise device certainly takes the lead with the extra added benefits and features. The packaging is easy to unfold, for one thing. Apart from that, the sound quality itself is sharp, and the volume can easily be controlled by a single knob, a quality missing from our previous choices.

lectrofan white noise device


  • Easy and frustration free packaging.
  • The volume of the sound can be controlled manually.
  • Provides ten different sound settings for an easier afternoon.
  • Blocks out sounds from the environment.
  • Powered by AC adapter or even USB.

The Volume of Sound:

Some people like the sounds loud so they can hear them better, while others despise them and wish to lower their volume. Whichever fist your taste; you can now change the settings on the LectroFan and get that perfect volume in no time flat. We especially love this feature since it allows for so much creativity and experimentation.

Ten Sound Settings:

Just like all products on all lists, the LectroFan white noise device can create up to 10 different types of sounds. We absolutely love diversity, and that’s why this product is number four on our list. All the settings are easy to access and we’re sure you’ll love all of them.

Blocks Out Sounds:

The LectroFan white noise device blocks out sounds from the environment. So if you’re easily irritated or if you’re a light sleeper, then this device will be the perfect choice for you. However, if you keep the volume at low then the sounds may be harder to drown out. Still, we feel that this is the best that any product can give you.


  • The volume of sound can be changed from low to high without any difficulty.
  • Multiple sounds allow you to fall asleep quicker and easier.
  • A better alternative to most other devices.
  • Very portable and easy to carry.
  • Great features including noise cancellation and clear sound.


  • Speaker may have a distinct crackling sound, which can be pretty irritating.

White Noise Device by Avantek

The fifth product featured on our list is a handy machine from Avantek. We’ve tried a few other audio types of equipment from Avantek, and their quality was supreme. And we can bet you that you’ll think the same when you meet their premium quality white noise device. This device features 20 different sound settings and combinations along with a user-friendly timer.

avantek white noise device


  • Very quiet yet effective at keeping you asleep.
  • Choose from over 20 different sound and fan settings.
  • A great user-friendly device with a timer.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Backed by an 18-month warranty and 45 day return period.

20 Sound Settings:

The Avantek White Noise Device features a collection of over 20 different sound settings. Choose between harmonic nature sounds and busy urban noises. Select a bathtub running, birds chirping, busy busses rushing by, and other similar sounds for your comfort and ease. This also features 6 different fan settings to let you cool off.

Features Timer:

The reason why we love white noise devices with timers is that these are the best as they allow you to shut off the device automatically while you’re fast asleep. The designs vary, but the options are the same. Choose between 15, 30, and one full hour of white noise. Or leave it on overnight for a glamorous beauty sleep. A highly useful function if you ask us.

Exceptionally Portable:

Portability isn’t a big issue nowadays, as almost every white noise device has this feature. However, the Avantek adds its own twist to it by giving it extra compactness and making it pocketable. Now you can walk to your office, home, or travel in a bus and keep your device with you at all times. It works great for both adults and children or toddlers alike.


  • Excellent choice for both adults and toddlers, and even works on pets!
  • The wide collection of 6 sound settings, 6 fan settings, and 8 nature sound settings.
  • Remember your preferences; incredibly intelligent.
  • The sound is very clear and easy to decipher.
  • Features timer and portability; very compact and travel-friendly.


  • May stop in a month or two. Poor durability and lifespan.

Reacher White Noise Device

And last but not least, we have the Reacher white noise device, which is loved all around the globe for its 28 sound settings, 4 timer settings, and the optimal high-functioning 6 W powerful speaker. We chose this product since it has so much diversity and power that we just had to include it in our top 6 list of the best white noise machines.

reacher white noise device


  • 28 sound settings, with 4 nature settings, 12 white noise settings, and 12 fan settings.
  • Features 6 W powerful high fidelity speakers.
  • Remembers your last selection and preferred favorites list.
  • 4 timer options to safely fall asleep.
  • Durability and lifespan are

6 Watt Powerful Speaker:

The speaker used in the Reacher white noise device is a high fidelity 6 Watt speaker. This is not too powerful, but relatively better for white noise machine like the Reacher itself. The speaker gives off high volumes of sound which are extremely clear and soothing. And the 28 setting combinations will definitely give meaning to your power nap.

High Intelligence Memory:

Reacher’s devices include some form of intelligent memory. This allows every white noise device to remember your last selection and in general the selections you like to play. This is a great quality to have, so you don’t have to scroll back to your favorites anymore. This is the first and only product on our list to offer this feature.

Timer Options:

Unlike all the other 3 timer devices on our list, the Reacher produces a 4 timer white noise machine which can toggle between four different time settings. So now you can sleep peacefully knowing that your product won’t exhaust its batteries while you’re asleep. We loved this idea, and it was so holy that we just had to include it on our list.


  • 28 different settings to choose from. Very diverse and inclusive.
  • Remembers your selections and preferences.
  • 4 timer options.
  • Powerful speakers for high volume and clarity.
  • Very long lasting and durable as compared to other devices.


  • Is not very portable.


Whether you’re looking to doze off for hours or just take a quick power nap at work, most white noise devices will understand your needs and give you the perfect combination of both serenity and quality. In our selection of the top 6 devices, we looked at over a hundred different products, and sadly only 6 lived up to our expectations. But these 6 were all we needed to keep us snoozing all night.

One thing we always love in white noise machines is a good diversity of sounds, multiple timer options, and of course, portability and durability. Out of all our selections, we choose Pictek as our number one product. This is mainly because of the wide collection of sound and fan settings, as well as the warranty and return period that almost no other brand offers.

But all six of our choices made us nod off at work. And dare we warn you, you will too!

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