What type of smart baby thermometer to choose for Your family?

As one of the most essential devices in a home, thermometers help you to self-monitor your health and detect anomalies such as sickness especially in infants who are not able to talk. However, there are very many different types of thermometers out there and a person’s choice to purchase and use a specific one entirely depends on their preferences. These herein featured smart baby thermometers may be used by the whole family including the elderly, adults, toddlers or infants. Thermometers have been improved both in design and feature to ensure that they are smart and work excellently to satisfy your needs.

Our Pick 


Very quick readings

Easily connected to the smartphone

Gives you personalized guidance and advice

It ensures easy tracking of family's temperature history

The thermometer is not supported by all android/IOS phones




Non-contact body temperature measurements

Can take and display readings even in dark

Has two modes of measuring temperature

It can save up to 20 readings

The battery cover is hard to remove


The following are some of the Smart body thermometers that offer the best and most accurate temperature readings.

Kinsa QuickCare Smart Baby ThermometerOur Pick

This smart thermometer ensures that you get the best using top-of-the-line technology to ensure you monitor your family’s health.

kinsa quickcare smart body thermometer

Key features

  • Underarm, oral or rectal use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast reading time
  • Approved for all ages
  • BPA & Latex-free

Product design and Features


This smart baby thermometer comes in a modern design. The thermometer’s wand features a sleek design, which makes it easy to hold as well as easier to clean. This is especially important when dealing with squirmy kids. Its incredibly flexible tip makes it more comfortable for your baby when taking a rectal temperature. The thermometer is designed to your smartphone via the headphone jack. In addition, it also features a small extension cord, which makes it a breeze to view the screen on your smartphone while taking the temperature.

kinsa quickcare smart body thermometer

Kinsa’s App

The Kinsa app is designed to support a wide range of smartphones- both iPhones as well as Android phones. Setting up and calibrating your Kinsa’s app is a breeze. The app also allows you to create personal profiles for each member of your family. This way you will be able to record temperature readings, symptoms, medication, as well as receive real-time medical advice. This helps you get the best care for family members at any time.


  • The smart baby thermometer has super quick readings.
  • It ensures easy tracking of family’s temperature history.
  • Offers guidance on medication and alarms when a medical doctor is to be consulted
  • Easily connected to Bluetooth and phone APP for easy monitoring.
  • Readings are taken orally, though the armpits or rectal


  • It has an animated background that may not be attractive to some people.
  • The smart thermometer is not supported by all android/IOS phones.

iProven Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear FunctionRunner-up

Monitoring a baby’s temperature is very crucial since it reveals the health status. This is especially because they are not able to express themselves and hence the need to have a smart baby thermometer close to monitor their temperatures.

iproven smart body thermometer

Key features

  • Backlight display
  • Multiple ways to measure temperature
  • Revolutionized calibration

Product design and features

Sleek, lightweight design

This smart thermometer is designed lightweight, which makes it very easy to handle and take temperatures. The thermometer is designed to get accurate readings using two modes. This includes the forehead and ear functionality where you can take your child’s temperature without them noticing. The thermometer is medically proven and embraces calibration technology for clinical use. Another great thing about this smart baby thermometer is that it can be used by all people despite their age and sex. It’s designed to save 20 temperature readings thus enabling you to detect any change.


The thermometer has a backlight that ensures you can take readings even in dark environments. The smart baby thermometer is designed to help you take fast and accurate readings, despite the mode you use to measure temperature. It also comes with an alert feature that lights green or red in case you need immediate medical attention.


  • Can take and display readings even in dark places
  • Has two modes of measuring temperature
  • Takes child’s temperature without them noticing
  • The smart thermometer displays consistent and reliable readings.
  • It can save up to 20 readings


  • It only has two modes of measuring temperature.
  • The smart thermometer does not notify you upon reading unusual temperatures.

Fond Forehead Smart Baby Thermometer

When it comes to choosing a smart baby thermometer, you need to get the best one that ensures that your family health is taken care of. Forehead thermometers are considered the best in taking accurate readings and very quick.

fond smart body thermometer

Key features

  • Used by everyone despite their age
  • Backlight display
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Multi-function
  • Rechargeable Thermometer

Product design and features

Lightweight, sleek design

The thermometer features a sleek design and weighs 0.8 ounces, making it lightweight. This makes it very easy and comfortable to use. The thermometer has no sharp protruding edges and hence easily held on the hand and it looks very safe to use on infants. The smart baby thermometer is portable and thus one can travel with it with ease. It is also very easy to clean the thermometer.

It comes with a lithium metal battery that powers it. The battery is rechargeable and can be used multiple times since it lasts up to 360hrs. You can easily charge the battery or power your thermometer through the USB charging port.

A smart LCD backlight feature, helps you to take temperature readings even in the dark. This makes the thermometer very usefully during the night or in dark places without waking up the infant. This smart thermometer automatically turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity. This helps in saving the battery power and thus lasting longer.

fond smart body thermometer

Fast and Reliable thermometer

The thermometer does not discriminate and can be used by people of all ages. The smart baby thermometer provides a clear, accurate and reliable reading. The readings are displayed either in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. It is designed super-easy to use and generates readings within the shortest time possible. Once it is done taking the temperature, it notifies you through a loud beep. When the smart thermometer detects unusual temperatures, it notifies you through rapid and short rings with blue backlight on the screen. This ensures that attention is given.

The thermometer stores a maximum of 12 previous readings ensuring that you can keep track of the temperature changes with time. Additionally, it does not pose any dangers to children since it is not easily broken and also has no mercury that can cause harm.


  • Notifies you upon reading an unusual temperature
  • Can be used even in dark environments
  • Saves battery power by switching off automatically
  • Can keep a track of your temperature readings
  • It can be powered by a battery or a USB cable.


  • The smart thermometers battery needs recharging.
  • The thermometer takes readings only from the forehead.

Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer

This smart digital ear thermometer is very smooth and sleek and helps you read the temperature hassle free and therefore a smart consideration for your family use.

kinsa ear smart body thermometer

Key features

  • Easy cleaning
  • Phone connection
  • Infrared temperature.
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Large, backlit display

Product design and features

Smooth and Sleek Design

This specially designed smart baby thermometer is made of BPA- and latex-free blue plastic consisting of white trim. The smart ear thermometer weighs 3.0 ounces and comes with a monochrome screen on the top that helps you make accurate temperature readings accompanied by a relevant face icon or smiley. The monochrome screen also keeps you updated about battery information of the two standard AAA batteries and Bluetooth pairing status of your thermometer.

The smart thermometer from Kinsa is designed water resistant, making it hassle-free to clean with soap and water after every temperature check.

Performance, App, and Pairing

The smart digital body thermometer is designed to connect with your smartphone via the Kinsa app. All that’s required of you is to enable Bluetooth and follow the prompts and once paired, you can add multiple user profiles, enabling you to monitor members of your family. To create a user profile you’re required to provide the user’s;

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Select a unique color
  • Photo from your camera or image library
  • kinsa ear smart body thermometer

The Kinsa app goes a further step of offering you with treatment suggestions after you’ve taken the temperature readings. This smart body temperature takes readings within a second thus very appropriate for sleeping and squirmy babies. It offers real-time personalized guidance and can alert you on when to seek medical attention and when to soothe symptoms.

The thermometer beeps to indicate that temperature has been recorded and displays it from 93.1-108-degree Fahrenheit or 34-42.4 degree Celsius.


  • turns off automatically when not in use to save battery power
  • It can be used by all family members despite their age
  • Quick to take precise temperature readings
  • Synchronized with an APP hence monitoring of family members
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Hassle-free to use app interface


  • It requires perfect ear placement to get an accurate reading
  • The smart ear thermometer is irritating to put the thermometer in the ear.

Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer

This smart thermometer is probably one of the best thermometers that you can use to monitor your family’s health. Pediatricians highly recommend it for baby monitoring.

kinsa smartstick smart body thermometer

Key features

  • Connects to smartphones
  • Battery-free
  • Takes readings from multiple areas
  • Real-time readings.

Product design and Features


The smart thermometer is battery free and uses the smartphones processing power to take readings. This ensures that it will never disappoint you when you really need it due to power. The thermometer features a sleek design, making it flexible and comfortable to use.

This smart baby thermometer has a thin flexible bluestem that extends to a metal sensor that is used to take the readings. While taking temperatures, the smart body thermometer has a bubble game that makes the activity fun for kids. It is designed to be used by infants, kids or adults.

kinsa smartstick smart body thermometer 2


The thermometer takes an accurate reading from the anal, oral and under the armpits. It is fast and only takes a second to get the temperature readings. The Kinsa smart stick thermometer has the ability to connect with your headphone jack of your smartphone or an extended cord connected to your phone. This helps you get real-time temperature readings. This smart body thermometer is designed compatible with virtually all android phone and iPhone 4 and up.

It offers personalized guidance to individuals on when to visit a doctor and how and when to sooth the symptoms through the APP. The APP also helps you to connect with other people thus you can easily share information with each other. This helps you to know whatever is going around. The app is also designed to allow you to share the information gathered with your personal doctor for further analysis.


  • The smart baby thermometer takes reading from renal, oral and armpits
  • Fast and accurate while taking readings.
  • Powered by your smartphone’s processor.
  • It offers real-time readings
  • Each member of the family has personal profiles


  • The smart thermometer must be connected to your phone to work
  • It cannot sync across devices.


Body temperature is very vital and an important health indicator. Smart baby thermometers are therefore important and essential tools for you to monitor family health especially kids who are not able to express themselves. They portray different features and use different methods to get temperature reading. The Kinsa QuickCare smart baby thermometer has a number of superior features that make it easy to use and provide accurate readings and it would be highly recommended for use to monitor your family’s body temperature in the most comfortable way.

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