Which home aroma diffuser to choose? 10 best reviewed

Home aroma diffuser has become the norm for those seeking relaxation in their homes, massage parlors or offices. The diffusers disperse essential oils into a room making it have an aroma which is determined by the natural oils used. The essential oils have a chemical composition that enables them to react when they come in contact with a living organism.

In humans, when inhaled, they help in eliminating anxiety, airway blockage, and sleeplessness through aromatherapy which is the manipulation of the state of mind through the olfactory sense. It is important to note that the best essential oils are those that are fully natural so as to avoid inhalation of artificial chemicals. The best diffusers maintain the integrity of these oils by using ultrasonic vaporization technology which unlike the traditional heat vaporization methods, does not break down the oils.

Home aroma diffusers are categorized depending on their function and methods of dispersal. There are heat, nebulizer, humidifying and evaporative oil diffusers all which serve the same purpose through different mechanisms.

Our Pick 


Very quiet ultrasonic operation

Dimmable lights

Environment and health friendly

Automatic shut-off feature

Smaller capacity (150 ml)



Timer and automatic shut-off

7 different LED light colors

Functions also as humidifier

Not suitable for very small rooms

Makes the low buzzing noise


3 factors to consider when choosing the best home aroma diffuser for your home

The strength of the Aroma

Do you want a diffuser with a strong scent or something more subtle? This might help you determine the type of aroma diffuser to choose. If you own pets and want to cover up their scents you might consider a home aroma diffuser with an overpowering scent. On the other hand, subtly scented diffusers can also serve to make you and your family happy.


No one wants a diffuser that runs on a continuous basis. For this reason, you might consider choosing a diffuser with an auto shut off capability or rather one that allows you to set to run at specified times and in particular increments.


You definitely don’t want to spend a fortune on a fantastic diffuser.  You can spend pretty less on a decent home aroma diffuser and realize tremendous results that last forever. So, before buying a diffuser you need to consider whether or not it’s cost-effective.

This review will explore diffusers used at home along with their features in an attempt to find which aroma diffuser one should choose for their home.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Our Pick

The Innogear essential home aroma diffuser is designed for ease of use and personalized use. It has adjustable modes and LED lights which makes it ideal for an aromatherapy session at home. It is also able to operate with lights only and achieve a calming effect. The modes also help in the conservation of water and essential oils which is necessary for this diffuser owing to its small capacity of 150 ml. The small capacity also means small size making it suitable for any room at home.

innogear home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • 3 interchangeable moods
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • 150 ml capacity
  • Auto-shut off feature

Product design and features

Adjustable LED lights

The diffuser has 7 LED light colors which are interchangeable so that one can choose the color that conforms to their mood. To avoid irritation during sleep, the lights can be toggled between bright and dim, this also helps to create a personalized atmosphere.

Changeable working modes

The InnoGear diffuser has three modes; Intermittent mist which releases mist in a sequence to make the mist last longer, a continuous mode which disperses the mist in an unending fine spray which increases the density of the mist and is effective in eliminating odors. Considering not all people are relaxed by light, especially during sleep, the lights off mode is very helpful.

Inhalation of the oils and moisture for long can cause headaches and raised blood pressure. The InnoGear diffuser solves this through the lights only mode which allows for continued relaxation without risking health problems.

Quiet and safe operation

The noise level is considerably low to avoid disturbance and the diffuser shuts off when there is no more water making it safe. Safety is also guaranteed by the chemical-free natural fragrances.


    • The quiet operation which boosts relaxation
    • Dimmable light to avoid inconvenience during sleep
    • Environment and health friendliness
    • Lights only mode which enables for use without irritating lights


  • The diffuser can be clogged by the essential oils used
  • Small capacity causes shorter diffusion periods and frequent refills.

ASAKUKI Premium Essential Oil DiffuserRunner-up

In Japanese, Asakuki means air in the morning which is an analogy for the refreshing aroma the diffuser brings to a home. It utilizes multiple nebulizer modes for the convenience of the user.

asakuki home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • Timer and automatic shut off
  • 7 interchangeable LED light colors
  • Quality materials
  • 500 ml capacity

Product design and features


Besides its aromatherapeutic function, it also works as a humidifier; dispersing moisture into the air to create clean, easy to breathe air. Its tank is large enough to function for hours keeping the air in the home free from dust and pathogens.

Great design and materials

It has a beautiful design that works well with any home setting adding décor and maintaining maximum function. It is made from eco-friendly materials to ensure no harm to the environment or body.

Safety and quiet

Asakuki home aroma diffuser has a quiet function so as not to disrupt relaxation or sleep. It also has an auto turn off feature to shut it off when the water in the tank runs out so that it may not pose danger to the home or overheat.

Adjustable Modes

This essential home aroma diffuser is built for maximum functional ability. It has 7 interchangeable LED colors that have the dark, light and optional light only modes to allow for flexibility of ambiance and two modes of mist function which are continuous and intermittent to control mist density and operation time. It also has the option for timers to preempt the auto shut off feature.


  • Because it uses some nebulizer modes, it releases mists that stay suspended in the air for longer periods for maximum inhalation.
  • Dispersal mechanism does not use heat thus keeping the chemical properties of the essential oils uncompromised.
  • Due to its dispersal power, it can cover large areas eliminating the constriction to small rooms


  • Not suitable for small rooms because of its quick and powerful dispersal
  • Despite being worth every penny, it is considerably expensive
  • Really fragile
  • They are not completely quiet, the low buzz can be noticeable to some people

ELEGIANT Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser and Humidifier

As the name suggests, the Elegiant diffuser and humidifier diffuse essential oils into the air and disperses water particles that humidify the air in a room. It also has the ultra-sonic technology; ultrasonic waves which quietly vaporize the water and disperse essential oils to calm anxiety promote relaxation.

Elegiant home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • Tunable mist mode
  • Optional 7 colors LED lights
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Ultrasonic technology

Product design and features

Personalized home aroma diffuser

The aromas used on the Elegiant diffuser are those of one’s choosing so depending on mood or need, one can choose the type of aroma they wish for. This effect is amplified by the ultrasonic technology utilized in the diffuser. The mist can also be set to disperse continuously or intermittently depending on the strength and length of time intended.


One of the features that make Elegiant unique is the humidifier which moisturizes air to make it breathable and avoid dry, chapped lips and skin.

7-color changeable lights

There are 7 cool lights on the Elegiant essential oil diffuser. These lights are interchangeable so that one may choose the right one for the intended mood and atmosphere.

Quiet operation

Elegiant runs at a noise level of 25db which is quiet enough not to be disturbing or disruptive of sleep. It also shuts off automatically when the water in it dries out which can be up to five hours from refill so one doesn’t have to be alert to monitor it.


  • Quiet
  • Completely healthy and natural
  • Easy to operate


  • Operation time cannot be manipulated
  • Many hours of inhalation can raise blood pressure and cause anxiousness
  • Has to be cleaned regularly to avoid the growth of mold in the tank

Simway Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

The tulip shape shows that this diffuser is designed with aesthetics and comfort in mind. It has features such as ultrasound technology and adjustable timers, lights and mist output to suit the environment one desires. The diffuser has a large capacity and lasts for longer periods than most diffusers.

simway home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • Ultrasonic plate with 2.4MHz frequency
  • Changeable and dimmable 7 color LED lights
  • Auto shut off feature with a timer

Product design and features

Changeable LED lights

The Simway diffuser has LED lights which can be changed among 7 colors to suit the atmosphere. Light can be disturbing when one wishes to relax or sleep, this diffuser is convenient because its LED lights are also dimmable. This feature is useful in further increasing control over the mood.

Aroma diffuser

The diffuser disperses essential oils in the form of mist into the environment to create a sweet fragrance in the room. An aroma dispersal is a form of aromatherapy. With a capacity of 400 ml it can last for 12 continuous hours and longer if the mist is set to low mode.

Quiet Ultrasonic technology

The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology with a noise level of zero. It produces a fine mist and can be set to turn off at the desired time but it turns off automatically when empty of water. The ultrasonic technology does not use heat thus maintaining the natural components of the essential oils used.

Adjustable timers and mist dispersal

Inhalation of moisturized air for long is not healthy, in this diffuser, the volume of mist dispersed can be changed to the high or low mode and the automatic shut off timers set to an hour, 3 or six according to desired time and volume. This controls the amount of mist and the length time in which it is inhaled avoiding the effects of too much inhalation like increased blood pressure.


  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable mode for energy and essential oils saving
  • The tank is easy to clean


  • The dispersed oils do not stay in the air long enough for maximum inhalation.

Hippih Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is designed to be functional as well as therapeutic with its adjustable lights, modes and humidifier and the extra normal light. It has both the functions of a diffuser and a humidifier which makes it an excellent choice. With its use of ultrasonic dispersal system and natural essential oils, it is a healthy choice for aromatherapy.

hippih home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • Ultrasonic dispersal system
  • Adjustable modes
  • 300ml capacity
  • Mist humidifier

Product design and features

Diffuser and humidifier

The Hippih diffuser serves both as a diffuser, dispersing essential oils into the air to produce a sweet aroma and as a humidifier to keep the air moisturized for the comfort of breathing and moisturized skin. Humidifiers have more dispersal power thus the dual function of the Hippih diffuser makes it an excellent choice for rooms of any size.

Auto shut off feature

The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water is all used up to avoid damage to the diffuser and save energy.

Adjustable LED lights

The lights on the diffuser are interchangeable to avoid the rigidity of mood and enable the setting of the mood as one wishes. Colored lights can sometimes be disturbing to the eye depending on an individual. In consideration of this, the Hippih diffuser has a normal light on top of the seven-colored lights.


  • Has great dispersal power making it ideal for large rooms
  • Safe due to the auto- shut off feature
  • Adjustable modes for personalization of the ambiance


  • Easily damageable due to the brittle design
  • The humidifier can grow mold which can cause sickness if dispersed
  • Light can be irritating during sleep

SimpleTaste Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Traditionally, humidifying was done by boiling water to vaporize it. This method, when integrated with the diffusion of essential oils is not healthy because the heat breaks down the essential oils and compromises their natural chemical integrity. Humidifiers that use ultrasound technology are the best for humidifying a home while diffusing essential oils.

The SimpleTaste humidifier is one such humidifier; with its high-frequency ultrasound mechanism, it disperses atomized water molecules into the atmosphere to moisturize it. Its design gravitates more to humidifying than diffusing essential oils but it has a compartment with a sponge into which essential oils can be soaked to allow for dispersion.

simpletaste home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • 3-liter capacity
  • High-frequency ultrasound water atomization
  • Quiet operation
  • 7-color LED light (cyclable)

Product design and features

Ultrasonic oscillation technology

To disperse water as particles small enough to be cool mist, the SimpleTaste humidifier atomizes water to particles of 1-5 um. The mechanism also, optionally, disperses essential oils from the integrated unit containing the diffuser. The nozzle can turn 360 degrees for the sake of convenience.

Cyclable 7-color LED light

The humidifier has 7-colors which are interchangeable to suit the desired atmosphere. The lights can also be set to cycle creating a serene and interesting environment.

Safety and health

To ensure cleanliness and health, the humidifier has a nozzle which is viable for 500 hours. The automatic shut-off feature is there to ensure that the humidifier turns off when the water runs out keeping the humidifier and home safe and saving energy.


  • Large capacity allows for longer use without the refill.
  • Eliminates static energy which is present in the dry air.
  • Portable
  • The release of moisture into the air prevents dehydration and spread of pathogens


  • Water vapor can be destructive to furniture and structure.
  • Inhalation of water vapor for long can cause headaches and nausea.
  • Lower mist power thus slower dispersion of essential oils
  • Use for aromatherapy is limited to small rooms due to lower dispersal power.

Urpower Home Aroma Diffuser

This diffuser is made to produce essential oil aromas and humidify the air in a room. It has a 100 ml capacity and uses only pure natural essential oils to maintain health standards. It is designed to fit the home for aesthetics and boost relaxation due to its quiet operation. Its small capacity can be inconvenient but not completely unsolvable; the adjustable mist modes allow for the choice of the volume of mist dispersed per unit time thus the ability to operate for longer.

urpower home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • 7 color LED lights.
  • Tunable mist mode
  • Auto-shutoff feature

Product design and feature

Ultrasonic diffusion technology

The diffuser is designed to vaporize the mixture of water and essential oils without using heat so as to maintain the chemical integrity of the oils used. The technology also enables quiet operation for convenience when relaxing or sleeping. The essential oils used to determine the aroma as per their mixtures.


Other than its primary function; aroma diffusion, the urpower diffuser disperses moisture into the air to keep the air moist and get rid of dry air which causes dry sinuses, coughing and fitful sleep. This also discourages pathogens and disease spread keeping family members healthy.

Adjustable Modes

There are no specific settings for relaxation that suit everybody and if there were, they wouldn’t suit every mood. The urpower diffuser has adjustable mist modes to determine the density of mist required and interchangeable LED lights that can be set to cycle to adjust the ambiance as one wishes. These modes allow one to set the atmosphere one deems good for relaxation.


  • It speeds up relaxation by releasing fine particles of essential oils which help the body absorb them faster.
  • Boosts health by moisturizing the air
  • Safe due to the auto shut off feature


  • The LED light can be disturbing if unwanted
  • Some essential oils can clog the diffuser and cause damage

Mynt Essential Oil Diffuser

This home aroma diffuser is compact in design to fit most rooms. Even with its small size, 100 ml, it is engineered to conserve moisture to last longer through the intermittent mode and the lack of condensation.

mynt home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • 100 ml capacity
  • Dual operation mode
  • Compact design
  • 30db noise level

Product design and features

Compact and anti-condensation design

The Mynt essential home aroma diffuser is designed with a small base and minute body meaning it can be placed in any room and on most surfaces. The internal tank is designed to avoid condensation and dripping keeping surfaces dry and saving moisture for longer operation time.

Adjustable modes and light

This diffuser is built with operation time and relaxation in mind. It has a continuous mist mode for short-lived strong aroma mists and an intermittent mode for longer lasting refreshment. With 7 colors, its light is adjustable as per one’s whims.

Quiet operation

It would be counter-purposeful to have a relaxing ambiance and aroma with beeps and hums from the diffuser. At 30db, Mynt is quiet enough to allow sound sleep or deep meditation.

Safe and healthy

Made from environmentally friendly materials; BPA free and FDA approved, Mynt poses no threat to the environment or one’s health. The use of natural essential oils also means that no chemicals are inhaled from the diffuser.


  • Healthy due to the environmental friendly pp plastic used to make it.
  • The anti-condensation feature means longer operation time despite the small size.
  • It has aesthetic value due to its great design.


  • The noise level is low, but not low enough for complete quiet.
  • It is limited to small rooms if one wants it to double up as a humidifier.

Aptoyu Aromatherapy Diffuser with Timer

This diffuser is with a wood grain design and uses ultrasonic technology for quiet operation to boost the aromatherapeutic effect of the essential oils. With adjustable modes and a timer, the Aptoyu aromatherapy diffuser enables for a personalized ambiance.

aptoyu home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • Auto-shutoff
  • 300 ml capacity
  • 7 interchangeable LED lights

Product design and features

Quiet operation

Even with the aroma, therapy is impossible with high noise levels. The ultrasonic technology used in the diffuser ensures quiet operation without which the hums and beeps would hinder sleep and relaxation.

Auto shut off and timer

Safety is a top priority when dealing with electric appliances. The diffuser is no different; it has an auto shut off feature which prevents overheating and reduces risk to the family members. The timer which allows for the setting of shut off time ensures that energy is saved and the density of mist and fragrance is to one’s satisfaction.

Changeable Modes

The diffuser can have personalized operation in that it has adjustable modes for mist output time; 2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs or continuous output. The 7 LED lights on the diffuser are interchangeable to suit the right mood for sleep and relaxation. To combat insomnia, the light has a night light which combines with the fragrance to induce relaxation during sleep.


  • Timer which makes the diffuser safe and energy saving
  • The nightlight to enable diffusion even when asleep for those for prefer lights out
  • Adjustable modes to enable personalization


  • Diffusion is not completely effective because the oils stay suspended for short periods.
  • It has a comparatively low moisturizing effect

VicTsing Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

The Victsing essential home aroma diffuser has been designed for environment friendliness owing to its quiet, chemical-free design and operation. With its aroma diffusion, this diffuser helps one sleep better, reduces anxiety, uplifts the mood a betters breathing.

victsing home aroma diffuser

Key features

  • Adjustable power options
  • Reduced noise
  • Ultrasonic home aroma diffuser

Product design and features

Large capacity

This diffuser has a water tank with a capacity of 500ml. This is large enough to run for 14 continuous hours in low mist mode keeping the home fresher for longer and covering wide areas. With Victsing, the size of the room is not a factor when it comes to aromatherapy.

Adjustable Modes

It has separate buttons for power to regulate the amount of energy used, timers to set the duration one wishes it to run consequently saving energy and essential oils and high or low mist modes to determine the output of mist. There are also adjustable LED lights that can be toggled with to create the right ambiance. These adjustable modes allow for one personalized aromatherapy


The home aroma diffuser is built to be environmentally friendly and safe for home use. It is made from BPA- free materials to make sure the essential oils used are not contaminated with any chemicals from the diffuser.


  • Affordable
  • Also acts as a humidifier in small spaces
  • The plastic tank is easy to clean
  • The essential oils used to purify the air


  • Plastic cannot be completely environmentally friendly, especially during disposal.

Bottom Line

Human nature has been proven to follow certain patterns and react to specific features of the environment such as light, sound, and aroma; the rate and strength of these factors that is the variable. Each individual has preferences for the level and type of light which is the reason the best diffusers are those with a wide range of light colors and different modes for the same. An ambiance that is to one’s liking and is adjustable according to mood or occasion is really important for relaxation. Noise is never a relaxing feature but soft hums can help in aromatherapy. However, quiet is preferred for sleep so one should make sure the home aroma diffuser they choose has an ultrasonic mechanism that is as quiet as possible.

The main function of diffusers is to disperse essential oils into the air. The essential oils should be preferably natural and the vaporizing mechanism is best if it does not use heat, which would compromise the chemical integrity of the oils. The best diffusers have adjustable modes to determine how the aroma is diffused and for how long to suit their needs. It is also important that one considers the size of the room when choosing which home aroma diffuser to use because the large room would require diffusers with large tank capacities and a wide area of dispersion and vice versa for small rooms. The best diffusers for aromatherapy are nebulizers and ultrasonic diffusers which use vapors and cold mists.

Taking all this into consideration, the best choice for essential home aroma diffuser varies from home to home and person to person. But our personal choice is Innogear essential home aroma diffuser.

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