Which Home Automation Hub to Choose?

Many times we feel the need to optimize the houses or apartments in order to meet our needs of automated usage. We are currently in an era of technological advancements and have come a long way in terms of technology. One such way to automate the home is to use a home automation device; also known as a home automation hub. This is basically a hub of hardware and software components that communicate with each other via networks. These devices send control signals over the networks in order to make functionality possible.

The smart home automation hub collects and processes several data using various protocol communications. It can be said that a home automation hub acts as a centralized device where all other devices are connected. It serves as the major control and communications unit of the entire communication network.

Our Pick 

Samsung SmartThings 

Compatible with Alexa

Availability of cloud integration

Remote access

A free application for your phone to keep better track


Philips Hue

Compatible with Alexa

Cloud storage features

Convenient alarm-scheduling

It takes a longer time to register the hue lights


Samsung SmartThings HubOur Pick

Samsung is one of the leading innovative organizations in the world. They have been able to command respect in the field of technology through several laudable efforts. Samsung has yearned to produce the top-quality products that align themselves with the job market. The Smart Things home automation hub is one such product that is bound to provide a great user experience.

samsung home automation hub


  • Versatility
  • Adaptability
  • Cloud integration available
  • Remote access
  • User-friendly


The Samsung Smart Things Smart Home Hub is an effective device that can control all your smart automated devices remotely. The home automation hub is one of the best on the market as it is cost-effective, reliable and extremely safe to use. The home automation hub is very versatile as it is easily compatible with several smart devices such as lights, speakers, thermostats and so on.


The Samsung Smart Things hub also allows you to let your devices learn what actions they need to perform when you sleep, wake up or are trying to have a romantic moment.

Availability of cloud integration

While the home automation hub is available offline as well, the device also uses the cloud service to keep track of your data.

Remote access

The hub can also be accessed and controlled via cloud services from a remote location as well. The Samsung Smart Things Home automation hub is definitely one of the best products out there on the market. Not only has Samsung managed to provide a versatile device with a diverse range of sensors, but they have also made it reliable and robust.


  • Since the hub connects with cameras as well, the automation hub also provides the facility to monitor your home remotely.
  • The device is also compatible with Alexa in order to offer a voice-controlled interface to the user.
  • It also comes with a free application for your phone so you can keep better track.


  • Some compatible components may not work as efficiently or smoothly as you want them to, which may be inconvenient.

Philips Hue Smart HubRunner-up

Perhaps, Philips needs no introduction when it comes to the production of top-of-the-line products that are reliable, robust and cost-friendly. Philips endeavors to perpetuate a sense of control over your devices inside the house so you feel autonomous. The Philips Hue Smart Hub is basically Philip’s flagship home automation hub device that has garnered several other reviews in its favor.

philips home automation hub


  • Easy integration
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Cloud storage features
  • Convenient alarm-scheduling

Easy integration

Users can add up to 50 home and hue devices with the Philips Hue Smart Hub which can be linked through ZigBee devices. The Philips Hue Smart Hub is the pinnacle of human innovation. The Philips Hue is your personal assistant for hue lighting in your humble abode. Hue offers a voice-controlled interface that is easy to use and manage.


The home automation hub is also compatible with several voice-activated personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and so on. With this product, you can even schedule alarms or timers so that particular lighting can be dimmed, turned off or on when needed.

Cloud storage features

The Philips Hue Automation Hub is one of the best home automation devices present on the market. Not only can it be controlled remotely, but it also provides security and compatibility on a large scale. It incorporates an online cloud storage system and cloud access system so, even if you are miles away from your house, you can still be in charge of your house.


  • Users can control the automation hub even when they are away from home via an Android or iOS application.
  • Users can dim the hue lighting according to their comfort and liking. Several options exist to dim the lighting.
  • It is completely compatible with Amazon Alexa, making it more flexible for home use.


  • It takes a longer time to register the hue lights; this can be particularly inconvenient when you want to get work done faster.

Hubitat Elevation

Hubitat has become the forerunner when it comes to smart automation hubs for homes. They have always yearned to produce top-of-the-line devices that are capable of providing the best kind of experience to the user. Not only is the Hubitat Elevation home automation hub safe and durable, but it is also very easy to use and maintain. The Hubitat Elevation Home automation hub provides several useful features with the device. Not only are do these features facilitate the user; they also enhance or rather “elevate” the experience.

hubitat home automation hub


  • Compatibility
  • Convenient migration
  • Works using edge computing
  • Independent cloud service
  • Multiple connectivity options


The Hubitat Home Automation hub supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, Lutron and, other IP devices. Basically, the hub connects to all devices with popular or standard network protocols. The Hubitat Elevation Home automation hub is a reliable, secure and robust system of automated devices that communicate via networks. Not only is the device extremely easy to set up, but it is also efficient and fast. However, the major drawback is that it cannot be used remotely.

Convenient migration

Hubitat Elevation hub provides several easy methods for you to use if you want to migrate to Hubitat from Wink, SmartThings or any other kind of automation hub. There are several tutorials and instruction manuals available to be read and used.

Edge computing

It also provides the facility of edge computing. This makes the hub extremely fast with all the control signals it sends.


  • It is not dependent on cloud services, making your data private and secure.
  • The home automation hub is completely compatible with ZigBee, Z-Wave and other IP devices or LAN devices.
  • The automation hub is completely independent of the cloud services. This ensures that your devices will work perfectly each time.
  • It only requires the user to have an internet connection on the first run


  • The Hubitat Home Automation hub cannot be used remotely because it does not work on cloud services.
  • The Hubitat customer service and maintenance procedures and lengthy and slow, making for an overall bad experience.

Wink Connected Home Hub

Following the introduction of smart home automation hubs in the industry, Wink has been making significant progress. The home automation hub called Wink has been praised for its diverse range of compatible devices and also for its robust working nature. Wink has also been attributed to being small and easy to fit anywhere.

wink connected home automation hub


  • Supports several devices
  • Easy integration
  • User-friendly features
  • Compact design
  • Cloud storage features available
  • Mobile app control

Mobile app control

The Wink comes in with several inherent features that offer compatibility, security, and reliability. All the features of Wink can be accessed from a mobile application which is available for free. The Wink app is able to control all the devices which you connect to the Wink Home Hub thereby providing an easy interface for all the devices in the house.

Multiple adaptabilities

The Wink home automation hub supports several device types such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, window sensors and, door sensors etc. The product is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to have a voice-activated control over all of your devices. The Wink home automation hub is one of the most diverse and reliable hubs present on the market. The diversity and versatility of the device make it a more viable option for users who wish to completely automate their homes and soon, their lives.

Easy integration

The home automation hub also allows you to control several devices at once through a special feature in the Wink application. It integrates all the devices and you can save different settings according to your device al set them all on one universal program.


  • It has several inherent machine learning and deep learning algorithms which can learn procedures for when you enter the house or leave the house.
  • The Wink application can connect almost every other device that you may have in your house, including the door sensors and the window sensors.
  • The Wink home automation hub lets you control multiple devices at once, so you can perform your tasks faster.


  • There exist some serious connectivity issues with the Wink Connected Home hub as the device frequently disconnects from the cloud.

Wink Hub 2

With the advent of the Wink Hub, the manufacturers decided to produce another technological marvel with greater versatility and connectivity, called the Wink Hub 2. Wink has somewhat re-designed their device to fit better and to connect to a wider array of devices and smart devices.

wink hub 2 home automation hub


  • Remote access
  • Full compatibility with popular services
  • Superior integration via the advanced mobile app
  • User-friendly platform
  • Easy Wi-Fi set up

Other than ultimate compatibility, the device’s main re-designed feature is the Wink application. The application provides an interface to the actual features of the home automation hub thereby providing an enhanced experience.

Full compatibility with popular services

The device is now completely compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant, providing an easier and better voice-controlled interface for the user. The Wink 2 Hub is definitely an improvement from the Wink home automation hub as it has greater versatility and is faster in processing. Overall, the Wink 2 would be highly recommended by us.

Superior integration through the advanced mobile app

The Wink Hub 2 can accommodate up to 400+ smart devices to the hub which you can control through the Wink app. The Wink 2 Hub supports a wide range of connections; from Bluetooth to ZigBee and Z-Wave and many others which have not been mentioned.

Remote access

The Wink 2 Hub connects to the internet and lets the user remotely control the smart devices and monitor the house as well through IP Cameras.


  • The Wink 2 home automation hub comes with an application that can remotely control the doors, lights, windows and even other smart devices.
  • The device hub is easy to install and hardly takes any time setting up. This can be credited to the fast processors built inside the hub.
  • It can pair up to 500+ devices ensuring that the user has a proper smart home setup with all the devices connected on a single platform.


  • One major problem with the Wink 2 hub is that the device sometimes loses connectivity and must be reset in order for it to connect again.

Insteon Hub

Insteon is relatively new to the home automation industry. However, it has been slowly making its mark on the industry and has managed to grab a loyal following of customers as well. The Insteon Hub is popular due to its excellent connectivity with the devices as well as your smartphone.

insteon home automation hub


  • Dual band technology
  • Instant temperature controls
  • Highly adaptable
  • Home security connectivity

Dual band technology

It uses dual-band technology to communicate with the devices. It uses a set of the network as well as power signals to initiate a connection. The device also allows you to monitor your house using smart cameras.

Instant temperature controls

The device can connect to the thermostat thereby providing instant temperature control in one place, which is your smartphone.

Highly adaptable

The Insteon home automation hub automatically learns the patterns and trends of your devices and allows you to control lighting in the house. While the Insteon Hub is new, it still lacks some basic features needed to put it on the top of the list and dominate the market. However, for some smaller and cheaper purposes, this device may be the best out there.


  • The hub uses a mesh of wireless network signals and power signals to communicate.
  • It connects to Amazon Alexa thereby providing a better voice-controlled interface.
  • Setting up the hub is easy and takes very little time as compared to other home automation hubs that may take several hours to get ready for first use.


  • There is hardly any memory to retain scenes or settings causing severe inconvenience in case it has to be reset.


That brings us to the end of the reviews of home automation hubs. Considering all the devices that we have reviewed previously, we can say, without a doubt that the Samsung Smart Things Hub is the best home automation hub present on the market.

Not only is it compatible with several other devices, but it is also highly reliable for remote usage. The machine learning algorithms are some of the best we have seen in a while. Overall, the device is certainly worth purchasing and installing.

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