Which Smart Home Humidifier to Choose? Top 4 reviewed

How much humidity is important for us? You realize it only when the weather starts getting really dry. However, it doesn’t only happen in winters only. Rather, you might face it if your air conditioner remains on for prolonged time period. The dry air creates certain health problems like a cough, dry nasal, skin, and other multiple issues. Toddlers and infants especially accept the impact. In the result, they become victim to various skin, throat, and nasal ailments.

Fortunately, you have a way to control this impasse by getting a humidifier. There is a huge variety of these devices available in the market. How can I add further convenience? It is by purchasing the Smart Home Humidifier.

These devices besides providing humidity come with a plethora of other useful features too. In this post, I’m going to review the top 4 Smart home humidifiers. It will somehow ease up your selection process by giving the direction about its incredible features’ options.

Our Pick 


Three mist levels settings

Bulit-in filter

Noiseless operation

It only gives a cool mist



Gives both warm and cool mist

Gives information of actual humidity

Noiseless working

Might be hard to handle this large system


iTvanila Humidifier Our Pick

This iTvanila Ultrasonic Smart Home Humidifier looks unique. This model comes with different remarkable features. It gives easy access along with automatic humidity control and dissimilar mist levels. It also makes sure to deliver clean and healthy mist around you by filtering the water inside. Furthermore, its big water capacity, aromatherapy, and quiet functioning made us add it to our top products’ list.

iTvanila Smart Home Humidifier


  • Disperses mist at an adequate height
  • 5L water capacity
  • Senses humidity on its own
  • Acquires optimal humidity level
  • Gives remote control access
  • Three mist levels settings
  • Built-in filter
  • Noiseless operation

Striking appearance

You may see a huge variety of humidifiers in the market. What if you can get a vase like a humidifier that goes exactly with your home décor? It would definitely be an additional benefit. This Smart Home Humidifier comes with a very charming appearance.

Even at first glance, it will be hard to identify what actually this item is. The serene white color along with sleek looking body structure makes this humidifier a must have a thing in your home. Besides its nice looks, it keeps your home clean as well. You must be wondering how? Well, it prevents mists from wetting your carpet or floor. Rather, it disperses it at the height of 160cm. Imagine how would it feel to see your floor soggy every time? It will irritate you despite having an efficient humidifier inside your home.

Smart Working

This Smart Home Humidifier maintains the health of your atmosphere in a smart way. How? Firstly, it detects the humidity level of your room then it identifies the Relative Humidity based on the surroundings.

What’s the next step? It then releases mist accordingly. On reaching the Relative Humidity level of 65%, it will shut off automatically. However, when the humidity level would start decreasing, it will start working again. What else could you ask from your Smart Humidifier?

Well, it will let you know about humidity levels as well. This Smart Home Humidifier comes with color indicators. It will show orange for dry, green for relatively less dry, and the blue for the perfect atmosphere.

Integrated filter

Are you excessively conscious about your home’s surroundings? Do you want your baby to breath in pure air? iTvanila has something in this regard as well. This Smart Home Humidifier contains built-in filters and activated carbon purification. It thus disperses clean and pure air around you.


  • It possesses attractive appearance.
  • Because of its built-in filter, it disperses clean and healthy mist all around.
  • It doesn’t make noise while working.
  • With its diffuser, you can use any essential oil to refresh your home.
  • It can also automatically control the humidity of your room.


  • It only gives a cool mist.
  • Water filling in this humidifier might be a difficult task for you.

LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier

This LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier is able to accommodate large rooms. It comes with an incredible water capacity of 6 liters. Furthermore, it provides both warm and cool mist for all types of weather. It gives ease of use with its remote control access while delivering its services silently. All these remarkable features made us add this product to top Smart Home Humidifiers.

levoit Smart Home Humidifier


  • Gives both warm and cool mist
  • Gives information of actual humidity
  • Quick performance
  • Comes with remote control
  • 6L water capacity
  • Noiseless working
  • Automatic mist diffusion
  • Certified and high-quality material

Flexible features

This Smart Home Humidifier comes with a number of flexible features. Majorly, you can use this device all around the year. How? It is because of its different available modes. You can take advantage of both warm and cool mist. The additional benefit of warm mist is its ability to kill bacteria present inside the water.

What’s more? It contains 360 degrees dual nozzle. It assists in spreading the mist evenly all around you. Besides, it also allows you to adjust the speed of the mist. Therefore, you won’t have to wait in order to acquire your required humidity level.


It is another important attribute of this Smart Home Humidifier. Firstly, it detects and displays the actual humidity level on the screen. It makes you aware of the situation around you. Thus, you can take the required action. Furthermore, it also comes with auto mode. This mode diffuses the required amount of mist in your room.

That’s not all. . . In order to provide you with ease of accessing this device, it gives both remote control and touch control options. Thus, you can change its settings without going near it. This humidifier also comes with very big water capacity. As the result, you won’t need to worry about its refilling repeatedly.

High Quality

With all advanced features, the important factor of any item is its durability. This Levoit Smart Home Humidifier contains exclusive ABS plastic. Therefore, it becomes less expose to breakages. It also provides a leak-proof design. Furthermore, for your satisfaction, this item is CE & ETL certified and comes with lifetime Levoit’s support.


  • It comes with a big water capacity.
  • The humidifier delivers both warm and cool mist.
  • It spreads mist faster as compared to other humidifiers.
  • You will get aroma and absorption pads with it.


  • You might find it hard to handle this large system.

Motorola Humidifier

Motorola is a renowned name for manufacturing high-quality products. The supreme quality becomes more important when you’re going to use any product around your kids/babies. Besides the manufacturer’s reputation, this Humidifier allows you to make a number of adjustments. You can enjoy the ease of use, versatility, automatic control, and many other useful features under one product. All these reasons have made us add this product to our top Smart Home Humidifier’s list.

motorola Smart Home Humidifier


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Allows control from compatible devices
  • Provides four-speed adjustments
  • Includes night light
  • 5-gallon water capacity
  • Gives 30 hrs runtime
  • Monitors humidity status
  • Automatic humidity control

Versatile humidity settings

The incredible feature of this Smart Humidifier is its flexible adjustments. How would you feel operating your equipment for just creating a humid atmosphere at one speed/mode? Of course, it would not fulfill our everyday requirements. In order to handle this problem, this Motorola device offers various adjustments. Thus, you can either make this humidifier to deliver either cool or warm mist. This feature can be a great boon for different weathers as well.

Well, this is not the only setting you can make. You can also change its speed at four different levels. It means this one of the best Smart Home Humidifier is going to provide what actually you want. This feature alone is enough to impact positively on your mood.


The ease of use factor depicts how much effort you would have to put in order to make it work properly. What about controlling humidifiers just by few clicks? It will be a real blessing, as it would spare you from getting out of your couch/bed every time you need to set any value. For your ease, this Smart Home Humidifier comes with a Hubble app. You can use it with any compatible smart device. Moreover, you can also change its settings from the nice and clear LCD display it possesses on its front.

Smart Detection

Nice appearance and adequate water capacity is a feature you might get in many other humidifiers as well. This Smart Home Humidifier comes with Humidistat as well. It detects the humidity level of your room and displays it on its LCD. Moreover, it also controls humidity according to it. However, you can also operate it with its timer of 12 hours for creating a precise humid atmosphere.


  • It is easy to control because of its connectivity with compatible devices.
  • You can adjust the speed at four different values according to your requirements.
  • It includes night light.
  • The humidifier measures the humidity level.
  • It provides healthy surroundings by controlling the room’s humidity level automatically.


  • Its app sometimes loses connection with the device.
  • You can’t turn off the night light completely.

LEVOIT Humidifier

This Ultrasonic Humidifier of USA brand Levoit brings with it multiple incredible features. Besides offering adequate water capacity, it gives multiple humidity adjustment options as well. Ease of use and automatic features are its other amazing attributes. The LEVOIT aims to bring health and relaxation inside your home. This Smart Home Humidifier completely reflects their mission.

levoit 5,5 Smart Home Humidifier


  • Warm and cool mist options
  • Five different Mist levels
  • Detects external humidity levels
  • Maintains optimal humidity
  • Provides remote control
  • Clear LCD display
  • 5L water capacity
  • Offers aromatherapy

Customized humidity

With Levoit Smart Home Humidifier, you can adjust the mist type right according to your choice. If the weather outside is hot and dry, opt for cool mist. It will alleviate your nasal and throat problem. However, if you are looking for something slightly warm and gentle, switch to warm mist. It will not only relieve your health problems but would also kill bacteria present in the water. This feature is particularly useful for those who are conscious to maintain a healthy atmosphere around their kids.

Moreover, you can also adjust the speed of mist at five different levels. Now, calming the irritated throat of your baby wouldn’t be a long-lasting problem. You can set the device at high speed for its instant working. It will help in relieving your baby soon.

Effortless access

Another worth mentioning feature of this Smart Home Humidifier is the convenience. How about adjusting your surroundings without making any effort? Levoit ensures easy operation of its device. Thus, you can change mist speed, mist type, humidity level, and timer control all by its spontaneous touch panel. Moreover, you can enjoy controlling all these attributes by its remote as well.

Besides accessing the device, its maintenance is also very simple. It doesn’t involve any rocket science that you may need to seek some professional assistance. You can carry out the cleanliness process just with water and cleaning brush.

Auto Handling

Do you want your Smart Home Humidifier to work smartly? If you are busy or tired enough to make adjustments on your own, leave it on the Levoit Humidifier. It not only detects Relative Humidity and displays it, but would also manage it on its own. All you would need to do is to opt for Auto mode. It will set its output according to the surrounding temperature.


  • It’s warm and cool mist deals with health issues in all weathers.
  • Because of its dual 360 degrees nozzles, it spreads mist in all directions.
  • With its auto mode feature, it keeps humidity at the right level.
  • You can perform all its controls by a touch panel and remote control as well.


  • You might feel difficulty in filling the water
  • You might feel the very light aroma of your essential oil.


Humidifiers are a great invention that helps you to deal with outside atmospheric conditions easily. An adequate amount of humidity is very important for the normal functioning of our bodies. However, the situation gets worse when we have dry air around.

In this write-up, I have reviewed a few top Smart Home Humidifiers. The purpose was to make you aware of the best possible options available in the market. Moreover, it can also aid in knowing about advanced available features you can avail in humidifiers.

As you have read, all these Smart Humidifiers come with various remarkable features. It makes them stand among top products. However, if I were asked about the best one, I would go for iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier. What’s the reason? It offers ease of access to automatic mist detection, dispersion, and aromatherapy. Thus, it maintains the best atmosphere around you. Moreover, its built-in filters and eye-catching looks are enough to grab anyone’s attention. Its unique design also prevents mist from wetting your floor/carpet. In short, it is a complete package that you might ask for your home.

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