Which wireless sprinkler system is the best? Top 7 Reviewed

Technology now holds a very special place in our lives. We can’t imagine a day without it as we generously use it in our homes, offices and on the go. With the increased use of the internet and smartphones the trend of smart home keeping is on the rampage in recent years. There is nothing more convenient than having all the appliances just a tap away. Similar is the case with a wireless sprinkler system.

Lawn maintenance is one hectic job if you are not interested in it. For this reason, you can use the benefits of a wireless sprinkler system and control it with your phone even if you are not at home. To save your energy and time I have developed a list of top 7 best wireless sprinklers for your convenience.

Our Pick 


Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence

Smart controller

Works with Alexa

Some issues with installation



Ultimate timer and Wi-Fi control 

Easy to configure and use

Voice control with Alexa

Some problems with the customer service


So let’s get on with it!

Rachio 3 Sprinkler ControllerOur Pick

The Rachio 3 wireless sprinkler system is top of the line product that comes with advanced functionalities. You have to connect your smartphone, laptop, or tablets with Rachio app for caring your lawn. You can control this Rachio 3 from a connected system as well as you can control it by yourself if you are in the zone.

rachio wireless sprinkler system


  • Unbeatable usability
  • Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence
  • Smart Controller
  • Wi-Fi sprinkler works with Alexa
  • Available in three sizes

Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence

This is the best wireless sprinkler system that comes with Hyperlocal weather intelligence. It tracks your location and forecasts the exact lawn location then accordingly adjusts watering. The Rachio is ideal for your garden because it uses comprehensive radar, satellite, and weather stations to collect data from up to a quarter million sources. The company makes sure to not water the garden in the wind, rain, or snow. No other wireless sprinkler system provides this kind of weather monitoring.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

The powerful hardware, sleek design, and smart sprinkler controller make this product an advanced and updated smart watering system. You can control the Rachio watering system with individual zone such as start, pause, stop, and skip. If you have, a plan to go outside and watering the garden is compulsory for your plants then you can make a custom run schedule. It automatically sprinkles the water as per the defined settings.

Ideal for Lawn

You can connect Rachio 3 wireless sprinkler system with the app for full control. You can also set the schedule to tell the Rachio sun exposure and plant type, which instructs the machine for watering. As per your input, it automatically waters your lawn with an exact quantity. The transformer input has 60Hz, 120 VAC, 300mA, and transformer output have 1000mA and 24 VAC. The zone 24 VAC output is compatible with Solenoids 24VAC.


  • You can customize the water frequency and time according to your specific landscape by using the intuitive schedules.
  • The exclusive Hyperlocal weather intelligence feature makes this product the highest rated product because it watering the garden according to t weather conditions.
  • You can also control the Rachio 3 system with your voice by using Alexa.
  • It can accessible in three different sizes such as 08 zone, 16 zones, and enclosure.
  • The powerful hardware, sleek design, and smart sprinkler controller make this product an advanced and updated potential smart watering.


  • The durability and reliability are
  • The electrical skills are required for installation and no setup instructions come with this product.

Orbit WiFi Timer

The Orbit presents the wireless sprinkler system provides security and durability simultaneously for your garden. The B-hyve sprinkler timer comprises a weather-resistant case that allows you to keep the timer outdoor or indoor confidently without any weather damage risk. The locking cabinet also keeps the timer safe from harm in any weather condition.

orbit wireless sprinkler system


  • Ultimate timer and Wi-Fi control
  • WeatherSense technology
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Certified to save money and water
  • Enhanced security and durability
  • Voice Control with Alexa
  • Schedule for landscape

WeatherSense Technology

This wireless sprinkler system works on WeatherSense technology, which looks at the weather forecast and shuts off the water if the snow, rain, or wind starts. After that, this system recalculates the watering schedule that is set by you. The automatic rain delay feature automatically stops the system, which helps to save the money and water. It sprinkles water based on site situation like soil type, historical ET, slope, sun/shade, and live weather feeds.

Ultimate Timer & Wi-Fi Controller

The ultimate timer and Wi-Fi controller is the first class innovation that offers easy installation and works according to B-hyve state-of-the-art app. You can customize the watering through your tablets, laptop, or smartphone in this wireless sprinkler system. Your B-hyve can control the timer that makes this product smart. This app offers traditional programs, automatic smart watering, and updated settings.

That’s not all . . . B-hyve is fully functional for iOS, Android, and web devices.

Certified for Save Money & Water

This device is certified and approved by EPA WaterSense, which ensure you to save energy and water simultaneously. This makes the B-hyve an eligible timer for local rebates that can save more than 100 percent cost. As compared to a traditional controller, you can integrate the B-hyve time along with Catch Orbit 26250 Cups to save up to 50 percent more water.


  • You can use the fully functional B-hyve app for iOS, Android, or web devices that are compatible with the Orbit Wi-Fi timer.
  • The Orbit presents the perfect watering and irrigation systems for your garden plus, SWAT and WaterSense protocol ensures to save water and energy.
  • This best wireless sprinkler system is accessible in two sizes that offer two stations such as 06 stations or 12 stations Wi-Fi timer with enhanced security and durability.
  • The swing panel and angled wiring terminals make it easy to install and use as well as stop watering the garden during the rain.
  • You can control this system of watering from anywhere but all controllers require a Wi-Fi connection.


  • The customer service of the Orbit is awful.

Netro Sprinkler Controller

The Netro designed the perfect outdoor wireless sprinkler system, which minimizes the unnecessary use of water and keeps the lawn on the mend. The traditional sprinkler system is used manually but this is the fully automatic watering system. Netro knows the best way to water the garden as well as how much water frequency is required for your plants.

netro wireless sprinkler system


  • Eco-friendly sprinkle controller
  • Smart watering for every home
  • Remote control access
  • Weather awareness
  • Plant & soil data
  • Water restriction
  • Auto schedule

Weather Awareness

The Netro wireless sprinkler system with weather awareness gives you consistent weather alert. Why does this matter? The historical climate and local weather alert help to reduce water consumption. You can also restrict the water frequency according to your plants and garden requirements. It gives alert and auto-complies the required watering rules in your landscape.

Remote Controlled Access

If you are on the road and want to monitor the garden, then you can monitor this wireless sprinkler system from anywhere with having an internet connection.

You can connect your devices with Wi-Fi 2.4-G by using Android 5.0V or more and iOS 8.3 or more. But here is a catch, Netro app is not accessible from web devices.

Smart Watering for Every Home

The Netro wireless sprinkler system is comprised of watering technology that offers a smart way to water your garden and keep it healthier. This product preserves your sprinkler system and plants. It does not water during the night, improper temperature because frequently water makes the lawn soggy.


  • The historical statistics and weather forecasting save more than 50 percent usage of outdoor water with water-saving technology, which presents the Netro Eco-friendly sprinkler system.
  • You can customize the water frequency according to your local areas such as plants or lawns.
  • It is accessible in two different sizes such as 06 zones or 12 zones and both sizes are available with/ without a power
  • You can easily connect this wireless sprinkler system with Wi-Fi and access from anywhere from iOS and Android devices.
  • There are no professionals requires for its installation because it only takes 15 minutes to configure or replace.


  • You cannot access the app from web devices.

Blossom 7 Smart Sprinkler

This wireless sprinkler system is all about sophistication. In terms of weather updates, it is the best system that money can buy. The only issue is that it comes with a mere 7 Zone network. This means that if you have a large lawn or garden, this will fall short of your expectations and performance. However, it is an excellent option if you have a small-sized lawn.

blossom wireless sprinkler system


  • Last-minute weather updates
  • Prevents overwatering
  • Set auto schedules
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Android and iOS compatibility

Last-minute weather updates

One of the primary reasons why this wireless sprinkler system is highly sophisticated is its weather updates. It can easily access per minute information regarding weather from the satellite. It will enable the system to consume less water and reduce costs.

Prevents overwatering

The benefit of getting last-minute updates on weather is that the sprinklers will not use any water unless needed. It will not only save your water cost but will also prevent overwatering the plants. This means that your garden is going to stay as beautiful as ever. Overwatering can also damage the plants.

Set auto schedules

You will be able to set automatic schedules for watering your plants. This is probably not that unique of a feature because most wireless sprinkler systems can do so. But your automated schedules are going to be highly effective because the system is able to get per minute data on weather. So, even if the clouds come and go you don’t have to worry about resetting the schedule. This wireless sprinkler will do it for you.


  • The Blossom 7 sprinkler system is equipped with highly sophisticated technology to acquire per minute weather data from the satellite.
  • You can easily set automatic schedules for watering your plants.
  • Accuracy in weather data means that you don’t have reset the watering schedule even with the sudden changes in weather.
  • It works with both iOS and Android.
  • The system is very easy to set up and install.


  • It is not an ideal option for large-sized gardens or lawns with only 7 Zones.

Touch HD-12 by RainMachine

This wireless sprinkler system from RainMachine is great for tech-savvy people. It comes with a top-quality user interface that looks very stylish. You can either buy a 12 zone system or a 16 Zone system based on your preferences and needs. The system enables you to save water because you can schedule your watering routine smartly. You can make different adjustments to these schedules according to the weather as well. The sprinkler is certified by WaterSense and you can go for rebates as well.

rainmachine wireless sprinkler system


  • Smart scheduling
  • Water-saving
  • Cloud management
  • Access to a variety of weather data
  • Multiple device compatibility

Cloud management

One of the best features of this wireless sprinkler system is its cloud management capabilities. It means that even if there is no Wi-Fi available, the system will continue to work through cloud control. All of your personal data is locally stored and for this reason, your sprinkler will not disconnect under any circumstances.

Smart scheduling

Coupled with cloud management, smart scheduling of this wireless sprinkler system works great. It enables you to save plenty of water in the days when your plants don’t need much watering. The sprinkler is able to collect weather data from a variety of sources. These include NOAA, METNO, NetAtmo, and Wunderground and it also uses national weather stations for the collection of this information.

High compatibility

Another huge benefit of using this wireless sprinkler system is its high compatibility. It can easily connect with iOS and Android. You can conveniently control all the features of this sprinkler with the help of your phone. Compatibility with iOS is one of the main reasons why this sprinkler system is part of this list.


  • The system is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Cloud management control of this system ensures that your sprinklers continue to work without any interruptions even if the Wi-Fi is gone.
  • The smart scheduling feature of this wireless sprinkler system ensures that you are able t save money of water bills.
  • The sprinkler system is certified by WaterSense and you are eligible for rebates as well.
  • It acquires weather data from multiple sources including METNO, NOAA, Wunderground and others.


  • Some of the users have complained about the smartphone app, not the sprinkler system.

NxEco Smart Sprinkler

This conveniently priced wireless sprinkler system from NxEco is available in different options. You can buy an 8 Zone sprinkler system or 12 Zone or even 36 Zone systems. Covering your whole garden with this system is not a problem at all. In each of these zones, you can do smart watering on your plants. The automatic scheduling option that this system provides is exceptional. You can easily activate or deactivate the sprinkling sensors according to your requirements. Another huge benefit of this sprinkler system is that it can save water for you and reduce your home’s utility cost.

nxeco wireless sprinkler system


  • Smart individual watering
  • Multiple controlling options
  • Automated scheduling
  • Less consumption of water
  • Easy integration

Smart individual watering

With the help of this feature, this wireless sprinkler system is able to gauge varying moisture levels in the soil. This information will enable the system to detect and turn on or off individual sensors according to the requirements of watering in a particular area. This way, the system makes sure that all of your lawn gets an even amount of water.

Automated scheduling

The automated scheduling is another excellent feature of this wireless sprinkler system. Why does this matter? With this scheduling, you won’t have to worry about watering your lawn anymore. Your sprinkler system will take care of it. You can set a variety of schedules according to your plants. The system will also skip watering on the days when high winds, rains, and snow is forecasted.

Less water consumption

One of the major selling points of this wireless sprinkler system is its ability to consume less water. Most of the sprinkler systems whether smart or traditional don’t come with this feature. It results in high utility bills but this is not the case with NxEco.


  • The NxEco wireless sprinkler system is available in 8, 12 and 36 Zone options. This means that you can choose anyone according to the area that you want to water.
  • It is compatible and ready to connect with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It means that you can also control it with voice activation.
  • There are multiple scheduling options available for you to set. You can even set manual schedules according to the needs and requirements of your garden.
  • The sprinkler system is able to consume less water and it comes with an EPA labeling as well. It will not waste water on rainy or windy days and will automatically shut off.
  • It connects with your smartphone and can provide you with different alerts and notifications based on the set programs.


  • The automatic scheduling function is not entirely reliable in the long run.
  • It is not entirely a remotely controlled wireless sprinkler system.

Spruce Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

This wireless sprinkler system is good for you if you have a large lawn area to cover. This system can easily control 16 different sensors throughout the park. You can conveniently connect your phone with this system using the app and take control of the irrigation system with confidence. This system comes at a very convenient price and you don’t have to bend your budget to get it. With the help of the app, your sprinkler can provide you with different notifications and alerts based on which you can manage your sprinkler system with ease.

spruce irrigation wireless sprinkler system


  • User-friendly
  • Sensors for gauging soil moisture
  • Automated scheduling
  • Weather responsive
  • Easy integrations

Sensors for gauging soil moisture

One of the best features of this wireless sprinkler system is its sensors to gauge moisture in the soil. You can easily place the sensors and measure the moisture level of the soil. No region of your lawn will receive excessive water because now you know which area to water.

Automated scheduling

The wireless sprinkler system enables you to set different schedules for sprinkling water on your lawn. With this feature, you can water according to the needs of your landscape. You can also set various restrictions based on the timing of the day or week. In addition to that, you can also set different schedules based on sunset and sunrise.

Weather responsive

Another excellent feature of this wireless sprinkler system is that it is highly responsive to weather forecasts. For instance, if rain is forecasted for a particular day then the sprinkler will skip the sprinkling schedule on that day. The same will happen in case of extremely cold or windy or even snowy weather conditions.


  • The sprinkler system is very easy to use. There are no technical difficulties associated with the usage of this system or its app.
  • It connects with your smartphone with the help of an app using Wi-Fi. You can easily use the app to take control of everything associated with the sprinkler system.
  • The sprinkler is able to collect weather data and automatically set sprinkling schedules. This means that if rain is due on a day, the sprinkler will skip watering on that day.
  • It can also detect moisture levels in soil and notify you to make changes to the sprinkler placements. The system will make sure that all of your lawn receives the same amount of water.
  • The system is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and even with a wired flow meter.
  • App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store


  • The automatic scheduling is not highly reliable and efficient.


The Smart Sprinkler System from Rachio is the best wireless sprinkler system that you can find on the market. Most of these systems come with Bluetooth technology but this one is equipped with Wi-Fi. For this reason, this sprinkler system has better connectivity with your phone. You can download the app and start using it straight away. The sprinkler can conveniently link with your phone in no time and provides you with total control over your lawn maintenance.

Another excellent feature of this wireless sprinkler system is that it is compatible with Alexa too. What’s more? It can easily adapt according to the needs of your lawn. You can even set different schedules and even enter details associated with different plant types. It can also adapt to the weather conditions based on the forecasts. Furthermore, this wireless sprinkler system can also detect rain and wind and skip the sprinkling schedule. This means that you will never end up watering your plants on a rainy, snowy or windy day.

Happy shopping!

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