Best 5 Reviewed: Bedside Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Wireless charging your smartphones is one of the hot trends. Everyone seems to jump the bandwagon and get rid of those icky wires once and for all.

Have you ever thought about the idea that your alarm clock can wireless charge your phone when you are asleep?

Of course, this is the best time to charge your phone, as your device will be ready to go wherever you want to take it.

So in this post, I’m going to review my top 5 wireless charging alarm clocks that you can set at your bedside. This is a very effective solution as your alarm clock is not going to wake you up on time but it will also make your phone ready to go when you are.

A wireless charging alarm clock is a true blessing in disguise for those who don’t want to tackle wires and they can’t think about spending a moment without their phones (obviously excluding the sleep time!).

So let’s get down to the reviews without further ado!

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i-box Bedside Smart Alarm ClockOur Pick

I-box wireless charging alarm clock can wirelessly charge your phone while you take a nap and it is a decent alarm clock as well. You can use the dual alarm feature of this clock and can also use radio tune as your wakeup calls.

i-box wireless charging alarm clock


  • Wireless charger for your smartphone
  • Display light is dimmable
  • Dual alarm feature
  • Quality speaker sound
  • Very contemporary look

Wireless charger for your smartphone

I-box wireless charger alarm clock features a Qi charger and it will work with any Qi-standard devices including Android and iOS. You just need to place your phone on the designated space on the clock and wake up to a full battery and a fresh mind. Nothing gets better than this!

Dual alarm feature

The wireless charger alarm clock also has a dual alarm feature and you can set two different alarms according to your requirements. Just use the inbuilt tones for your alarms or set any of your favorite radio tunes for this purpose.

i-box wireless charging alarm clock1

High-quality speaker sound

The inbuilt speaker of this wireless charger alarm clock is of top-notch quality. You can increase the volume and fill your entire room with your favorite music or can dim it down significantly when you want it to use as your alarm.

Rating 4 of 5

I-Box Alarm Clock

I-box is going to charge your phone wirelessly when you are asleep. Now you can wake-up to your favorite songs. However, you have to set the clock yourself because it doesn’t automatically synchronize time.


Radio streaming

You can set dual alarms

Convenient smartphone wireless charging

Dim the display light according to your preferences at night

It features a top-notch Bluetooth speaker


It doesn’t auto-sync time and you have to do it manually

Jall Wooden Digital Alarm ClockRunner-up

If you are a fan of wooden items and have plenty of those in your room then this wireless charging alarm clock will make a nice addition to them. You can set three different alarms and the LED display is nice and clear as well.

jall wireless charging alarm clock


  • 3 different alarms
  • Sound controls
  • Snooze functionality
  • Wireless mobile charging
  • Wooden construction
  • Adjustable brightness

3 different alarms

The previous model has dual alarms but the 2019 model features three alarms. Now you can wake up better by setting up them according to your needs. I personally love the Weekdays Mode. Turning on weekday mode only ring from Mondays to Fridays and don’t disturb my weekend deep sleep.

Adjustable brightness

There are three different brightness levels that you can use. Now you won’t have to deal with those bright LED lights of your alarm clocks at night and this will allow you to enjoy a sound sleep. You can increase the brightness during the day time.

Snooze function

This wireless charging alarm clock also has a snooze button so that you can easily get out of your bed when you are ready. The button is very easy to access and you won’t have any trouble accessing it even when your eyes are closed.

Rating 4 of 5

Jall Alarm Clock

This wooden gem of an alarm clock will not only wake you up and charge your phone but also looks pretty elegant. Its stylish look will go well with any décor. Nevertheless, the sound volume is not adjustable and that is a bit of a shortcoming of this wireless charging alarm clock.


3 different alarms available

3 different brightness levels as well

Separate snooze button

Contemporary wooden construction

Good quality wireless charging


You cannot adjust the alarm volume

ANJANK Wooden Alarm Clock

This is a wireless charging alarm clock that also features FM radio and offers 10W of super quick charging. It works for both Android and iOS devices and you can also use the USB port for charging. It also features a sleep timer.

anjank wireless charging alarm clock


  • Sleep timer and FM
  • Super quick wireless charging
  • 5-level LED brightness dimmer
  • Wake up modes
  • Easily accessible buttons

Sleep timer and FM

This alarm clock has a premium quality inbuilt FM radio for your best listening experience. It also features a sleep timer that you can set anywhere between 10 minutes and 120 minutes.

5-level brightness dimmer

The LED display of this wireless charging alarm clock is 1.2-inch in size and you can easily see the time from a distance. Furthermore, you can also dim the light by five levels so that your sleep doesn’t get disrupted at night due to bright light.

Wake-up modes

There are two different wake-up modes that this clock has to offer. You can either choose to wake up on a classic buzzer or you can choose your favorite radio tone. There is a snooze button on it as well and you can press it for an extra nine minutes of preparing your mind to get out of the bed.

Rating 3.5 of 5

ANJANK Alarm Clock

This wireless charging alarm clock has a very simple yet practical design. It can charge your phone supercharge with its 10W power supply. There is a snooze button as well but it also produces a loud beep when you connect your phone with it which can be annoying.


Superfast charging

Different levels of dimmable brightness

Sleep timer with FM radio

Snooze button with two different wakeup modes


It produces a loud beep when you connect your phone to it

iLuv Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

This is a good simple wireless charging alarm clock with plenty of useful features. There is an inbuilt radio and its display is very clear. It is a Qi-certified alarm clock with dual alarm feature. It is compatible with all the latest series of Android and iOS smartphones.

iluv wireless charging alarm clock


  • Qi-certified wireless charging
  • Futuristic clock design
  • Dual alarm feature
  • Very simple to set up and use

Qi-certified wireless charging

This wireless charging alarm clock works with all Qi-certified phones either iOS or Android. It can easily charge a number of devices without any radiation effects or overheating. This means that you can conveniently place your phone on it and go to sleep. You are fully protected from any of these issues.

Dual alarm feature

The wireless charging alarm clock also allows you to use dual alarm features, you can either set your alarm tone that regular buzzer or go for your favorite music on the radio. This clock will make sure that you wake up happy after a good night’s sleep.

Easy to set up and use

There is no confusing part in the process of setting this clock up and using it. The wireless set up is also a breeze. You can also reduce the brightness of the display and choose any of the three brightness levels as per requirement.

Rating 3.5 of 5

iLUV Alarm Clock

This wireless charging alarm clock is simple to use and will keep you and your phone ready to go in the morning. Though you cannot connect your phone with it for streaming purposes, it will get the job done pretty decently. Speaker wattage is 10W so you can only use it to go to sleep by listening to night songs and nothing much else.


This is a Qi-certified wireless charger

The dual alarm feature is available

You can listen to night songs and set the sleep timer

Stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth

It has a modern design


You can’t connect your phone for streaming purposes

Its 10W speaker is pretty average

Emerson Alarm Clock

This fancy-looking wireless charging alarm clock is Qi-certified and features Bluetooth. It has a large time display that makes time reading very easy even in dim light conditions. You can charge more than one device with its additional USB ports at a time.

emerson wireless charging alarm clock


  • Multiple charging ports
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Automatic time and date adjustment
  • Runs on button cells

Multiple charging ports

Besides the primary wireless charging spot right on the top, there are other USB ports also available. You can charge different devices at the same time and when you wake up, everything will be ready to go, including you.

Bluetooth 5.0

This wireless charging alarm clock features Bluetooth 5.0 which is the latest technology. Therefore, the connection will be fast and smooth. This clock will pair with your device quickly and will stay connected without any spottiness.

Automatic date and time adjustment

You also don’t have to manually set the time and date on this wireless charging alarm clock. It will automatically adjust the time. You will find this set-it-and-forget-it feature very convenient and useful.

Rating 3 of 5

Emerson Alarm Clock

This clock has a decent quality speaker but it is not the ideal choice for an audiophile. However, you can listen to those soothing night songs and sleep comfortably. It also has an inbuilt FM radio and you can also adjust the display light according to the light conditions in your room.


Cutting edge Bluetooth technology

Automatically adjust the date and time

Multiple devices can be charged at a time

Runs on button cells


The speaker quality is sub-par

Buying Guide

There are some important features to consider before investing your money in a wireless charging alarm clock. I have developed this buying guide for you to help you find all the features that you need and don’t regret your purchase decision.

  • Multiple alarm features

Of course, it’s an alarm clock first and foremost, so it should come with a multiple alarm option. With multiple alarms, you can set different alarms and you don’t have to change that wakeup alarm again and again for other stuff.

However, if you need an alarm clock especially for your wakeup calls and nothing else then you don’t need to have multiple alarms.

wireless charging alarm clock1

  • Snooze button

As all alarm clocks come with a snooze button, it is a feature that should be there if you need some movements before you make up your mind to get out of the bed.

Medical research tells otherwise because many sleep experts and health gurus say that snooze feature is something should not use at all. And this is because it can significantly increase your heart rate and blood pressure. So think twice before you make that snooze button one of your top priorities.

  • Brightness level

As it is your alarm clock therefore, it needs to help you with sleeping better. Those clocks with bright LED numbers are not your friends. Instead, you need to choose something with dim or dimmable lights. You will sleep a lot better when there is nothing to disturb you in your room with bright lights.

wireless charging alarm clock2

  • Wireless charging

The wireless charging feature is the key aspect of a wireless charging alarm clock. An alarm clock needs to have good quality electromagnetic circuitry to work this magic.

Don’t forget to check whether the alarm clock has Qi-standard wireless charging capabilities as most modern smartphones use this standard.

  • Alarm volume

It is important that your wireless charging alarm clock allows you to turn up and down the volume at your will according to your preferences. Make sure that the alarm volume that your use for your normal wakeup calls should be on the low side. You can become stressful right at the beginning of your day with a loud wakeup call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does wireless charging work?

The process of wireless charging needs a couple of inductive resonant couplings for transmitting those low-power signals between your alarm clock and your phone. These energy signals induced via a magnetic field from the charger charge your phone. Just place the phone on the clock and it will start charging within a few seconds.

Does a wireless charging alarm clock come with inbuilt radio?

Yes, a good number of these wireless charging alarm clocks have radios in them. Some of them even feature a good quality speaker too. You can set the radio tunes are your alarms and wake-up to your favorite tones every day.

Does a wireless charge alarm clock have an internal battery?

Many of the models do feature an internal battery there are other models that you have to connect with a power supply to get things going.

In either case, the choice is entirely yours to make. Just keep in mind that if you are going for a clock with an internal battery then you will need to charge it with its own USB port, therefore, the battery needs to have a strong capacity.


Overall, the I-box device is the best wireless charger alarm clock. It has a decent quality speaker and you can also make adjustments to its display brightness. Moreover, it has a very nice looking design and it also comes with dual alarm capabilities.

So have you made up your choice yet? Leave your comments and suggestions below and tell me what you think of my top five wireless charging alarm clocks.

Enjoy your sleep!

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