Yeelight Smart Led Candle Review

There are different sources of light globally that people use. This is in accordance with their different choices and preferences. The choice of light source is dependent on various factors such as the time of the day, the occasion, cost, and availability. Different people derive different thoughts, aspirations, and emotions depending on the light environment they are exposed to. A candle is among the different sources of light available globally and a preference for many. Various factors such as price, reliability, and availability lure individuals to use candles as their preferred light source. Special occasions such as romantic outings, dinners, and movie session also influence individuals to use candlelight. This acts as a motivation towards improving the candle to bring out the best utility to people and hence the emergence of Yeelight smart LED candle.yeelight smart led candle

Key Features

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 1800K Color temperature
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Distinctive design
  • Smart Controlled (Android & iOS)
  • BLE Mesh technology
  • Designed with top-of-the-line materials

Product Features and Design

The candle brings out the best of candlelight experience since it has a multiple of features that help in the making of enjoyable and memorable moments. These features include;

Distinctive Design

The candle is distinctively designed. This is to ensure that the end user finds it attractive, fulfilling, acceptable and preferable. A team of professional designers from all over the world was put to task for 4 months to ensure that you got the best design. This ensured that a blend of technology, aesthetic and light was achieved, which gave birth to the excellent candela elegance look.

Specially designed with a circular shape and a flat bottom, ensures the candle’s stability thus preventing it from falling off. This further ensures that it lasts longer by avoiding damages that may occur upon falling. Moreover, the circular shape adds its incredible look and appearance.

This perfectly designed smart led candle weighs 1.4 pounds which makes it suitable for carrying around. Its lightweight design makes it a smart choice for individuals wishing to travel or taking on adventures.

yeelight smart led candle

Quality materials

Yeelight smart LED candle is made out of the topmost quality material. Aluminum is used since it is the best metal. It resists corrosion thus the candle doesn’t corrode easily due to oxidation. The candle is also odorless and hence the environment is staying cool away from any odor that may spoil the moment. It is also ductile thus maintaining its original shape. The material is also light contributing to its portability. This ensures that you have the most luxurious product experience.

The lamp wick material for the candle is made of copper alloys-bass which was derived from 32 different materials tested. Their efficiency in thermal conductivity, melting point, and radiating capabilities was put to test.

The candles have an LED bulb which ensures that you get the best light. These bulbs are designed to produce the best quality light while using the least amount of energy. Most of the power is converted into light ensuring that the batteries don’t drain fast.

Yeelight smart LED candle boasts a 2100mAh inbuilt lithium battery that is rechargeable via the USB port. This makes it possible for you to continuously use the candle for 8hrs on a single charge. The fact that the battery is in-built saves you from the hustle of assembling it and avoiding incidents of wrong connections.

Smart Control

The Yeelight smart LED candle is controlled by an Android or iOS apps. This makes it very simple to control the candle. It also helps one to control the amount of lighting with ease. You can smartly control the candelas using this application in the comfort of your seat or bed. Not only can you control one candle but a multiple of them at once. Actually, it is possible to group specific candelas and control them using a program to display various desired patterns. This ensures that you create the best environment for the moment.

Candelas can communicate with each other through the embraced BLE Mesh Technology. It allows you to simultaneously control 30,000 candelas at once. If you simply control one candle, all the others react by springing into life matching the brightness of the first one.

The smart led candle comes in a golden color which is attractive and preferred by many. The color also matches the light produced hence rhyming with the environment.

yeelight smart led candle

Exceptional user experience

The candle has a flicker mode. If you prefer to get the candle like feeling while watching it burn, you can turn the candle into flicker mode by simply rotating the candela.

Yeelight Smart Led candle allows you to mimic the same feeling of a candle but in a better environment since it has no flame. It holds 1600k color temperature same as a candlelight. The brightness is also adjustable. It ensures that minimum blue light is produced.

The candela has a timer which turns it off automatically upon the elapse of the set time. This ensures that you can relax and wait for the candle to switch off. You are sure that energy is saved even in cases where you fall asleep to wake up and turn it off.

While connected to an AC power through the USB, the candela can work continuously. This means that there is no limit to the time it can be used.

The candle offers a comfortable light that does not disturb your eyes or cause any irritation. The light brightness can be adjusted to suit the user and blend with the environment. 1800K color temperature is held by the candle. This is the same temperature the candlelight offers. Therefore, it creates a similar and familiar warm copper of smart led candle light.


  • The candle displays multiple lights with countless displays.
  • The candle provides a heat warming feeling through the candlelight.
  • Candles can be controlled using Yeelight phone app
  • Supreme artwork and design.
  • Long lasting rechargeable inbuilt battery


  • The candela is only available in gold color. The candela was designed with only one color which makes other color lovers feel left out and frustrated when they don’t find their preferred color.
  • The device works only with Bluetooth. This makes it hard for some users who prefer to use other devices such as Alexa.
  • The USB cable port is positioned at the bottom of the candela. The positioning of this port affects its connectivity since it becomes hard to set it on some surface while in use. This may lead to one setting it on less preferred surfaces or places that may not be of choice or comfort.
  • The smart candle flicker does not really feel like a normal candle flicker. The candela while in flicker mode displays a more of fade up and down mode that may not feel like a real candle. This is a disappointment to several individuals.

The Bottom Line

Yeelight Smart LED Candle is designed to bring out the best of the candlelight experience. It is reliable courtesy of the strong rechargeable inbuilt battery and also the USB charging option thus enabling it to run for long hours without turning off. Using it can create an unforgettable experience especially when you use the Yeelight program where you can configure a group of candelas to produce a beautiful desired pattern to suit the environments surrounding. Setting the timer ensures that the candela turns off automatically thus saving energy and freeing you from your worries while sleeping or performing other duties.

The smart led candle is a reliable source of light in the house since it can be used in the sitting room even while watching movies, in the bedroom and also while navigating in various places in or outside the house. Its design, features, color and make up materials sums it up all ensuring that you get the best product from the experts globally.

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