100 Smart Home Products You Can Buy Right Now

To maintain a perfect balance between life and work, the time you spend at home should be quality time. There are so many smart home products available on the market. You can take advantage of these smart home products to save a lot of money and time, and focus on the moments that matter a lot in your life.

With the passage of time and advancement in technology, smart home products are increasing. This smart home technology has entered a number of product categories. With wide access to the internet across the globe, there is no stopping their growth rate.

What is this smart home technology?

The smart home is a technology where everything present in the home can be connected to the internet. This concept is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) where not only your smartphones and computers are capable of running the internet but your appliances and other electronic gadgets are capable of the same. These include the likes of, speakers, clocks, cooking utensils, appliances, doorbells, lights, windows, cameras, window blinds, and hot water heaters.

With the help of this technology, the devices are able to communicate with you and they are able to send you information and are able to take commands directly from you. It’s all about controlling the products around you. You can do that either with the help of voice command or just a simple push of a button.

If you are looking to turn on or off your lights at a certain time of a day or want to keep an eye on burglars using an automatic surveillance camera with the help of an automated schedule then this won’t need much of your time.


Benefits of smart home technology

You don’t even have to be home to control the network. You just need a good quality internet access and with your mobile phone, you can control your devices. Another benefit includes the control of electricity costs; you can turn off the devices when they are not in use. You also don’t need to carry so many remote controls either. Just your mobile is good enough to be your universal remote control.

List of top 100 smart home products:

  1. Light Bulb
    • Smart features: motion sensors, bulbs with a security camera, bulbs with speakers, disco light bulbs, dimmable bulbs, multicolor bulbs, flame effect bulbs
  2. Switch
    • Smart features: voice control, timer, remotely controlled
  3. Video Doorbell
    • Smart features: voice control, motion detection, night vision, sends alerts to the smart device
  4. Wireless door lock
    • Smart features: voice control, mobile app connectivity, fingerprint scanner
  5. Smoke Alarm
    • Smart features: phone alerts, voice control
  6. Water leak detector
    • Smart features: notifications and alerts by email or phone
  7. Speaker
    • Smart features: voice command, remote control, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  8. Ceiling Fan
    • Smart features: voice control, controlled via the app, remotely controlledsmart home products1
  9. Laundry sensor
    • Smart features: works with Alexa, phone alerts
  10. Water Controller
    • Smart features: smartphone alerts, app control, automatic shut-off
  11. Table Lamp
    • Smart features: voice control, touch sensitivity, wireless music player, adjustable brightness
  12. Vacuum cleaner
    • Smart features: works with Alexa, remote control, smart sensors
  13. Wireless charger
    • Smart features: wireless, smart indicator, temperature control
  14. Security camera
    • Smart features: night vision, two-way audio, motion-activated, Wi-Fi connectivity, notifications and alerts via smartphone
  15. Garage door opener
    • Smart features: remote control, video monitoring, app control, voice control
  16. Wireless Air Conditioner controller
    • Smart features: voice control, filter maintenance reminder, smart timer
  17. Smart meat thermometer
    • Smart features: app-enabled, food-ready alarm, notifications via smartphone, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivitysmart home products2
  18. Smart sprinkler system
    • Smart features: voice control, timer, remote control, auto-schedule, weather updates
  19. Pool robot
    • Smart features: remote control, programmable, smart navigation technology
  20. Smart scale
    • Smart features: Smart app, Wi-Fi enabled
  21. Smart kitchen scale
    • Smart features: Bluetooth connectivity, auto-scaling, collection of recipes, touch-sensitive control, timer
  22. Video and audio baby monitoring
    • Smart features: app control, night vision, remote zooming, temperature monitoring, two-way audio
  23. Kids night lamp
    • Smart features: connects with the smartphone, sleep tracker, Bluetooth connection, soothing sounds, adjustable brightness
  24. Bluetooth Bottle
    • Smart features: vibration alert, Bluetooth app connectivity, tracks water intake
  25. Wireless temperature sensor
    • Smart features: notifications and alerts via smartphone, graph and data recordings
  26. Wifi photo frame
    • Smart features: remote control, stereo speakers, motion sensor, connect via Bluetooth
  27. Smart Table
    • Smart features: wireless charging, Bluetooth speakerssmart home products3
  28. Smart Body thermometer
    • Smart features: Bluetooth connectivity, automatic shut-off, phone connection
  29. Air Quality monitor
    • Smart features: voice control, Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time air quality and humidity readings
  30. Automatic Trash Can
    • Smart features: infrared motion sensor, odor control
  31. Automatic Pet Feeder
    • Smart features: smart app, two-way audio, programmable timer, wireless camera
  32. Smart Power Strip
    • Smart features: works with Alexa, timer, remote control
  33. Smart Air Purifier
    • Smart features: digital controls, the indicator for filter replacement, timer, remote control, mobile app
  34. Smart Wifi Coffee maker
    • Smart features: auto on/off, adjustable temperature, timer
  35. Smart Pressure Cooker
    • Smart features: adjustable temperature modes, timer, LED display
  36. Smart Oven
    • Smart features: different modes, timer, digital control
  37. Smart Wifi Clock
    • Smart features: voice control, USB charger, Bluetooth speaker
  38. Smart Mug
    • Smart features: temperature control, controlled with a smartphonesmart home products4
  39. Door and window sensor
    • Smart features: works with Alexa, notifications and alerts by smartphone
  40. Smart Notepad
    • Smart features: reusable, smart notebook app
  41. Smart wallet (tracking)
    • Smart features: alarm, Bluetooth, position record
  42. Smart Blinds
    • Smart features: control via the phone app, control via voice
  43. Smart Storage Lockbox
    • Smart features: works with Alexa, monitor activity, alerts and app notifications
  44. Smart Thermostat
    • Smart features: voice control, auto-schedule
  45. Smart Solar Lights
    • Smart features: motion sensors, automatic shutoff features
  46. Smart Remote
    • Smart features: programmable, voice control
  47. Humidifier
    • Smart features: remote control, wireless connectivitysmart home products5
  48. Dehumidifier
    • Smart features: intelligent humidity control, timer
  49. Cooling and heating Mattress pad
    • Smart features: remote control, temperature control
  50. Motion detectors
    • Smart features: voice control, notifications to the smartphone, wireless
  51. Keyfinder
    • Smart features: Bluetooth connectivity, alarm and notification to the smartphone, GPS locator
  52. Smart home hub
    • Smart features: works with Alexa, cloud storage features, remote access, mobile app control
  53. Smart plug
    • Smart features: voice control, remote control, timer
  54. Aroma diffuser
    • Smart features: timer, automatic shut-off, dimmable lights
  55. Bluetooth soundbar
    • Smart features: remote control, Bluetooth connectivity
  56. Wireless blood pressure monitor
    • Smart features: Bluetooth connectivity, compatible with smartphone and smartwatch
  57. Portable EKG machine
    • Smart features: wireless, Bluetooth connection, compatible with smartphone
  58. Smart weather station
    • Smart features: live data on the app, voice control, real-time notifications
  59. Electric fireplace with remote
    • Smart features: remote control, adjustable temperature, automatic shut-offsmart home products6
  60. White noise device
    • Smart features: timer, adjustable tone and volume
  61. Baby formula maker
    • Smart features: connects with the smartphone, programmable, Bluetooth connectivity
  62. Smart SOS button
    • Smart features: wireless, night light function
  63. Robotic lawnmower
    • Smart features: voice control, programmable, automatic recharge, rain sensor
  64. Baby Smart Changing Pad and Scale
    • Smart features: connects with the smartphone
  65. Baby breathing monitor
    • Smart features: real-time breathing data, Wi-Fi connectivity, two-way audio
  66. Bluetooth-Enabled Baby Swing
    • Smart features: remote control, Bluetooth connectivity
  67. Smart Thermos
    • Smart features: Bluetooth connectivity, works with smartphone or smartwatch
  68. Smart shower controller
    • Smart features: voice control, remote control, smartphone app
  69. Smart home alarm
    • Smart features: real-time alerts, voice control
  70. Compact space heater
    • Smart features: remote control, automatic on/off, timersmart home products7
  71. Smart bed
    • Smart features: remote control, programmable memory, USB charging station
  72. Smart projector
    • Smart features: smart tv enabled, Bluetooth speakers, safety auto-off feature
  73. Wireless smart grill thermometer
    • Smart features: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, alerts on a smartphone
  74. Smart shower head
    • Smart features: built-in water temperature sensor, wireless speakers
  75. Wifi Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker
    • Smart features: remote control, notifications on the smartphone, Bluetooth connectivity
  76. Wifi router
    • Smart features: secure remote access, voice control
  77. Smart tv
    • Smart features: voice control, remote control, Wi-Fi connectivity, streaming services
  78. Intelligent air freshener
    • Smart features: remote control, timer, voice control
  79. Floor mopping robot
    • Smart features: remote control, schedule cleaning
  80. Wireless headphones
    • Smart features: active noise canceling, Bluetooth enabled, built-in mic and hands-free callingsmart home products8
  81. Smart padlock
    • Smart features: USB rechargeable, Bluetooth connectivity, fingerprint identification
  82. Language translator device
    • Smart features: two-way translation, built-in camera, Bluetooth connectivity
  83. Smart wifi bulb socket
    • Smart features: voice control, app control, timing function
  84. Smartwatch
    • Smart features: sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking, calling function, real-time notifications
  85. TV-stick
    • Smart features: remote control, streaming, voice control,  Wi-Fi connectivity
  86. Pet wireless fence collar
    • Smart features: instant alerts, live tracking, compatible with smartphones
  87. Automatic pet water fountain
    • Smart features: automatic water dispenser, auto power-off
  88. Smart pet treat camera
    • Smart features: two-way audio, Wi-Fi connectivity
  89. Smart kettle
    • Smart features: pre-set temperature settings, timer
  90. Smart refrigerator
    • Smart features: Wi-Fi enabled, voice control, alerts, and notifications on the phone
  91. Portable photo printer
    • Smart features: Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity
  92. Stovetop Safety Smart Knobs
    • Smart features: voice-activated cooking, Wi-Fi connectivity, app control
  93. Windows cleaner robot
    • Smart features: app control, anti-falling control, remote controlsmart home products9
  94. Wifi garden sensor
    • Smart features: live data on the app, Wi-Fi connectivity
  95. Smart pillow
    • Smart features: sleep monitoring tracker, alarm clock
  96. VR headset
    • Smart features: compatible with smartphones, built-in audio
  97. Smart fork
    • Smart features: built-in sensors, compatible with smartphones
  98. Smart electric grill
    • Smart features: timer, temperature control, digital cookbook app
  99. Air cleaner for smoke removal
    • Smart features: smart filter change reminder, built-in night lamp
  100. Virtual assistant
    • Smart features: voice commands, control of smart home products

According to a survey from Fixr, the most popular smart home feature is smart lighting with 37% of respondents votes. This is followed by a home security and smart appliances with both received 22% of votes.

smart home products survey

Aspects to keep in mind for the smart home tech

If you live in an area where power outages are frequent then you have to make sure that all your smart home items have backup power. This will enable them to keep running as in normal cases. Your home will also remain safe if you have backed up all your smart home gadgets with power supply.

Most of these devices come with special arrangements and manufacturers have factored them for any kind of power outages. But you need to be 100% sure about this and must have backup power in place.

Network security is another aspect that you need to consider as your smart home will rely on your internet connection. To make sure all the devices work properly, your internet connection needs to be very secure. There will be a vast amount of data that different devices in your home will be sending each other to communicate and for this; they will need a high-speed internet connection.

As these smart home products are able to provide you with efficiency and ease they have to be fully compatible with your entire home. Make sure the devices you are looking to introduce in your smart home system must be user-friendly.

Features to consider before buying any smart home devices

There are various features that you need to consider before looking for smart home devices for your home. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Audio commands

If you are looking for good quality smart home devices then you don’t need to use your hands to give commands to them. There are different types of voice assistants with which these devices are integrated. They include Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. With these assistants, you can easily check outside the weather or the forecast for tomorrow while you are cooking dinner.

  • Interconnectivity

The smart device that you have bought needs to connect with all other devices in the network. You will be able to make the most out of your devices. For instance, a number of smart locks are able to connect with the doorbells as well as security cameras and this can be very convenient.

  • Remote access

With remote access, you are able to control all your smart home devices even when you are not home. You don’t have to be inside your home to control all your smart devices or your entire smart home network. In most cases, you are able to control the units with the thermostat as well as door locks with the help of a mobile application on your smartphone.

  • Energy-saving capabilities

It won’t be a smart device if it starts spiking your energy bills to extreme levels. Most of the devices enter into energy-saving mode when you are not home and the device itself is not in use.


As there are different types of smart home devices that you can use to connect in your smart home network, you must make sure that the internet you are using is secure. Otherwise, there is a risk that your entire network will be compromised.

Make sure all the smart home devices are compatible with each other within the network. The smart devices must also have the solution to any power outages. This will make sure that the entire network doesn’t jeopardize whenever the power goes out.

Using smart home hubs and devices reduces your overall electricity bills up to a significant amount. These devices allow you to control them even if you are not home. You just need a good quality internet for this.

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