Benefits of a energy saving Smart Home

Smart home usually refers to a technology-enabled home, where all systems and appliances can be controlled remotely or set on time schedules. For most of the people, having a energy saving smart home can seem like a pretty confusing idea, with huge cost added to the maintenance. However, this is not really the case. Optimizing your home with a proper smart technology means enjoying more benefits while lowering your bills. Here are some benefits that prove the effectiveness of this concept.

The key benefits of a energy saving smart home:

Less Worries

Every morning we rush to get ready, have breakfast and be on our way to work. In this rush, you or someone from your family can sometimes forget to turn off the coffee maker, leave the lights on or worse, leave the stove on. Having a efficient smart home means that you don’t need to worry if you left an appliance on. You can simply turn them off from your smartphone while driving to work. Additionally, this will remove the stress and tension you may face each time you leave the house, and turn mornings into a more pleasant routine for everyone.

Enjoy the Convenience

Once you optimize your house and turn it into a energy saving smart home, everyday life will suddenly seem easier and more comfortable. Basically, it means that now you can control many of the appliances in your home from a far. Today, most of the people carry their smartphones wherever they go, so imagine if everything in your home is controlled solely from one device. To put this into perspective, imagine a long drive back from home on a hot summer day. In order for your home temperature to be pleasant when you get home, your AC would need to run all day – which is not very bill-friendly. By having your home transformed into a energy saving smart home, you can activate your AC from your smartphone one hour before you get home. This way, your house would reach the ideal temperature and you won’t have to leave your AC on all day.

Remote Accessibility

To best understand the joy of remote accessibility, try to picture a regular working Friday, where you expect a party of six at your house for dinner. This means that you need to hit the supermarket straight from the office, pick up the kids from their football, basketball or ballet classes, come home and turn on the oven to simmer the gorgeous piece of meat for three hours until perfect. If your guests enjoy to eat and 10 pm, then this will work great. But usually, they don’t. Now imagine putting the pork roast in the oven in the morning, and turning the oven on from your smartphone two hours before you arrive home. The food will be ready, the house will smell amazing and you’ll shed a thick layer of stress as an entertainer for the evening.

This is just one example how you can access your smart home devices from anywhere. The same thing applies for controlling thermostats from your smartphone before you get home. Or coming down to the kitchen to a fresh cup of coffee and piece of warm bread every morning by setting bread makers and coffee makers from your bedroom.

Safety First

As the world is going crazier by the minute, a raising concern on each person’s mind is the safety of his home and family. If you’re facing such concerns, then the smart home concept may be the break you’re looking for. Many different smart home devices can provide more control over your home while you’re away. Let’s go through several examples. One of the worst nightmares is the damage of water leaks. We’re often not aware of this issue until it gets very bad and then it can cause huge financial damage. But, by installing a water leak sensor you can get a notification on your smartphone that there’s a water leakage somewhere in your house. This helps you to fix this problem before it escalates. You can be made aware of any carbon monoxide leak or protect your house and family from a potential fire in the same way.

energy saving smart home

One of the biggest concerns today is the fear of robbery while we’re at work or away on holiday. Being absent from the house for so long means that we have no idea who’s coming to our door. However, a energy saving smart home optimization means that you can see who’s at the door on your smartphone, from your office or from the neighboring country, as soon as they ring the doorbell. The same thing goes for installing home security systems. This way, any suspicion can be eliminated and you will finally get the peace of mind you deserve.

Cut on Your Bills with energy saving Smart Home

Even though there’s a great deal of skepticism going around when people hear the word “smart home”, putting this concept into practice can actually cut your expenses significantly. Yes, this is 100% true. When installing all those little devices around the house, you may face a bit higher investment, however, on the long run, it’s much cheaper. For example, let’s discuss your light bulbs. A normal light bulb is usually being changed every few months, costs a small amount of money and adds a certain amount to your electric bill. Now imagine replacing your regular light bulbs around the house with LED bulbs. They may cost a bit more when you buy them, but they use few times less energy while producing the same effect, but you’ll notice the difference once the bill arrives. Since they do not heat up as easy as the normal light bulbs, you won’t need to change them so often. In fact, a lot of the local electricity providers offer various incentives to encourage people to cut on their bills. Think about it, it’s better for the environment and it’s better for your wallet.

Having a energy saving smart home today is becoming a more common thing, since it provides a better security and more control, thus altering the overall quality of life and taking away the stress. Neat, right?

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