Hidden Camera Solutions for a Smart Home

Cameras are devices used to take pictures or photographs of moving or still objects. Different people prefer different types of cameras for specific reasons. Safety at homes is crucial for a family and this has created the urge to use cameras to enhance it. Hidden cameras are most preferred since they capture images of intruders, undesired objects and events in the compound without their knowledge. These images can be used to solve certain problems and also to enlighten one on what happens at home even when they are not around. These have brought about the emergence of different hidden camera solutions, which include:

Smoke detection cameras

To kick-start with, are the smoke detector cameras that look like a real fire detection devices but are hidden surveillance cameras. They come solidly built and integrated with video cameras that are perfectly hidden inside the detector. The great thing about this camera solution is that they do not raise suspicion, something that helps you monitor every activity in your home in real-time and undetected.

smoke detector hidden camera solutions

As one of the best types of hidden cameras for your home, the smoke detection cameras are known to have great video and sound quality, ensuring that you get utmost security for your home.

They are a smart choice for individuals that want to monitor their homes in real time and undetected.


  • Real-time video recording
  • Well-hidden cameras
  • Can be easily mounted almost anywhere on the house or compound.
  • They can be integrated into other systems to help alarm people.
  • Controllable using phone applications (iOS and Android)


  • Doesn’t detect smoke
  • Short battery life

Light bulb cameras

light bulb hidden camera solutions

Due to the global increased rate of cameras used for security and safety purposes, people now are keen on looking and spotting them so that they can hide or avoid them entirely. Light bulbs have been designed to incorporate cameras in them and offer incredible hidden camera solutions. They draw power from the bulbs power source thus making them run for days or even months without any interruptions. They are also smartly placed since bulbs are set in places with a large view of the surroundings. They are therefore not easily detected since bulbs are thought to produce light only.


  • They are not easily detectable and thus raising no suspicion.
  • Draw power from the light source hence they can run for months without fiddling with the camera.
  • Easy installation since you only have to fix the bulb into a light source.
  • They can be configured through an app to remain working while the bulb light is off when not in use for those with night vision features.
  • Large and wide range of view in the room.


  • The camera’s power is dependent on the light switch for the bulb and thus individuals may switch it off unaware.
  • They can only be installed in places where the light switch for bulbs is available.

We’ve covered 10 Best Light Bulb Camera Solutions in our site.

USB-charger cameras

usb charger hidden camera solutions

As part of ensuring safety in your home, USB-charger cameras are very effective since they are not easily detected. The USB-charger hidden camera solutions are specially designed to look like ordinary USB chargers that are commonly used across homes globally. They contain hidden cameras that captures all the moments at your home. They can be kept anywhere in the room since they are easily portable and only requires plugging into power sources only for them to work.


  • They aren’t easily detected since they resemble common USB chargers.
  • They are only plugged into the power source and requires no installation.
  • Handling is very easy since they are portable and easily set.
  • Works with other integrated programs for easy setting and transfer of data.


  • It is easily obstructed by objects hence blocking a clear view of the place.
  • It requires a good set-up and placement to ensure that it captures all the required area.
  • They can be easily interfered with by both adults and children confusing them with normal USB chargers.

Electric outlet cameras

eletric outlet hiden camera solutions

One feels safe while knowing that their family members are safe at home. As part of security measures, electric outlet cameras can be used as great hidden camera solutions for your home. They are placed or stuck on the wall and resemble actual electric outlets that are found in homes. This helps in tricking other people into thinking that they are electric outlets and thus minimizing tension and suspicion within the house. They also get a wide range of view in the room.


  • Resemble electric outlets thus not easily detected.
  • Have a large view of the room.
  • Easily set and installed on the wall.


  • They may be confused with electric outlets and thus people may try to plug in electric devices.
  • Sometimes it may be challenging installing them on the wall.

Speaker cameras

speaker hidden camera solutions

Most homes have speakers that they use to listen to audios either from their radios, TV sets, or computers.  This types of hidden camera offer incredible hidden camera solutions as the cameras are incorporated into the speakers. Therefore, they are not easily seen or detected. This ensures the safety of the homes by monitoring and capturing images within the room. People are mostly unaware of these cameras which can be placed almost anywhere in the room. They are usually small in size and ensuring that they are portable and easily set.


  • Hard to detect.
  • Very easy to set and install.
  • Portable hence easy change of placement set up.
  • Has a wide range of view in accordance with the placement area


  • They can be easily obstructed due to the placement of other objects around them by unaware individuals.
  • Requires strategic set-up and placement in order to have a full view of the room.

Book cameras

book hidden camera solutions

Since every home has books, cameras can be hidden in them to ensure that people are not quick to spot them. This way, safety in homes can be boosted since they can capture picture and photographs of what is happening in the homestead. The book hidden camera solutions can be placed in multiple places in the room ensuring that they have a large view of the room. Books around the room cannot be easily thought to host cameras and thus one can monitor the house undetected and with ease.


  • They can be easily set in different locations in the house.
  • They cover a wide range of space in the room according to where they are placed.
  • They are not easily detected since people quickly assume that it is just a book.
  • It is very easy for changing their position in the house to suit you.


  • They can be easily moved from ones desired place to another by unaware individuals.
  • Their view is limited and dependent on its placement.
  • Obstruction by other objects can easily occur since they are mostly placed on shelves.

Nightlight cameras

night light hidden camera solutions

Fear creeps in with the fall of darkness in homes. Different sources of light are used to produce light during this period. Cameras have been introduced into some of these night light providers especially the table lamps. Locating or detecting these hidden cameras is a great task. They can hardly be seen and one can be in a good position to monitor and take captions around the night light unnoticed. This type of hidden camera solutions doesn’t raise any suspicion and it is a great way of keeping security around your home.


  • Detecting them is very hard
  • Very easy to install and set-up.
  • Covers a large area since most nightlight lamps are centrally placed in the room.
  • Change of location for better viewing is very easy and raises no suspicion.


  • Can be easily obstructed by objects.
  • The range of view depends on its placement.

Wall clock cameras

wall clock hidden camera solutions

Securing one’s home needs smart cameras that are strategically placed for a good and clear view. Hidden cameras in wall clocks offer you a superb way of watching and monitoring your home without any suspicion. A wide range of view is captured by the camera because most wall clocks are hung up high on the room’s wall.  It is obviously hard for people to think of cameras on the clocks and thus it is rarely discovered, offering the best-hidden camera solutions for your smart home.


  • Raises no suspicion in the room
  • It is easily set in the room
  • The best view of the room is captured due to its positioning
  • It is not easily tampered with even by unaware persons.
  • Its position on the wall can be easily adjusted to suit the user.


  • Its position is not easily changed since it raises some suspicions.
  • It does not work well in certain positions such as corners in the house.

Bottom Line

Monitoring your home is necessary and of paramount importance to ensure your family’s safety. This has been made easier by the presence of hidden cameras. These cameras are installed in various places and on certain household objects and devices thus ensuring that they are not easily seen or detected. They also help to lower tension and suspicion at home. You can also use them to refer to certain images that may be of interest. Hidden cameras solutions are therefore a sure and safe way to ensure safety at home.