Best smart light motion sensors 2022 – Complete review

Homeowners today understand how crucial it is to safeguard their homes from fire, intrusion, flood, or earthquake because it is possible through adding functionality. Smart home devices and motion sensors can be beneficial for this purpose.

They safeguard your possessions and reduce the stress of not having control or something going wrong. They also make your home more manageable using voice commands, body movements, or smart applications.

The market is flooded with hundreds of smart home sensors and devices that give a wealth of latest information to homeowners by detecting temperature, weather condition, movement, and humidity level, and smart light motion sensors add value to your life.

Imagine yourself struggling to find your bathroom’s light switches in a dark night. You may feel frustrated trying to turn the hallway light using your elbow when you carry large bags of groceries. You might have thought: What if your body could act like like an electric switch?

Smart light motion sensor turns on lights whenever someone is near them; if you link your smart lighting to a motion sensor, the lights are activated by your body’s movements. Lights turn off and on at a time when you, your family or visitors move from one room to another. In addition to ease of use, smart lights coupled with outdoor motion sensors can be your peace of mind by preventing “unwanted guests” to enter in the evening or when you’re away from home.

But, the question is: Which smart light motion sensors are the best? We’re here to help you sort out the clutter and suggest five best smart light motion sensors every smart homeowner should have. Keep reading the reviews to find out the suitable smart sensors for your needs.

AUVON’s Night Light Plug-in Motion SensorOur Pick

AUVON’s Night Light Plug-in Motion Sensor

This plug-in motion sensor can fulfill your lighting needs in various locations with five-lumen levels ranging from 0 to 120 (0-30-60-90-120), giving you several options to enjoy the most appropriate and energy-efficient lighting. This motion-activated night light detects motion in the dark; it turns on automatically and illuminates everything around for up to 90 seconds.


  • Motion detector is included
  • 5 different dimming levels
  • Ultra-bright
  • Safe for indoor use

Motion Detector

AUVON’s Night Light Plug-in Motion Sensor

When in Auto Mode, this night light is automatically activated by motion and illuminates things around you for up to 90 seconds after recording the last action. Then, it shuts off and allows you to reduce power consumption when you do not require lighting. This indoor motion sensor can help save as much as 84% energy compared to lights that do not have motion sensors.

5 Different Dimming Levels

AUVON’s Night Light Plug-in Motion Sensor

You can feel relaxed when you look at its warm and soft lighting in the dark. Thanks to the dimmable feature, it is possible to adjust the light intensity to your mood by simply long-pressing or pressing the top button to get the broadest range of lumens from 1lm to 120lm.

Safe for Indoor Use

AUVON’s Night Light Plug-in Motion Sensor

The night light plugs into wall sockets with the highest quality V-0 fire-resistant casing and an over-current protection design to ensure security.

Verdict: AUVON Night Light Plug-in Motion Sensor, compared to other lights, is an ultra-bright plug-in night light with a motion sensor. They have a capacity of 120 lumens that is perfect for areas in the darkness where light is needed like hallways, bathrooms, garage, kitchen, bedrooms, basements, stairs, and laundry. With the dimmable design, you can set the light in your hallway to your preferred brightness level by pressing for some time or tapping the top button to access an array of 1lm to 120lm lumen range.

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AUVON’s Night Light Plug-in Motion Sensor


Indoor safety

Plug-in facility and compact design

5-level customized brightness

Motion sensor functions well

Comes in a pack of four


Users have complained about automatic reset on light settings

Aukora’s Motion Sensor Light BulbsRunner Up

Aukora’s Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

They automatically illuminate when they sense movement between 8-10 ft in darkness. The bulbs shut off after the motion ceases within 45-60 seconds. They’re best for indoor use; however, they can also be used for outdoor installations, but the temperature should be within the range of 14degF(-10degC) to 95degF (35degC). They come with an excellent PIR infrared sensor on top of the lamp.


  • Light bulb design
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Built-in Dusk-to-dawn Sensor
  • Energy Saving

PIR Motion Sensor

Aukora’s Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

A high-performance PIR sensor has been installed on the bulb tip. The motion sensor bulb instantly turns on when it detects motion between 8 and 10ft in darkness and automatically turns off when the activity stops or fades away after 45-60 secs.
Ensure the sensor is directed downwards at a proper distance and angle. To improve the sensitivity of the bulb, it is possible to adjust the angle and height of the installation. You should keep the sensor in the direction of people.

Built-in Dusk-to-dawn Sensor

Aukora’s Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

This light bulb senses motion and turns on automatically after the sunset if the motion sensor is activated and then turns off early in the morning (turns on below 15Lux, and it turns off at 40Lux or more). Be aware that it won’t not be turned on during the morning, even if it senses motion. If you turn it on at first in the day, it will be off after 30 seconds, then will only turn off when you’ll turn off the lighting switch.

Energy Saving and Usage Time

Aukora’s Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

The motion sensor lights only work within a detectable range in the dark. Electricity-conservation, environmental protection and long-life are some of their benefits, so they can be used in hallways, stairs, bathroom entrances, opening doors, storage areas, garages, closets, or near the balcony or the gate. The higher the ceiling you place on the bulb, the more will be the range of detection. Its most high-definition vertical range is 10 feet.

Verdict: This bulb is a great 12W light bulb that can activate its light immediately after detecting motion regardless of weather conditions. But a bulb of this type is more suitable for indoor use. But, it can be used outdoors for as long as the temperature remains between 95degF and 14degF (35degC). It has a brightness of 1000 lm, which is quite high-intensity for a light bulb. In terms of motion-sensing capabilities, this light bulb utilizes the PIR sensor to ensure that motion is unmistakably identified.

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Aukora’s Motion Sensor Light Bulbs


Good motion sensor

Flexible for outdoor or indoor use

Pack of two bulbs

Detects motion in the darkness between 8-10 feet


Few users reported that the light bulbs flickered in the daylight

MAZ-TEK’s Plug-in Motion Sensor Light

MAZ-TEK’s Plug-in Motion Sensor Light

The MAZTEK Plug-in Light gives off a soft, warm white light when it is activated. It requires constant electricity and remains switched in the power socket. It also comes with incredible features for customization, like adjustable brightness. The motion sensor functions activate whenever it detects even a slightest movement, or even pet movement.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • 3 Lighting modes
  • Easy installation
  • Energy efficient

Adjustable Brightness

MAZ-TEK’s Plug-in Motion Sensor Light

It has a 2700K soft white light. Using the slider, you can effortlessly adjust the brightness from zero to 25 lumens for different situations to ensure the most enjoyable user experience.

3 Lighting Modes

MAZ-TEK’s Plug-in Motion Sensor Light

It has three lighting modes: “ON” Mode for continuous switch-on, “OFF” Mode for turning off, and “AUTO” Mode for illuminating immediately when motion is sensed in a specified range. The maximum range is 15 feet, and it turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Easy Installation

MAZ-TEK’s Plug-in Motion Sensor Light

The light has a simple plug-in design. It does not need batteries or wires; so simply connect it to any AC outlet. It does not interfere with the second outlet because of its small size.

Verdict: MAZ-TEK’s motion sensor is a small plug-in motion sensor with an integrated LED light lasting up to 20,000 hours. It is among the most durable sensor plug-ins available. Once activated, the LEDs integrate with the sensor, providing bright white 2700K light. It can detect activity within 15 feet; however, the motion sensor is unreliable, and it takes 20 minutes of inactivity to shut off.

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MAZ-TEK’s Plug-in Motion Sensor Light


Very affordable

2700K light

Adjustable brightness

Three lighting options


Motion sensor is not reliable

Takes 20 minutes of inactivity to shut off

Philips Hue’s Smart Lights Motion Sensor

Philips Hue’s Smart Lights Motion Sensor

Philips Hue Smart Lights Motion Sensor will activate your hue bulbs when it senses movement. It also works with other devices connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit (Via Hue Bridge) and Microsoft Cortana (Via Hue Bridge).


  • Compact and attractive design
  • Easy installation
  • Speedy and accurate motion detection
  • Makes hue lights smarter

Easy Installation

Philips Hue’s Smart Lights Motion Sensor

The Hue Motion Sensor is a white plastic square with a dimension 2.1 by 2.1 by 1.1 inches (HWD) and weighs only 0.14 pounds. It also has an easy setup; so you can attach the sensor to the wall or put it on any smooth surface. It is run by two AAA batteries, which can be changed by removing the screw on the back of the device and opening the panel. The motion sensor requires a hue bridge to manage hue lights.

Compact and attractive design

Philips Hue’s Smart Lights Motion Sensor

Its compact and attractive look makes it look good with your interior, and it takes very little space, so design is a big plus of Philips Hue Smart Lights Motion Sensor.

Speedy and Accurate Motion Detection

Once you select hue motion sensor from the options on the Hue app, follow the instructions on the screen to take off the plastic tab to add the battery to the device and verify whether the light is flashing. The app spots the sensor quickly and instantly places it in the Hue and Alexa devices’ lists. The motion sensor has a quick and accurate motion-detection timing.

Makes Your Hue Lights Smarter

Philips Hue’s Smart Lights Motion Sensor

This motion sensor by Philips Hue will make sense for those who want hue lights in their smart homes. It turns on the lights when it senses movement and determines when it’s time to turn them off. It doesn’t connect to other third-party smart home appliances like smart plugs or security cameras. Still, you can connect it to Google Assistant, Alexa, or HomeKit to operate devices connected to the mentioned platforms.

Verdict: The Philips Hue Motion Sensor is designed for indoor use, and the smart lights turn on soon after the event of motion detection and turn off when there is inactivity. This small, battery-powered sensor can be connected in just a few minutes and allows you to manage the lighting in up to 3 rooms; however, you’ll require a hue bridge to control hue lights. But you can connect it with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant to create routines that make it operate with devices linked to the smart home ecosystem and expand its capabilities way beyond ordinary light bulbs.

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Philips Hue’s Smart Lights Motion Sensor


Installation is simple and easy

Controls for up to three rooms

Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Microsoft Cortana


Hue Bridges are required

Works only with Hue lights

Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light

Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light

This night light will provides light in the dark with its wide 120deg field of view that detects movements up to 10 feet away, bringing you illumination before you require it. If the ambient light is low, Eufy automatically emits light in response to motion and is turned off after 15 seconds. The three AAA batteries (not included) keep Eufy powered for an entire year.


  • Ideal lighting
  • Automatic illumination
  • Energy efficient
  • Nighttime navigation
  • Easy-to-install

Automatic Illumination

Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light

When a light sensor detects darkness, the motion sensor triggers lighting whenever movement is detected.

Nighttime Navigation

Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light

It’s probably the best feature. The nighttime navigation reduces the need to turn off blinding lights in the middle of the night.

Easy to Install

Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light

Installation of this product is incredibly easy. There are two basic ways to install it to be used: screw-in or stick-on. Both make sure that the object can be removed without damaging walls and gives the users the ability to change the spot of the item to accommodate shifting decor style.

Verdict: Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light is a battery-powered light with sensors that are sensitive enough to turn on the light when someone walks near it (though it doesn’t have a manual switch to turn it off or on). The soft glow has no glare and it isn’t too bright. The lights can be hung using screws or stick onto an even surface to provide instant and automated lighting. The light can be observed from as close as 10 feet, reducing the requirement to put up multiple units around your home or apartment. This affordable device is turned off during daylight hours; once the darkness sets in, it will turn on when motion in the vicinity is identified. After about 15 seconds, it immediately switches off.

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Eufy’s Stick-On Motion Sensor Night Light


Reasonably priced

Motion sensor

Glare-free soft glow light

Two brightness settings

Easy to install


No manual switch to turn it off or on

The 3 AAA batteries are not included and have just a one-year lifetime

Buying guide

When looking for motion sensors, you should consider what you intend to use it for. Do you want lighting in your garage? Do you require it indoors or outdoors? Do you want it only to emit sound, or light, or both?

Let’s look at some factors you should consider before making a purchase decision:

  1. Range of Motion Detection

    Motion sensors detect activities across a significant distance from 15-200 ft. In case you have a large space, you’ll require more sensors. Select an appropriate motion sensor for the area you intend to install it.

  2. Installation

    Most motion sensors on the shelves today are wireless and simple-to-install. Take this into consideration if you do not want to make the installation procedure difficult.

  3. Source of Power

    Some motion sensors are powered by solar power or batteries, and some can be hardwired, so you should decide what kind of motion sensor do you require.

  4. Lighting

    What is the brightness you would like for your lights to be? For brightening your home and deterring burglars, motion sensor lights are ideal. Be aware of the watts while shopping.

  5. Alarm/Ringtone

    Certain motion sensors come with an inbuilt alarm system with a large selection of ringtones. This is an added benefit to stop criminals from entering. When they come close to your house or attempt to unlock a door, the door will ring with a loud alarm that alerts you and scares them away.


Is it possible to connect smart light montion sensors to security systems?

You may be able to add a motion sensor light to your existing security system. Contact your security company to determine the availability of motion sensor lights. If the security company doesn’t offer motion lights, find out if your system is compatible with lighting systems of another company.

The advantage of having motion lights built into an alarm system for security comes from the alerts on your mobile phone if the lights are activated. In addition, if you own CCTV cameras, these lights can aid in getting better footage even in low-light conditions.

What kind of power source is the best for motion sensors’ smart light?

Motion sensor lighting fixtures are battery-powered, hardwired, or solar-powered. The advantage of light fixtures that run on battery power or solar panels is: You don’t need to place them close to electric outlets. But, solar panels must be placed to receive sufficient sunlight for charging.

The disadvantage of solar and battery power is that an unresponsive battery or cloud may compromise security. There is a chance of brightness loss with the power sources mentioned above, so the brightest light is possible through hardwiring.
If you choose to use hardwired motion lights, make certain to plan ahead in case you have to connect wires to walls or extension cords.

What is maximum area a motion sensor smart light covers?

The coverage offered by the motion sensor light can be measured by the range of motion of the sensors and the brightness of the bulbs. If you’re trying to illuminate a small space, like your front porch, you might require a motion sensor with several feet range; however, if you’re trying to brighten a larger space, like a backyard, you may want lighting for security with LEDs with an area of at least 70 feet. It is also possible to increase the power of your motion lights with powerful bulbs that have more lumens. Small spaces can operate with just 42 lumens, while floodlights generate up to 3,400 lumens.


The winner of the best smart light motion sensor is the AUVON Night Light Plug-In Motion Sensor. Compared to other lights, it is a super-bright plug-in light that can produce up to 120 lumens. The adjustable design allows you to adjust the lighting to your desired brightness.

It also offers five levels of luminescence ranging from 0 to 120 (0-30-60-90-120), giving you multiple options to get the most suitable and efficient lighting. The motion-activated night light detects movement in the darkness, switches on automatically, and lights up your surroundings up to 90 seconds. All these incredible features put it on the top of the list.