Best Smart Table Lamp

smart table lamp

You never know what tiny piece of convenience separates you from complete comfort. You can be looking around your living room with a feeling that something is missing but don’t know what. It could be a small vase with bright flowers or a first edition book. But quite possibly it could be the right source … Read moreBest Smart Table Lamp

The Best Wifi Dimmer Switch

wifi dimmer switch

Wifi dimmer switch is the revamped version of old-style dimmers. Normally, a common man wouldn’t think that something as insignificant as dimmers would need Wifi connectivity. But those of us familiar with the way some Wifi-enabled things can work together would surely understand. There’s a new field of science known as the Internet of Things, … Read moreThe Best Wifi Dimmer Switch

Which Home Automation Hub to Choose?

home automation hub

Many times we feel the need to optimize the houses or apartments in order to meet our needs of automated usage. We are currently in an era of technological advancements and have come a long way in terms of technology. One such way to automate the home is to use a home automation device; also … Read moreWhich Home Automation Hub to Choose?