Looking for a Smart Floodlight? We reviewed The 5 Best Ones

smart floodlight

Smart floodlight is broad-beamed, increased intensity light with a security system. What I love about them is the motion-activated sensor. But for that to happen, you need a ring bridge so that you keep getting notifications. With smart floodlights, I have the choice to load up an app on my phone remotely, hit the ‘off’ … Read more

Ring Solar Panel review: Regular vs. Super Solar panel

ring solar panel

Smart homes are a modern phenomenon, becoming very popular these days. A smart home-based surveillance camera is an important part of these smart homes. Ring Inc. is a well-established home security Camera Company from California, USA. The two main types of these cameras are Ring Solar panel Spotlight cam and Stick-up camera. You can also … Read more

Smart Home Security Kit for Monitoring Your House

smart home kit

Smart Home security kits give you peace of mind by giving you the control of your smart devices. They are designed to give you the security you desire to keep your house safe. The ease and clarity of configuring the smart security kits make them user-friendly. They give you 24/7 professional monitoring. There are a … Read more

Looking For a Smart Video Doorbell? 5 Best reviewed

smart video doorbell

The age of knockers and doorbells has long been over. Now almost every updated household has a smart video doorbell. For those of you who don’t know, a smart video doorbell lets you see whose outside, speak to them, hear their voice, and sometimes unlock the door remotely. This is a great way of preventing … Read more