Sengled Light Bulb Speaker Review

Sengle light bulb speaker

Today is easier than ever to upgrade your home or apartment lighting to wireless control. Just invest in a few smart light bulbs and you are good to go. Using smart bulbs reduces the energy consumption, while a single Sengled light bulb speaker can last more than 15 years when used in normal conditions. On … Read more

JLab Speakers Block Party and House Party review

JLab speakers

If you are an insatiable music lover, looking to take his tunes wherever he goes and enjoying sound with no effort indoors or outdoors, owning a pair of portable speakers may just be the right solution. The modern portable speakers today do not need any wiring, so your experience will be much less messy. All … Read more

How to choose wireless smart speakers

wireless smart speakers

As years go by, the development of wireless audio technology blooms. Starting from large pieces of equipment taking days to set-up, we now find ourselves in a luxury to stream music without moving a muscle. True, this is the best time to dive into the sea of options when it comes to smart speakers, however, … Read more

Best 5 Light Bulb Speakers Review

speaker bulb

We all know how fast technology is progressing these days. We have all kinds of appliances that can be monitored and controlled via apps on our smart devices, while we are in bed or not home at all, and this is no surprise. But, in this following text, we’ll talk about light bulb speakers. Yes, … Read more