How to extend the life of a Smart Wifi Led Bulbs

Same as with any other regular object that’s gone “smart” (like phones or watches), the light bulbs had also become more sophisticated. Today, consumers are encouraged to turn to smart wifi led bulbs when choosing the best lighting solutions for their home. Having the house outfitted for smart led lights brings a lot of benefits – from controlling the lighting environment with just few taps on your smart device to increased longevity of your light bulbs, monitoring the energy efficiency, as well as adding a layer of home protection when you’re not in the house, all possible by using the light scheduling app remotely. You can even have more fun with some of the wifi led bulbs by dimming them for special occasions or change their color. Basically, the list of benefits is pretty long.

Even though having smart led lights at your home means investing a bit more when buying the led light bulbs, the final outcome is that you’ll save money. It’s estimated that a single led light bulb can last 20 times more than a regular one, however there are some factors that you can consider to extend the life of your led light bulbs even more.

Smart Wifi Led Bulbs

Ambient Temperature

This case is pretty self-explanatory if you look at it – if the ambient temperature is cooler, the led light bulbs will last longer. As a comparison, using a led light bulb outdoors, where there’s better air circulation and using it indoors, where the temperature is typically higher and the bulb heats up to 30°C more, both do not deliver the same led light bulb longevity as promised by the manufacturer.

Hence, if you want to prolong the life of your wifi led bulb, make sure to expose the led light bulbs to lower ambient temperature by making wise decisions related to location of bulbs installing.

Doing so will not only save you some money, but it will eliminate some potential electrical complications in the home on the long run.

wifi led bulb

Reduce Moisture

In general the led light bulbs are pretty resistant, but if the moisture in your home is high and constant, then it can corrode the electronics and the connections of the led light bulb. Therefore, if you wish to extend the life-span of your indoor led bulbs, make sure to fix the root cause of moisture. Sometimes a simple daily air circulation is sufficient, but sometimes some home repairs can be needed. Fixing the moisture issue is not only good for the life of the led light bulbs, but it’s also beneficial for the health of every other appliance around the house too. If you are facing with this kind of a problem, investing in a smart thermometer may also be a good idea. It will help you monitor the air conditions in your house at all times and help you deal with the moisture in a better way.

Physical Disturbances

The led light bulbs heat up to a certain degree when they’re on, becoming more sensitive to any physical disturbances. If they are exposed to an unexpected shock, like shakes or vibrations, it can really shorten their life span. So, to the surprise of many consumers, sometimes a simple door slam can cause the wifi led bulbs to go out. Having this case scenario in mind, make sure to think prior to physically installing the led light bulbs. Usually, when they are located near frequently used doors, celling fans that are turned on often or any other object prone to produce vibrations, the led light bulbs do not last as long as they should. Hence, making smart decision on the location at the start of your wifi led bulbs journey can cost you less on the long run.

Flip and Dim the Wifi Led Bulbs

It is rarely the knowledge that turning the led light bulbs on and off in matter of minutes can seriously cut through the life span of the bulbs. The best recommended use is turning the lights off no less than 15 minutes after you’ve turned them on. This behavior lets the led light bulb to settle and stabilize first, prior to being put in a different mode. What is more important is the voltage exposure of the wifi smart lights. If, for example, you intend to stay in a led lighted room for longer during the evening, then make sure to dim the lights down. Every bit of dimming would help. This way, less voltage will be needed, less current will run through the components of the light bulb, heating it up less. Make sure to create a habit out of this.

Say Yes to Natural Light

Not only the natural day light is good for your health, it’s also good for the life span of your wifi led bulbs. It’s a no brainer that the less time the led light bulbs are on, the less electricity they will consume.

So, if you enjoy the benefit of having your house outfitted with led light bulbs, make sure to set on timers and light schedules via the smartphone app. You can easily set the on/off light schedules at certain times, like at sunset, after you leave the house or prior coming home. This way, you’ll avoid the risk of forgetting any of the lights on when you are not at home. So, make sure to go through and actually use every setting provided in your lighting app.

The whole point of using smart devices today is to save money on the long run, while being kinder to the environment. But, this does not mean simply buying the devices, or wifi led bulbs in this case, and use them as they are. It also means that you should change some habits and behaviors to make the most of them. The good news is that the smart led lighting today is operated through an app on your smartphone, offering a plethora of settings to utilize. So make sure to use them and expand the life of your led light bulbs even more.

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