Modern Light Bulb Guide: 15 Different Types of Smart LED Bulbs

Modern light bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also have a vast number of traits to boasts. Some of them come with dedicated motion sensors while others come with Wi-Fi. The thing is that you can find any kind of light bulb these days on the market. To explore these types, we have developed some of the products from different brands and listed them down for your ease. Read on to explore the different faces of modern light bulbs!

Motion sensor

If you are looking for a good quality modern light bulb with SmartSense or motion sensor then you need to bring home these Led bulbs from Sengled. The soft white light of this bulb is very easy on the eye and brightens up space. A single bulb turns on 60W and it is your best option to use indoor. The bulb is pretty simple to install and is also very easy to use. You can easily transform the indoor fixtures into motion-activated sensors and the best part is you don’t need any additional hardware either. Plus, you also don’t need any extra app or wiring either.

There is an integrated sensor for detection of motion and your Sengled modern light bulb will automatically illuminate when it detects any motion. The light is able to sense motion within 30 feet radius and it stays illuminated for 90 seconds right after it detects the motion. When the light switch is on you can use it as a regular bulb. You can also deactivate its motion-sensing ability on a temporary basis if you turn it on and off quickly. It can last for 25,000 hours and only consumes 0.2W of your energy during standby.

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motion sensor modern light bulb

Daylight sensor

This is the modern light bulb of your choice if you prefer to install those dusk till dawn lights in your porch or anywhere outdoor. These 6W bulbs come with 5000K LED E26 light and are equipped with auto on and off feature. There is a sensor that is present in this bulb and it can detect the outside light hen it dims. It automatically turns on in the dark and turns off when the sun comes up. You will not have to turn it on or off. Only this feature of this modern light bulb can save up to 85-percent on your electricity bill. This modern light bulb has 500 lumens and gives a very cozy illumination that is ideal for the outsides of your home.

The bulb is extremely easy to install and its construction doesn’t involve any harmful elements or chemicals such as mercury or lead. The good thing about this bulb is that you can either use it as your regular light or for special purposes as well as for those for which it is designed. Furthermore, it is also compliant with the rules and regulations set by RoHS, CE as well as FCC. daylight sensor modern light bulb

Rechargeable battery

Any gadget that features a rechargeable battery is nothing but a blessing in disguise and similar is the case with these modern light bulbs. If you live in an area where power outages are quite frequent then you need to use these bulbs from Sengled. These Sengled bulbs come with batteries that you can recharge and they will continue to serve you even when light is not around. This modern light bulb can easily last for up to three and a half hours and has 3000K warm light. Each of these modern light bulbs comes with 40W capacity and you can buy them in a pack of four.

The lithium-ion battery present inside this modern light bulb can also provide you’re with a number of recharges. Additionally, you can also use this bulb as a flashlight. Just hold the socket in your hand and it will start working as a flashlight. This modern light bulb is highly energy efficient and it can easily reduce your electricity costs by 80%. It is also free from any radiations or pollutants and is extremely safe for you to use inside your house as well. Moreover, it comes with a full 1-year warranty too. rechargable battery modern light bulb

Color temperature change

Sengled makes another appearance with its color temperature change a modern light bulb. This bulb has two different modes when it comes to the light that it emits. It can easily produce 5000K (daylight) and then you can switch it to 2700K (warm white) according to your requirements and preferences. This feature is extremely useful in living rooms and bedroom where you need a different amount of light depending on the scenarios. It is very simple to use and you won’t need any app or hub to use it. Just flicking the switch should do the trick.

The modern light bulb is highly energy efficient. The 60W incandescent modern light bulb can easily save up to 80% of your electricity costs. Another positive aspect of these bulbs from Sengled is that they don’t have any harmful chemicals and elements in them so they are perfectly fine for you to use inside your house. The 800 lumens that these bulbs can produce are very easy on the eye and you won’t feel irritates by the light produced by this bulb. The modern light bulb can easily last for up to 25,000 hours if you use it for three hours per day. color temperature change modern light bulb

Delayed power off

This indoor modern light bulb from Sengled provides you with a 15-second delayed power period. The bulb can produce 2700K with an E26 base and the soft white light is excellent for your living room and bedrooms. By 15-second delay, we mean that this bulb will stay illuminated for with the light getting dim with each second until it entirely fades away. It provides you with the transition before you leave your room. This means that you will be able to light up your night tie routines for good. Another excellent feature of this modern light bulb is that it can reduce energy consumption by 80%.

The 60W incandescent modern light bulb doesn’t have any harmful elements like mercury or lead in it. This means that it is free from any population hazards as well. The modern light bulb is very convenient for you to install. Sengled also quality assures all its products for strobes, glares, flicker or color renditions for the purpose of reassuring that all its products meet the comfort of the eyes of its consumers. The 800 lumens of this modern light bulb can last for up to 25,000 hours providing you plenty of value for your investment. delayed power off modern light bulb

Wifi repeater

Troubling Wi-Fi can be a huge pain in the neck. What if we tell you that your bulb can take care of that! Well, if you bring the modern light bulb from Sengled with Wi-Fi booster then it surely will. This light bulb with E26 base comes with a Wi-Fi range of 2.4 GHz. This means that you can place it anywhere in your home, it will work without any issues. You require a dedicated mobile application to operate this modern light bulb.

The 40W bulb features A19 LED as most of other Sengled LED products. You only have to connect your Wi-Fi with the boost bulb and enjoy fast speed anywhere around your home. You won’t have to compromise on slow internet speeds ever again. The bulb can easily extend the network up to 100 feet and it will also eradicate any of those regions with dead internet. The mobile application that you can use for this app is also available for both iOS and Android devices. Apart from that this bulb can also remember different brightness levels and is extremely easy to install. wifi repeater modern light bulb

Lifespan track

Have you ever wanted a bulb that can provide you with information on its current remaining lifespan? If you have and want such a modern light bulb then Sengled has got you covered. This dimmable modern light bulb allows you to track its lifespan. The 3000K 40W 550 lumens bulb with E26 PAR20 base is an excellent option for patios, kitchens, and bedrooms. With the usage tracker, you are able to conserve more and can easily extract 100 hours of additional usage too.

The A19 LED is capable of reducing the bulbs by 80% and it also doesn’t come with any harmful elements either for you or for the environment. The light is very comfortable on the eyes and the modern light bulb is very simple to install. In addition to that, your bulb comes with 25,000 hours of usage and you can conveniently use it for more than 20 years. lifespan track modern light bulb

Bulb with Security Camera

This modern light bulb is an excellent choice for homes where there are children and pets. This little laminating gizmo comes with a security camera installed along with Wi-Fi features. It can serve well as your baby or pet monitor because it will transfer live feed to your mobile phone via smart application as well. Moreover, the camera also comes with night vision as well as motion detection.

There is a 1.44mm HD fish-eyed lens in it and the camera can provide you with a 360-degree view. The camera can provide you with a view that is three to four times wider than a regular dome or bullet camera. Furthermore, the modern light bulb is also compatible with E26 as well as E27 bases, which means that you can place it anywhere you like. There is a small slot for SD card (128GB) as well and you can save videos and photos. The lens can easily produce clear images of an object that is as far as 32 feet.

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bulb with security camera modern light bulb

Bulb with Speakers

This little maestro features Bluetooth enabled dual-channel speakers and you can easily control it with your smartphone application. The app allows you to dim the light of the bulb without any issue and according to your needs and requirements. The bulb is compatible with E26 base and it can also work with Amazon Alexa. This is the world’s first modern light bulb with inbuilt speakers with high fidelity. These speakers come with left-right sound effect as well. You can conveniently control the bulb using your iOS or Android-based smartphone. But that is not all! The bulb can also conserve energy for you and will provide you with a long-lasting service as well.

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bulb with speakers modern light bulb

Disco lights

Planning to host a party in your home or in your garden or patio then you should go for this disco lamp from UpBasicN. This 3W bulb that is compatible with E27 base features stage, rotating, party light. The bulb also comes with strobe feature and you can control it using a remote. This is best for karaoke club, bars birthdays and parties. There are five different modes and seven different colors. There is a music sensor in the bulb as well and this sensor will detect the rhythm of the music and make the strobes in the same rhythmic pattern as well.  The bulb can also cover 30m area and it can last for 10,000 hours.

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disco lights modern light bulb


One of the best qualities in a dimmable modern light bulb comes from Great Eagle. This 100W capacity bulb has 1550 lumens and emits a bright white light at 3000K with its A19 LED. The UL listed bulb is available in four different light shades and you can buy any of them according to your needs and preferences. The bulb is extremely efficient when it comes to energy consumptions and it can reduce your electricity bills by up to 87%. dimmable modern light bulb

Multicolor Bulb

It is another option for you if you are looking for creating some exceptional lighting effects for your next party. This modern light bulb from Sengled has the 60W capacity and it can produce tunable light that ranges from 2000K to 6500L. The good thing is that it is compatible with Google’s Assistant ad Amazon’s Alexa as well. You can take full control of it using your smartphone and can alter the lights automatically based on different schedules. Moreover, the bulb is IFTTT certified too.

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multicolor bulb modern light bulb

Filament Bulbs (candle effect)

This modern light bulb is an excellent choice for people who love that vintage-styled incandescent bulbs (Edison). The 60W bulb can produce warm white (2100K) light and it works well with E26 base. The modern light bulb is able to produce 230 lumens and you can also dim it according to your needs. This modern light bulb can serve well as decoration too and is very convenient when it comes to installation. filament bulb modern light bulb

Flame Effect Bulbs

It is another excellent option for you to use in parties and for decorative purposes.  There are four different modes that you can use and the best one of them is the upside-down flame effect. It can work well with E26 base and is very simple to install. It is one of the best options for you to choose if you want to conserve energy because it can do that for you by reducing the costs up to 90%.

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flame efect bulb modern light bulb

Basic Led Bulb

This A21 LED modern light bulb from AmazonBasics is not dimmable and is with the 100W capacity it can produce daylight equivalent light. It can easily last for more than 13 years if you use it for 3 hours every day. The bulb is extremely easy to install and use and it can also be a significant factor in reducing your utility costs. You can use it both for your indoor and outdoor purposes. basic led bulb modern light bulb


There are different types of the modern light bulb. With the passage of time, new technologies are being introduced and these bulbs are becoming more and more energy saving. But some of them serve entirely different purposes like the one we have mentioned above that comes with Bluetooth speakers or the one with security came and Wi-Fi booster. The sky is the limit when it comes to these modern light bulbs and surely you will find one that meets all your criteria.

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