The Importance of Air Quality in home

The significant needs which are essential to human beings are water, air, and food. Without these three necessities, life would cease to exist. Therefore procurement and acquiring such necessities become the primary purpose of humans. It was the case until a few centuries ago; when men would set out only to find these necessities and consume them.

However, the modern or contemporary man is different. He wants these necessities for himself as well as the best possible quality of these necessities. Air is vital to us, and we need it to breathe.

What alters the air quality in home?

Air is a basic necessity of life and is present in plenty on the Earth. It is one of the reasons why the Earth is valued so much as a planet and as a home; because of its right combination and percentage of gases that contribute to our healthy breathing. While there are several factors which significantly or minutely affect the quality of the air which we breathe, the main reasons or elements can be broken down into the following:

1.    Minute matter

As the name suggests, these are the tiny particles that escape construction sites and other places of hard labor. They are also a by-product of many public cars and vehicles which emit toxic carbon gases and molecules.

2.    Nitrogen dioxide

It is a toxic gas which blocks out the nasal airways and lung passages causing discomfort and complications in breathing. It is among the most dangerous and poisonous gases present in the atmosphere currently.

As is evident from the above data, the most significant contributor to pollution present in the air and atmosphere is traffic. Cities and towns where traffic is low and less in numbers will need these air purifiers less often than those in bigger cities.

air quality in home

How polluted air affects our living?

Air pollution is an essential part of the atmosphere. Pollutants are being churned out into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. Take the number of vehicles in your city for example. An average town constitutes over a million cars.

That means a large number of pollutants are constantly and gradually polluting the air which we breathe. It is estimated that around 24,000 people pass away in the USA solely due to the polluted air. We already know how pollution is a significant problem and how its effects can harm us critically.

Nevertheless, what is more, important to understand is that for us humans, the air we breathe is getting dirtier. Cities like Beijing and Delhi where a dense population is a resident has already seen its air go murky and foggy due to the intense air pollution. Air pollution can affect the following people:

  • People who have trouble breathing such as people with asthma, lung complications, etc.
  • Parents or any other caretakers spend a considerable amount of time with people who have complications with their breathing.

In such perilous and challenging times, we need filters and devices that can efficiently clean out the air which we breathe. Not only will this keep us healthy, but it will also help clean out the polluted air.

Even plants need purified air

Along with an ample supply of air, it is also essential that the air should be clean and free from all harmful germs and bacteria. Air Quality is critical to the modern man as health is a significant player in the decision making of purchasers today. We hope to elucidate the importance of air quality in home and how it can have significant implications on your way of life. In such situations, it becomes imperative to improve the quality of air within the house.

Not only humans but the pollution also affects the plant and marine life that also depend heavily on oxygen and air as their basic necessity. Air pollution also negatively affects the natural vegetation of a particular area where plants die out or do not grow due to the densely polluted air.

If you love plants and have a small indoor garden at home, you will notice that the plants experience improved growth in an environment where the air is clean.

We, humans, need plants to be able to survive as much as we need air. Plants need clean air to grow appropriately. Since plants also have respiratory systems and they use the air to make their food which helps them to live so we can live. All in all, air purifiers are a great addition to your home accessories and will undoubtedly produce positive effects on your health as well as your children and plants’ health.

air quality in home

How can air quality in home be purified?

It is mainly an easy question to answer. With the use of air purifiers, it becomes easier to filter out all the pollutants such as nitrous oxide and particulate matter. Air purifiers are now a common sight as more people have started to realize the importance of good air quality in home.

These air purifiers are small devices that fit on the wall and are easy to operate. They latch on to your wall and continuously take in all the air from the surroundings and clean it up. The cleaning process differs from product to product and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Usually, it involves the use of a HEPA filter which filters out all the allergens, pollutants and, plant pollen. Other than that, a carbon or charcoal filter is also seen being sported in these as a way to kill off bacteria and other harmful germs in the air. Additional layers may remove some other form of impurity from the system.

It is essential to understand that these purifiers play a vital role in children’s growth mechanisms. Dirty or contaminated air can be the cause of significant complications in a child’s respiratory system. While the effects may be lesser in adults, they are present nonetheless.

For keeping the hustle and bustle of the modern life in mind, it is imperative that air quality in home be improved to ensure a safer and better future for yourself and your children. Since children are in their growing phase, they need to be around the high-quality air for their lungs and respiratory organs to grow appropriately and in a healthy way.

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What should I be cautious about while caring for the air quality in home?

Most air purifiers have been found to generate ozone as well as Nitrous compounds in the presence of moisture. It has created health-related controversies about these purifiers. The problem seems very evident in ionic purifiers since ozone is developed from these ions.

The ozone levels in such houses or areas can be higher than the standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency as ozone is extremely dangerous to health and is a hazard in a living environment when levels reach high.

The potential health risks of exposure to Ozone can be long terms as well as short term. It can cause chest pain, throat irritation, shortness of breath and coughing. When it comes to long-term exposure, it can contribute to lung damage and lung cancer.

Folks already suffering from breathing complications might find their conditions worsened in such an environment. So, when buying these purifiers, asthma and allergy sufferers should ensure they are used in moderation. Even in already healthy folks, it can damage their immune system and make them more prone to infections.

It is why companies such as IQAir as well as Consumer Reports have been petitioning against these ozone-generating air purifiers as they not only damage the environment, they pose a severe health hazard.

Another source of Ozone generation is the Ozone generators used in shock treatments. They are mostly used to remove mold, smoke and all kinds of odor damage permanently; however, they produce hazardous by-products as well. The California Air Resources Board requires all the air purifiers to be tested and their ozone generation measured. All those devices found to be producing ozone above the specified standard were banned.

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Wrap up

It is not a matter of debate neither is it a matter of discussion as to whether the effects of pollution affect us at all. It is a fact that our cities, towns, and homes are being infiltrated with contaminated air.

And this is due to our lacking. However, with the use of air purifiers and air quality monitors we can work towards minimizing the effects of such contaminated air. The air quality in home is of utmost importance as it affects the way children grow and what kind of complications they develop.

Our children will be growing up in an environment where pollution and contaminants are rampant. It is therefore essential for us as parents, caretakers, and teachers to provide the best for our children so they can breathe without having to worry about a machine helping them with necessary actions such as respiration.